Top 10 Best Organic Superfood Powder Drinks in 2022

As you may already know, eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean eating sufficient quantity. But quality matters the most. Now, the best way to ensure you eat healthily is by taking superfoods as an integral part of your diet plan. Besides, it is so easy adding those flavorsome and nutrient-rich ingredients into your menu to create delicacy in every feast. Apart from offering incredible tastes, superfoods also bring long-term health befits to the users.

However, it has come to the attention of many individuals and organizations that some superfoods are equally harmful since they contain some toxic artificial additives. And, most manufacturers are consolidating their resources towards producing organic superfoods. These ones have no artificial additives but instead, they are sourced from fresh plant extracts. Moreover, nutrients in foods are synergistic meaning that they work together to benefit the body. The same case applies to super foods it is only that superfoods contain phytonutrients which promote excellent health due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidants characteristics.

A good intake of the phytonutrients is known to boost the immunity of your body. With all these benefits offered by organic superfoods, you should equally be very careful when purchasing organic superfood supplements. Some brands are just out there to make money without caring much about what the consumer wants and safety precautions. That said, we have done some incredible research and found that the following are the top 10 best organic superfoods in 2022.

10. Amazing Grass, Superfood Organic Powder with Wheat Grass and Greens

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Amazing Grass has featured in many places as the most popular blend of superfoods. It features a thoughtfully combined alkalizing farm fresh greens. Also, it boasts wholesome fruits and veggies providing an amazing way to nourish your body to keep it in full steam. It is crafted with a total of 7 alkalizing fresh greens that gives the body a lot of phytonutrients. One scoop of this powder is equivalent to two servings.

This nutrient-dense mixture offers energizing immunity and detox functions. Moreover, it a truly certified all organic food supplements that are approved by CCOF. Thus, you won’t have any issues with unknown effects that are mostly associated with artificial additives. Just know that amazing grass powders don contain vegan, gluten, sweeteners, preservatives or any other form of additives. It is all natural super food that surely will give you an amazing grace in your life, as the name of the product reveals.

9. Nested Naturals, Green Veggie Superfood Powder

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When all types of foods seem not to work for you, you just need to settle for superfood powder from Nested Naturals products. These are plant-based food supplements that encompass a variety of ingredients to ensure that everyone benefits to the maximum.

With the normal foods we cook every day in our homes, it is pretty hard to ensure that it contains all the phytonutrient. That said, this Nested Naturals superfood supplements includes various ingredients such as spirulina, chlorella, ginkgo, broccoli acai, licorice seed extract and grape. But, with this superfood powder, you have everything your body needs to keep fueled trough out your life. The proven benefits of this supplement include enhanced brain power, strengthened immunity, and improved disgusting among other impressive functions.

8. Garden of Life, Vegan Green Superfood Powder

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Are you tired of having a weak body among other complications? It is very easy to boost your body and be in a position to perform to perform everything with great vigor. Garden of life superfood is meant to give you renewed energy and a reason to live more days. This food supplement is packed with raw greens, sprouts, and juices to provide raw energy.

It is a whole food supplement in that it contains enzymes, antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids and other phytonutrients. Besides, it boosts the immune system because it supports healthy digestion, detoxification, and metabolism. Moreover, it doesn’t contain whole grass fillers, vegan, dairies, sweeteners or preservatives. It is all natural, all organic and is therefore great food for everyone.

7. Amazing Grass, Green Superfood Antioxidant Organic Powder

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Finding the right superfood that is palatable to your body’s system isn’t that easy. However, the Amazing grass is carefully blended to ensure that everyone can use it and gains lots of health benefits. The mix combines alkalizing fresh greens and filled with antioxidants which are very helpful to your healthy living.

Thanks to the inclusion of Camu, Elderberry, Mangosteen and other anti-oxidant rich foods while paying attention to the five major types of free radicals. It is very easy to prepare since you are supposed to add 8 ounces of water, smoothie or juice for you to enjoy.

