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10. Pure Guardian H4810R


Having a humidifier in your life does effectively help prevent and cure a cold and flu as well. Pure guardian is a humidifier that uses ultrasonic technology to makes it quiet and peaceful through its dry air. This model is filter-free with the 2-gallon tank that can operate up to 120hr. Moreover, this humidifier has many options to control from the warm mist, cool mist, night light, 12h timer, auto shut off, low tank indicator, and the 3-speed setting.

This machine is powered through a 5 feet cord and it is suitable for the medium and large room. Furthermore, this humidifier has the silver protection to prevent the tank and the body from mold growth. On top of that, this model comes with the aromatherapy tray to put your essential oil.

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9. Crane EE-5202W

Crane EE-5202W

Crane EE-5202W is a 2 in 1 device that can be used as the warm mist humidifier and steam inhaler. This humidifier is designed to help your breathe better and relieve dry cough, sinus irritation, dry skin, nasal congestion, and nose bleeds. Moreover, this machine helps produce air moisture with the bacteria-free and filter-free, thanks the 131°F steam from its 0.5-gallon tank that can operate quietly up to 8h.

Furthermore, this humidifier can easily be converted into the steam inhaler in just a minute. This humidifier uses the electricity consumption of 120v to operate perfectly for the room up to 250sq/ft with its auto-off safety system. This model weighs only 4.41 pounds and comes in a different colors – white and blue/white.

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8. Everlasting Comfort

If you are looking for a mist humidifier with a modern look and works as a mist humidifier for baby; then Everlasting Comfort brand is perfect for this situation. This humidifier is the ultrasonic humidifier with three levels adjustable between warm and cool. Moreover, this machine is quiet, which is absolutely fitted with the baby bedroom, office, and living room up to 500sq/ft.

Furthermore, with its 6L water tank, this machine can operate up to 50h straight with the consumption of 270ml/h from the 120v electricity cord. The modern design with touch-sensitive control, aromatherapy tray for essential oil, and the auto shut off will come with this humidifier.

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7. Levoit

Nothing’s better than an innovative product. Levoit is a high-tech humidifier that performs amazingly while producing mist. It generates mist from the dual 360-degree nozzle with 2 temperature functions. Moreover, this humidifier has a 2.4L tank that can create mist up to 13.3h with a medium speed and 9.6h with a high speed.

The max cool has a water consumption of 250ml/h. Furthermore, this machine is perfect for any medium size room up to 290 sq. ft that runs with 120v and 60hz. It features a humidity sensor, auto mode, ambient temperature display, touch control panel, 12h timer, and a remote with the access of 5 sets between cool and warm. This one also operates at a low noise at 24db.

On top of that, this humidifier also comes with the aroma diffuser that can put your essential oil, 2 aroma pad, water filter, and a 1-year assurance of cleaning brush. This humidifier not only helps you to breathe better, but it also helps prevent the growth of dust and bacteria, relieves cough, and hydrates your skin and hair as well.

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6. Crane Droplet

Crane Droplet is a classic humidifier model from Crane. This humidifier performs amazingly and whispers quietly. It comes with a half of a gallon removable tank without filter that can generate the mist up to 15h and you can choose its speed settings in 3 modes. Moreover, the cool mist setting can effectively humidify a space as big as 250sq/ft. The warm mist setting can increase the mist’s temperature to make it warm enough not to boil the water to create a hot steam mist. The humidifier also features adjustable mist lid in 360 degree making it able to emit mist in any directions.

On top of that, this machine comes with an aroma tray for your essential oil and features an auto-off to turn off this humidifier when the tank is empty with the sensor touch control, and night light. Besides, this machine’s weight about 2.25 pounds and operate on 120v electricity.

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5. Elechomes UC5501

Elechomes UC5501

Technology makes everything wonderful. Elechomes UC5501 is a state-of-the-art humidity that creates moisture for your needs with its smarter way. This unit has 3 levels of ultrasonic cool and warm mist that can improve your sleep and provide heat in winter as well. This humidifier has a Smart humidity sensing that can detect the humidity in the room and adjust to your desired need. When it meets your desired needs, the machine will stop producing mist.

