Top 10 Best Electric Coffee Makers in 2022

Some of the electric coffee makers are programmable, so you will just need to set the timers and you are good to go. Using them gets you a cup of coffee much quicker. For those of us who need an extra kick in the morning, this is an absolute must-have. Otherwise, the day ends up having an extremely slow start. The best electric coffee makers appeal to different individuals, regardless of whatever technique they often use. This is also why they are great for gift giving as well.

How to choose the best electric coffee maker:

Make sure you evaluate the following factors before you make a purchase:

  • The capacity: Some coffee makers have larger capacities than others. Get one which will meet the needs of your household or office.
  • The design: Make sure you get a design which is easier to operate. The coffee maker should be easy to use and serve with as well.
  • Ease of cleaning: all kitchen appliances should be kept with high hygiene standards. This is why you should get a coffeemaker that will not give you a hard time to clean.
  • Features: some coffee makers will give you a much easier time because of the features they have. Some can be programmed and others even keep your coffee warm for you. Make sure yours will have helpful features as well.

10. BESTEK, Digital Programmable Automatic Drip with Carafe [ETL Listed]

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The first electric coffee maker we are going to look at is from BESTEK. It was designed to make the entire operation, hands-free for you. All you will need to do is prepare your coffee beans and water and set the brewing time. The machine was designed with a built-in timer, which can be set 12 hours in advance. You are assured of always waking up to a freshly-brewed pot. That is if you make use of the timer function before going off to bed.

This is a great buy for large households. You can even use it at the office as well. Its large 12 cup capacity makes it enough for 7-10 people. It was made with high standards and is ETL Approved. The coffee maker also does not contain any BPA, making it safe for use. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee. Your purchase will be backed by an 18month warranty and lifetime of friendly customer support.

9. Braun, KF7150BK Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker

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By: Braun

As a coffee enthusiast, I value flavor more than anything. That is why it is important to get an electric coffee maker which will not interfere with the integrity of the brew. This coffee maker is highly valued because it meets such standards. Braun designed it with a Pure Flavor Brewing System. The system makes sure that there is consistency throughout your cup of coffee. You will be able to enjoy the flavor from the first to the very last drop.

You will even have options, as to how you can have your coffee. This is thanks to the coffee maker’s bold-strength selector feature. You will be able to get your coffee just how you like it, whether regular or bold. To make things less messy, the company designed an anti-drip system. The system allows you to pour your coffee mid-brew by pausing. This is one of the most user-friendly options you will find in the market.

8. Delonghi, EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker

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By: Delonghi

Making espresso is quite challenging. Delonghi makes things easier for you with this electric coffee maker. It uses the Moka process to provide you with authentic espresso. The machine does not fall short of delivering it in the Italian way. You don’t have to worry about any overflow. You can rest assured that the espresso will never burn as well. This coffee maker has a safety automatic shut-off feature. The feature sets in once the espresso are ready to prevent all that.

You could even monitor the process if you wanted. The container is transparent, making it quite easy to do so. The espresso maker also has a filter adapter. You will find it quite convenient when you want to choose 3 or 6 cups of espresso. It also has a detachable base. With its cordless operation set up, serving will be quite simple.

7. Hamilton Beach, 12-Cup Coffee Maker with Digital Clock (49467)

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By: Hamilton Beach

The sixth electric coffee maker we are going to review is from Hamilton Beach. It’s a great choice for anyone seeking a 12 cup coffee maker. You will be able to program it up to 24 hours in advance. This feature ensures that you never miss your morning coffee. You can rest assured knowing that your brewed coffee will not be compromised in any way. It will retain its quality and taste all through. Serving coffee will be even easier since the coffee maker comes with an auto pause and serve feature. Things will never get messy again.

Maintaining it will never be a challenge for you. Its hot plate is non-stick and does not get any residue. To clean it, all you will need to do is wipe. When it comes to the carafe and brew basket, you can use the top rack of the dishwasher.

6. Hamilton Beach, 12-Cup Programmable Brewstation Dispensing Coffee Machine

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By: Hamilton Beach

If you are a fan of traditional drip coffee makers, you will fall in love with this option. It brews up to 12 cups and is made to dispense a cup at a time. One of the major differences with this one is the fact that you will never need to use a carafe. It was designed such that the coffee is held in an internal tank. You will be getting the best of both worlds.