6. Pinnacle of Wellness, Ultimate Organic Green Superfood Powder

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As the name explicates, this superfood product is the best way to maintain a healthy body. It features an excellent composition that tastes great, easy and quick. It tastes berry flavor. This nutrition supplement is full of nourishing and cleansing superfoods blended with Goji and Acai berries. This superfood offers an excellent way of boosting your body with phytonutrients.

Besides, this jam-packed high nutrition foods combines alkalizing greens, anti-oxidant rich fruits, health digestive enzymes another important nutrient. Furthermore, it contains a rich matrix that has detoxification roles. Moreover, it is rich in probiotics, vitamins, and minerals yet it is available at a fairly affordable price.

5. Antler Farms, 100% Pure New Zealand Organic Greens Superfood

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One of the purposes of having superfoods is to boost the body in a friendly way. But since not all superfoods are made the same, it is proper to examine carefully what you are buying. In this case, Antler Farm’s organic superfoods are one of the highly ranked superfoods of the day. Unlike other brands, this one contains only four major foods.

These include barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, and chlorella. It is made from a special approach that uses these grasses and the beneficial microalgae in large qualities and does to optimize its effectiveness. Besides, they are harvested at the peak point of freshness to maximize the effectiveness of the resulting superfood. It has no added colors or sweeteners and every component is all natural. The system of production is certified and approved to be free of any artificial chemical.

4. Organifi, Green Juice Superfood Supplement

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With Organifi Green Juice organic superfood, your body will encounter loss of benefits. The obvious ones include detoxification and healing of the body. Unlike other competitive brands, this one devotes itself to providing happiness and vitality. It provides 30 servings per bottle which are sufficient for 30 day supply of vital nutrients.

The good thing about these super foods is that you won’t risk gaining weight. Besides, it provides numerous benefits within a very short time. Apart from the nourishment benefit, these superfoods have a lot of other benefits. It hydrates and revitalizes your body, helps the body and mind relax and ultimately balancing your hormones and enhancing the onset of sleep.

3. Natrogix, Super Greens Powder

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Natrogix Super Greens Powder is among the most helpful foods for humans. It not only adds body strength but also offers a mouthwatering taste for digestive health and immune boost. It is also ideal for weight management since you don’t have to intake a lot of calories.

This powerful blend encompasses vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, and probiotics among other nutrients that enhance a natural body’s health. This superfood product is equivalent to seven servings of fruit and vegetables. It is vegan free and has no artificial additive. Apart from enhancing body strength and digestion, it also helps the body get rid of free radicals and toxins.

2. Nu-Therapy, Organic Green Superfood Powder

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Are you looking forward to achieving an attractive and healthy body? It is true that eating normal food may actually delay in delivering the expected results. So, why don’t you give in to superfoods? And, you may be afraid of those unknown effects of some supplements. But, with Nu Therapy superfood supplements, you have no reason to fear.

It holds a certification that ascertains it is free of all harmful substances and GMO products. Also, it doesn’t have added sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, colors and other additives. That said, the supplement boasts all organic formula with 38 superfoods together with probiotics. All this is contained in one ultra-concentered greens powder.

1. Green Plus, Organic Superfood Raw Powder

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Reens plus Organic Superfood Raw Powder is an all-inclusive product that is ideal for providing health diet throughout your life. It features an organic blend of raw green foods, seafood, superfruits, and probiotic cultures among other ingredients. You may actually wonder why this food falls into the category of superfoods.

Essentially it contains high levels of anti-oxidants which are vital in supporting various body functions. Apart from the antioxidants, this whole food supplement provides important enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids among other phytonutrients. Besides, this superfood product doesn’t contain vegan, added sugars, dairy, herbs and other nutrients with questionable quality.


We have just concluded reviewing the best superfoods available on the market. It is your mandate now to choose the best according to your budget and needs. All the 10 superfoods in the above review have no side effects since they are all natural and organic. So, go ahead and make your body strong and live a happy life and do the same to your kids. The brands we have reviewed have phytonutrients that not only make you strong but will also boost your immunity alongside myriads of other benefits.

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