And when the humidity in the room drops, the machine will turn back on. The room humidity percentage will show on the LED screen. Furthermore, this unit comes with a 6L tank with filter and dual 360-degree nozzles which is perfect for medium size room of 750sq/ft. With the full tank of water, it can operate up to 40h with 550ml/h consumption in the warm setting and 330ml/h in the cool setting.

Moreover, this humidifier is equipped with the Sleep Mode function. Turning on this mode, the machine will operate whisper-quiet below 34dB, the LED will turn off and you don’t even notice that it was there.

On top of that, this machine also comes with a remote that can set mist level and temperature, built-in aroma box for your essential oil, and up to 12h timer. This humidifier is BPA free and runs with 120v 60hz with the power of 280W.

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4. Levoit LV600HH

 LEVOIT Humidifiers

Levoit LV600HH is a humidifier that fits perfectly for home use especially in the baby room. This unit has a 6L filter free tank that can produce mist up to 36h with 500ml/h consumption. Moreover, this humidifier can cover up to a large room of 753sq/ft or 70sq/m. It is a whisper-quiet almost silent voice with its germ-free mist that will make you sleep better at night.

On top of that, this humidifier has an LED screen that can turn completely off at night. Furthermore, with the new technology, this machine allowed you to manually customize your humidity level and the auto mode that will adjust the humidity level in your room automatically. The warm mist from this unit can humidify the room quickly and kill the bacteria in the water as well.

The cool mist help hydrate your skin and hair in the summer. Besides, this unit comes with remote control, 12h timmer, Auto shut off system, aroma diffuser, 3 aroma pad, 3absorption pad, cleaning brush, and a 2-year warranty.

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3. TaoTronics

 TaoTronics Warm

Corded humidifier, TaoTronics is one of the well-known humidifier brands. Their humidifier has a big 5.5L detachable and filter-free tank that can run up to 45h. Furthermore, this unit has 3 temperature level and the warmest can reach up to 60°C. It can produce mist enough for the room from 200-450sq/ft.

Moreover, this unit allows you to adjust the mist percentage and temperature of your need. It also has the timer feature, a sleep mode that once it is activated, the light and sound will turn off, auto-shut off system, and 12 months full warranty. This unit is also BPA free as well.

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2. Geniani

Having a humidifier is a great way to deal with dry skin and furniture especially in the summer. Geniani is a high-tech humidifier that design to fit in with every decoration of your room. It comes in 2 colors, such as black and white. This unit has a 4L detachable tank with a long-lasting filter that can generate mist up to 18h.

Moreover, this humidifier suits perfectly for large room and baby room up to 220sq/ft. It has less than 38dB of noise and 4 adjustable mist settings. Furthermore, this machine has a built-in air ionization system that has an antibacterial filter for humidifying and purify at the same time. It also comes with the touch control, auto shut off, and oil diffuser.

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 TTLIFE Ultrasonic

TTlife is a modern high-tech humidifier that has a dual working mode between warm and cool by its 360° nozzle. This unit has a 3-level mist with a 5.5L tank that can cover up to 750sq/ft. It has its unique 3 mode which is constant humidity mode that allows you to adjust the humidity level of your need, the auto mode that allow this unit to adjust the humidity level itself, and sleep mode. Moreover, this unit also comes with remote control and aroma box for your essential oil.

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Choosing the best warm mist humidifier and mist humidifier benefits


Humidifiers usually come with a lot of options between the cool mist and the warm mist. The warm mist will allow the machine to boil the water to create the steam. This type of humidifier will come with a filter to trap the water deposited. The other type is a hybrid between a warm and cool mist in one machine. This type is for those who want to have the extra cool beside the warm moisture.

Size of the room

Knowing your room size will make you more conveniently to buy the perfect humidifier that can operate exactly in your room.

Looking for these features

The built-in air ionization system includes an antibacterial filter with silver ions to purify the air and humidity at the same time.

Constant humidity mode allows you to adjust the humidity level of your need.

The auto mode (smart humidity sensing) will adjust the humidity level automatically.

Remote control will make you control everything easily.

Sleep mode will turn off the light and make the noise quieter.

Auto Shut Off will turn the unit off when the tank is empty.

Aroma tray allows you to put your favourite essential oil.

Timer allows you to set when to turn off.

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