Retaining the aspects of what you love but in a much-upgraded manner.
The electric coffee maker has a brewing system which is enclosed. The system also has an internal heater. The heater is responsible for the coffee’s hotness and freshness. It has incredible performance and does retain the two aspects for up to 4hours. It was designed in order to meet the user’s wants and that is what makes it a worthwhile purchase. The internal reservoir is removable and the machine is programmable as well.

5. Mr. Coffee, 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker

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By: Mr. Coffee

Man is to error. Sometimes we are in so much of a hurry that we tend to be forgetful. The same applies to when we have a lot on our minds or when we are really exhausted. Have you ever thought you turned your coffee maker on when you actually didn’t? You won’t have such kinds of frustrations with this purchase. This Mr. Coffee electric coffee maker has an On/off indicator light. The light is meant to show if your coffee maker is on or not. You will always be aware of its current status.

You will be able to monitor as you fill. This way you will completely avoid overflows. The visibility is brought about by the visibility of the dual water window. It’s an efficient and quiet way to make your favorite kind of coffee. You won’t be experiencing the bells and whistles anymore. The filter basket is very easy to clean, all you will need to do is lift, remove and clean. You won’t get enough of the cup of rich-tasting coffee you will make from this machine.

4. Breville, Nespresso Inissia Original Espresso Machine

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By: Breville

Very few electric coffee makers can compete with this barista grade machine. You can’t easily get a coffee maker that can perform to such an extent. It was designed with a patented extraction system. The extraction system has the capability to deliver up to 19 bars of pressure. Thanks to it and the machine’s automatic operation, every single serve coffee or espresso will be impeccable. It is one of the fastest options available. It will only take the water 25 seconds, to reach its ideal temperature. If you are as impatient as I am, this is a great fit for you.

The coffee maker has two espresso and lungo buttons which are programmable. The cup sizes can also be adjusted as per your preference. If you want to try out larger single serve cup sizes and recipes, the folding drip tray can easily accommodate them. Your purchase will also include a Nespresso Original welcome kit. The kit is really something, it contains 14 capsules which have unique aroma profiles.

3. Presto, 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

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By: Presto

The Presto 02811 was designed to easily blend in with any décor. The design can be described as elegant and hotel-like too. It was made using luxurious stainless steel construction and is very appealing. Cleaning it will be easy, and its overall appearance is long lasting. It will not wear out that easily, compared to some of its competitors. Even the coffee maker’s filter basket and perk tube are durable as well. They outlast the others since other companies use aluminum to construct them.

You will find the coffee full of flavor and great tasting. The coffee maker takes a minute to make a cup and has a 12 cup capacity. Even if you don’t drink it right away, your coffee will be kept hot automatically. It is very easy to serve with, thanks to its traditional spout design. When the coffee is ready to serve, the signal light will go on.

2. Aicok, Programmable Coffee Maker

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By: Aicok

Aicok has one of the most advanced electric coffee makers. It is one of the best-selling newest coffee makers. It was designed with a 4 to 12 cup setting and has a 24-hour programmability function. This timer accommodates more hours than some of the ones we’ve come across. It can be set whenever you want, as long as your schedule allows. You will even have the option of using a ready alert tone. The tone notifies you when the coffee is done. The coffee maker has a flavor profile option. You will be able to choose between regular or bold strength control.

Unlike other coffee makers, this one will keep your coffee warmer for longer. It does this after automatically shutting down when the coffee is ready. The function keeps your coffee warm for a whole 45 minutes. It has a backlit LCD which is very easy to read. Aside from the ready tone, it also has an indicator light. The light shows when one should decalcify. The company offers great support and a Limited 5-Year Warranty.

1. Cuisinart, DCC-1200 Brew Central Programmable Coffeemaker

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By: Cuisinart

Cuisinart offers you total control over your coffee. Unlike with other electric coffee makers, you will have the option of fully controlling the coffee temperature. The brewer plate has been designed such that it can be adjusted to low, medium and high settings. Cuisinart is always steps ahead of the competition. If you want to serve coffee before the brewing is done, you can use the brew pause feature so that things don’t get messy.

The coffee maker’s design is stunning and it comes in a classic brushed metal look. The carafe has an ergonomic handle which makes using it very comfortable. It has a 12 cup capacity and will not drip as you pour. When making less than 5 cups, you can use the 1- to 4-Cup feature. Your purchase will include; a Charcoal water filter and permanent gold tone filter.

Wrapping it up!

We have now come to the end of our review, of the Top 10 best electric coffee makers. The options provided will not fail to meet your needs. Some are more advanced than others when it comes to certain features. However, all of them are quality products despite their difference in pricing.

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