Top 10 Ultimate Frisbee Discs Reviews In 2020

Ultimate Frisbee has become popular in the recent years as it is such an entertaining, healthy and practical game to play: no special gear to be carried: just your compact nice and small disc, waiting for you to go out with it. There might be quite a few reasons for you to be interested in ultimate Frisbee: it engages all the muscles in your body, it’s a nice activity to cultivate your relationship with your friends and family. It is also a great way to, say, make new friends in University, get your teamwork to know each other or juts stay in shape.

List Of Ultimate Frisbee Discs Reviews

10. JBM Frisbee (Blue-Orange)


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This nice and handy PE material Frisbee from JMB, seems durable and it’s made of non-toxic material which makes it perfectly safe to handle and play with. It measures 10.5 inches and weighs 175 grams. It is decorated with a sort of mandala figure and comes in Orange and Blue. This model is ergonomically designed and has a certain thickness to the edge to facilitate the grip. This specific Frisbee design creates a greater tension when flying through the air so its range of speed can elevate easily.

Product Specification And Features
  • Non- toxic material
  • 27centimeters diameter
  • 175 grams
  • Mandala Decoration
Advantages Of The Product
  • Non- toxic
  • Light weighted
  • Appealing artistic designs
  • Easy handling

9. Ultra Bright LED Frisbee For Night Ultimate Playing


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This is a super cool version of the standard ultimate Frisbee as it is equipped with a system of led lights, conveniently protected inside of the Frisbee to make it glow to deliver an interesting and enjoyable nighttime ultimate Frisbee playing experience. The interaction between light and darkness that this model provides can gain it some extra points to consider it as your main option. Thus its price is very affordable. It is ergonomically designed to facilitate grip and was built according to aerodynamics so it can fly perfectly. One would expect it to be balanced, as the LED system seems to be geometrically composed so it should be harmonic.

Product Specification And Features
  • Led Light illumination.
  • Nontoxic Material
Advantages Of The Product
  • Suitable for night ultimate Frisbee.
  • Led-powered glowing
  • Light weighted
  • Balanced

8. Innova Big Kahuna Heavyweight Frisbee


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This model would specially appeal to people who have been practicing the sport and want to make it more difficult somehow, to challenge their inner sportsman-woman. That is why it weighs 200 grams, it is not as big as one could expect; it has a 20 cm diameter but it certainly has got some interesting artwork as it displays original designs and a wide variety of colors. It basically offers some artwork of an ultimate Frisbee player and some complex Maori-like design. It’s safe to say it is within the range of prices expected for this sort of product.

Product Specification And Features
  • Heavyweight (200 grams)
  • Maori-inspired design
  • Variety of colors
  • Strength builder
Advantages Of The Product
  • Nice classy design
  • 200 grams for extra-challenging
  • Nontoxic plastic
  • Ergonomically Designed

7. Wham-o-Pro Classic U Flex Frisbee


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This is a very simple but well-built Frisbee model. It is very light weighted and thin so expect it to easily be caught by wind currents and to travel longer distances with a softer throw. It also got interesting designs such as bird silhouettes. This is a very affordable ultimate Frisbee disc. It might be perfect for newbies as it is thinner than some other models.

Product Specification And Features
  • 130 grams
  • Artsy designs
  • Thicker edges
  • Variety of colors
Advantages Of The Product
  • Light weighted
  • Colorful
  • Affordable
  • Aerodynamic

6. Driven Disc Golf Set (Three discs and a free Mini-disc)


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This is a very interesting set: it includes three kinds of discs: Valkyrie, Roc and Driver They are said to be picked by hand by disc golfers, specially thinking of new players, needs. It also features a mini disc to enhance the fun, plus it comes with a nice sports bag designed to keep the discs all safe away from the hands of thieves. As this equipment seems to cover all your needs as a new player and even as a trained one, expect it to be a bit more pricey, but it is said to be specially designed for new players.

Product Specification And Features
  • Driver Disc
  • Mid-Range Disc
  • Putter Bag
Advantages Of The Product
  • Free mini disc
  • 3disc Bag
  • Specially designed for new players

5. Discraft Deluxe Disc Golf Set


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This set is said to cover all the needs of an amateur ultimate Frisbee player, as it includes 4 discs: 2 drivers, 1 middle range disc and a putter disc. These discs include thicker edges for an easier grip and this set includes a carrying bag specifically designed for it. It is affordable, a fair price we could say for such a great Frisbee disc.

Product Specification And Features
  • Dimensions: 8.8 by 8.7 by 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.55 pounds
Advantages Of The Product
  • Features high quality materials
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Ergonomically designed discs
  • Aerodynamic discs

4. Innova DX Disc Golf Set


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This set by Innova features the three basic kinds of disc for ultimate Frisbee playing: a Driver, a Middle Range Disc and a Putter Nice coloring in the discs and animal-inspired designs. This set stands out also for its price. The Innova DX are ergonomically designed to facilitate gripping and long-distance travelling.

Product Specification And Features
  • 1 Driver Middle Range Disc
  • Animal-inspired artistic designs
Advantages Of The Product
  • Variety of discs
  • Aerodynamic discs
  • Ergonomically designed discs
  • Comes in a variety of colors.

3. Nite Ize Flashlight LEDNite-Ize-Flashlight-LED


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This is a very interesting product, as it features a patented fiber optic led web that is designed to illumine the disc from every angle while keeping the delicate balance of it so it can fly harmonically and beautifully. Its 180 grams so it’s sort of Mid-weight. Seems innovative and fun and it is specially designed for those night-rider player who prefer to add a bit of excitement and sophistication to their play,

Product Specification And Features
  • Fiber optic internal led light.
  • Nontoxic Plastic Material
  • Patented optic fiber
Advantages Of The Product
  • Suitable for night-playing
  • Touch of sophistication.
  • Led powered glowing
  • Durable material
  • Aerodynamic design.

2. Discraft Ultra Star Disc


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This would be the disc you would choose in case you are getting in the sport seriously. It is ergonomically designed to facilitate gripping and displays the newest technology in Frisbee discs design as it weighs 179 grams and is considered to be the standard design for the game as it has been used by the USA ultimate league since 1991. It is available for a very affordable price in Amazon.

Product Specification And Features
  • Dimensions: 10.8 by 10.8 by 1 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Comes in a wide range of colors
Advantages Of The Product
  • It’s durable and sturdy
  • Its accuracy level is great in steady motion
  • The disc features a straight as well as good balance
  • Suits for all skill levels

1. Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee


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The Wham-O Frisbee presents an American iconic. This is a must have Frisbee disc for the Ultimate Frisbee or even just for fun. The disc performs quite well in all these conditions. The Ultimate Frisbee is well-designed for balancing distance. This is great for speed, layouts and the floating ability based on your specific throws for the Ultimate Frisbee plays. In addition, it also performs well under the windy conditions. With these Ultimate Discs, hammers and flicks can be mastered well with incredible control. This Frisbee Disc is a great Frisbee in case you want to have some fun and everyone will surely enjoy it for the park, beach or even in the yard.

Product Specification And Features
  • Dimensions: 10.8 by 10.8 by 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 15.4 ounces
Advantages Of The Product
  • The material is sturdy
  • Flying speed is smooth and also steady
  • Shape, weight and size are officially standard.

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