Top 10 Best iPhone X Screen Protectors in 2020

iPhone X is not only one of the best and most advanced smartphones but also among the most expensive. It was released in 2020 by Apple and standouts when it comes to features, design, and elegance. However, although it’s made from superior materials, the screen is prone to get damaged.

It may develop scratches and chips due to scraping against other objects, falls, knocks, or bangs. It may also start looking old because of extended exposure to the elements, or even look little oily or greasy due to constantly touching it with oily/greasy hands. Fortunately, there is a way you can stop the above problems is to invest in the screen protector.

Best iPhone X Screen Protectors in 2020

10. TOCOL, iPhone X Screen Protector

If you are looking for a tough, resilient, and durable protector for your iPhone X then this screen protector is perfect. It’s among the slimmest and easiest to fit in the market and is made of shatter-proof and scratch-resistant glass.

The tempered glass has a 9h tempered glass ensuring your phone’s screen isn’t affected by bangs, scraping, falls, or knocks. The protector stays clear throughout and is very easy to wipe. It also comes with 3D Touch for maximum performance and is Bubble Free. Easy to fit, high clarity, super slim, shatterproof are its main positives.

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9. IQShield, iPhone X Screen Protector

Protect your iPhone X the best way by fitting this screen protector from IQShield. It is compatible with all 2020 iPhone X’s and installs within seconds. It’s made of tempered ballistic glass that is resistant to scratches, dents, cracks, or breaks.

It is 99% clear and gives you high definition viewing whereas the 3D Touch ensures you continue operating the phone just as if there is no protector. It’s very slim, measuring about 0.33 mm thick, and is resistant to dirt, dust, oils, greases, and moisture. The main advantages include very hard glass, anti-scratch, very clear and easy to fit.

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8. Besiva, iPhone X Screen Protector

Coming in a black transparent glass, this Besiva screen protector will extend your iPhones screen life without affecting its functionality. It designed for iPhone X 2020 and is very easy to fit even by a newbie. It’s made of very tough tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating. It can resist scratches, chips, cracks from keys, knives, and other sharp injects. It’s only 0.3mm thick and is hardly noticeable. It features a 3D round edge for improved comfort, 99% light transmittance, anti-glare, and 99% HD. It’s loved for its anti-scratch properties, easy fitting, ultra slim, and durability.

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7. Hokoacc, iPhone X Screen Protector

Coming in an ultra clear form, the Hokoacc screen protector is suited for iPhone X’s released in 2020. It fits nicely and effortlessly on the 5.8-inch screen and won’t interfere with the touch.

It’s made of tempered and scratch-resistant glass and should protect your phone from scratches, carracks, chips, stains and much more. It has a 9H hardness rating and features an oleophobic coating for preventing dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Consumers praise it’s easy & quickly fitting, ultra clarity, reliability, and resilient.

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6. Yoobao, iPhone X Screen Protector

You shouldn’t make your expensive iPhone X age too fast. By fitting this Yoobao screen protector, it will serve you for a longer time and will also maintain its good looks.

The tempered glass screen protector comes in an ultra-slim profile for the best responsiveness and 3D design for full protection. The curved-edge improves the fit and comfort whereas the bubble-free installation makes it less noticeable. It’s coated with a hydrophobic and oleophobic substance to combat moisture, oils, fingerprints, dirt and much more. Consumers choose it because it’s very protective, highly responsive, nice-looking, and durable.

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5. Blaulock, iPhone X Screen Protector

This Blaulock screen protector is made of scratch-resistant and shatterproof tempered glass, which will ensure your iPhone X’s screen doesn’t get cracks, scratches, dents, chips or stains.

It’s super slim and hard to notice especially considering it leaves no bubbles between it and the screen. The HD clarity gives you excellent views whereas the 3D Touch provides high responsiveness. You shouldn’t worry about fingerprints, moisture, or dust and dirt getting trapped thanks to the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating.

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4. Maxboost, iPhone X Screen Protector

4. Maxboost, iPhone X Screen Protector

You shouldn’t constantly worry about sharp objects like keys, knives, nail clippers damaging your iPhone X’s screens. You also don’t have to fit those thick and not-so-clear protectors.

With this Maxboost protector, not only will you screen be fully protected but will also function the same. The super slim accessory is only 0.25mm thick and delivers 3D Touch. It’s made from tempered glass and is shatterproof and scratch-resistant. It fits nicely on the phone’s screen and isn’t affected by fingerprints, oil stains, or moisture thanks to the oleophobic and hydrophobic coating. Consumers love its very high clarity, ultra thinness, and very good scratch resistance.

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3. Pulais, iPhone X Screen Protector

Protecting your iPhone X’ screen can be as easy as fitting this clear screen protector from Pulais. It’s meant for the 2020 iPhone X and will fit perfectly thanks to the laser cut finish. It’s also won’t affect the performance since it has 3D touch.

The accessory is pretty hard and has a rating of 9H, which is the highest on the market. It is scratch resistant, shatterproof, and a bubble-free and your iPhone will not only be well protected but will still look amazing. The protester scores highly for quick installation, resilience, good protection, shatter-free, and scratch resistance.

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2. Skinomi, iPhone X Screen Protector

This Skinomi screen protector comes with HD clarity that ensures you have the best views of the phone. It’s Ultraslim, measuring 0.3mm thick, and you won’t even notice it’s there. It’s made of tough and scratch-resistant tempered glass that provides full protection to the phone’s screen. It’s easy to attach and fits perfectly on any iPhone X released in 2020.

The sleek piece has an oleophobic and electro-coated surface to stop dust, dirt, and other debris from nesting between the protector and screen, It also features anti-glare protection for improved viewing. Consumers say that it’s very easy to install, fits perfectly, Ultraslim, and has very good clarity.

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1. Fedirect, iPhone X Screen Protector

With a hardness rating of 9H, the Fedirect protector will ensure your iPhone X looks new and appealing for a longer period. It’s made from tempered glass that is resistant to scratches, shattering, cracks, and staining.

It will install on the phone in seconds and stays put without allowing moisture, oil, dirt, dust and other unwanted material to pass through. It is very clear and has a high light penetration that gives you the best clarity. And like other types, it also has a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating for stopping moisture and oils. Its notable merits are easy fitting, nice fit, durable, and reliable.

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Phone screen is usually the biggest culprit since it’s used the most. It’s also exposed to the elements and damaging effects like other objects, bangs, bumps, knocks and more. You can, fortunately, maintain its good looks and functionality by protecting it with a screen protector. This simple device will prevent scratches, bangs, oil, greases, moisture and more from getting to your phone. We have identified the top 10 best iPhone X screen protectors in 2020 that should suit you well.

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