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10 Best Electric Automatic Sliding Gate Openers for Doorways Reviews

Automatic sliding gate openers are a device that lets you open and closes the gate automatically using a remote or through sensors. There is a huge demand for these automatic openers as you can operate the gates effortlessly. It is widely used in the garage gate when people park their vehicles. Similarly, the same can be installed for all gates, including the main gate. Check out the following list of the top 10 best automatic sliding gate openers.

Best Automatic Sliding Gate Openers Reviews

10. CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Openers – Hardware Sliding Driveway Security Kit

This automatic sliding gate opener comes with the construction of heavy-duty steel material. The aluminum base also extends the durability and rigidity of this gate opener. Moreover, the copper worm gear smoothly runs the motor. This sliding system is suitable for gates up to 1400 lbs. For safety, this gate opener has RF hopping code technology.

Therefore, the gate opener also prevents your remote code from being accessible by intruders. Furthermore, the auto-close function includes a resettable timer. Therefore, you can set the closing time from 12, 24 to 36 seconds. The remote controllers help you to control your gate opening function wirelessly up to 100 feet away. This gate-sliding system works almost silently.


  • Dynamic auto control configuration for user comfort.
  • Rust-free construction with enhanced protective features.
  • An advanced designed mechanism for enhanced performance.

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9. ALEKO AR1450NOR-M Rack-Driven Sliding Gate Opener for Gates

The automatic sliding gate opener supports a gear rack-driven sliding process. The set also brings you a pair of remote controllers, mounting hardware, and an AC 110-volt motor. Moreover, this opener works with most of the gates up to 1400 lbs. For safe operation, this gate opener automatically reverses and stops the gates. Therefore, the opener will stop working after detecting obstruction.

The opener also works with the gates with a maximum length of 50 feet. Furthermore, the aluminum-alloy chassis offers resistance against corrosion. Therefore, the gate opener slides without any obstruction. The wireless remotes let you reprogram and ease the remote codes accordingly. The system is controllable by 100 remote controllers.


  • Improved resistive features for consumer satisfaction.
  • Sturdy design for enhanced sturdiness.
  • It improved protective properties for overall protection.

8. Biltek Automatic Sliding Gate Openers with Wireless Remotes – Driveway Security Gate Door Motor Chain Driven Operator Kit

This automatic sliding gate opener comes along with a pair of wireless remote controllers. This gate opener also has a pedestrian mode. Therefore, this opening system also helps passersby to pass through the gates hassle-free. Moreover, for passersby, the gate only opens from 1 to 5 feet. This system works best for gates up to 1400 lbs.

This gate opener also supports automatic soft starting and gradual stopping functions. Furthermore, this sliding operator comes along with a pair of 20-foot-long steel chains. Therefore, you can use this opener for a 40-foot-long gate. You can utilize this gate-opening system in your schools, hotels, driveways, and other spaces. The automatic closing function allows you to adjust the timer from 12 to 24 to 36 seconds.


  • Advanced touch-free controls for superior comfort.
  • All-weather construction for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Modifiable design for a comfortable experience.

7. CO-Z Automatic Sliding Doorway Gate Opener – Electric Gate Operator Hardware Kit

This smart automatic sliding gate opener comes along with a photo-electronic switch. Therefore, the sliding system also stops automatically while facing an obstacle or person. Moreover, the DC motor makes this system work smoothly and silently. The 150-watt motor is strong enough to slide a gate up to 1100 lbs.

This sliding system also comes along with a pair of remote controllers. Furthermore, you can control the sliding function wirelessly from 98.4-feet away. You can adjust the opening speed from 52 to 59 feet per minute. The solar-powered controller opener comes with extra battery backups for safety. With the help of an intelligent gate-opening function, this system opens and closes the gate hands-freely.


  • Advanced power support system for uninterrupted service.
  • Weather-shield construction for enhanced durability.
  • A power-house mechanism for improved performance.

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6. OrangeA 1400lb Automatic Sliding Gate Openers with Remote

This automatic sliding gate opener works with most of the gates. You can also install this opener on the gates of factories, schools, hotels, private houses, and other spaces. Moreover, this sliding system works well with doors up to 1400 lbs. The provided hardware helps you to install this system without any difficulty. The wireless remote controls have four buttons to make operation hassle-free.

The remote controls also have the highest wireless working range of 100 feet. The temperature protector of the motor simply controls the temperature to prevent the motor from overloading. Furthermore, the copper motor offers resistance against rust and corrosion. With the help of an emergency release key, this opener lets you enter or leave during a power cut.


  • Weather-friendly construction for enhanced comfort.
  • Improved safety dynamics for consumer satisfaction.
  • Advanced resistant properties for added durability.

5. ALEKO AC1400NOR Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener for Gates

The purchase brings you an automatic sliding gate opener, 20-foot-long chains, remotes, and an AC 110-volt motor. You can also simply install this gate opener on the gates up to 1400 pounds. Moreover, with the help of included mounting hardware, you can conveniently install this opener without any difficulty. You can hassle-freely install this system the gates up to 40 feet long.

With the help of an aluminum-alloy chassis, this gate opener also simply operates the opening function for four years. Furthermore, the chassis is resistant to corrosion. The chassis is light in weight as well. The system is controllable for up to 100 remotes. These remotes help you to erase and program the remote codes accordingly.


  • Advanced designed sensor for enhanced safety.
  • Superior grade material for the life-long experience.
  • Hands-free controls for consumer comfort.

4. GATEXPERT Automatic Sliding Gate Opener with Remote Controls & Security Photocell Sensor

Suitable for a gate up to 1350 lbs, this automatic sliding hate opener smoothly and silently opens gates. You can also easily adjust the closing time with the help of an automatic timer. Moreover, you can adjust the timer from 12, 24, and 36 seconds. The system comes with a chain-driven lifting mechanism. With the help of an AC motor, this gate opener runs smoothly and silently.

The motor also can continuously work for 15 minutes. Furthermore, the motor will stop working after the temperature reaches 120 degrees Celsius. The infrared sensor accelerates the gate opening speed for the user’s safety. With the help of remote controllers, you can adjust the opening and closing functions accordingly.


  • Easy installable design with easy control functions.
  • Customizable setup for consumer comfort.
  • Advanced sturdy motors for superior performance.

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3. G.T.Master Sliding Automatic Gate Operator Kit – Driveway Security Gate Opener Hardware Kit

With the help of an intelligent control board, this gate opener supports a gradual start and stop function. This model is also suitable for doors up to 3100 lbs. Moreover, the slow sliding function makes this automatic gate opener reliable and durable. The infrared photocell function in the closing system instantly opens the gate to offer users safety.

With the help of the automatic close function, you can also adjust the time for opening the gate accordingly. Furthermore, you can set the timer for 12, 24, and 36 seconds. This system makes better compatibility with doors up to 27 feet long. The single button of the remote controllers offers hassle-free opening and closing.


  • Advanced personalized settings for user comfort.
  • Tap and play function for a comfortable experience.
  • Enhanced resistant features for improved durability.

2. OrangeA Sliding Gate Opener AC1400 3100Lbs with Remote Controls

The humanized design makes this automatic sliding gate opener safe for every person. With the help of 15 seconds of quick opening, you also control the opening and closing hands-free for all. Moreover, equipped with a 110-volt AC motor, the system supports smooth and reliable door opening and closing. The ultra-quiet gate opener automatically opens the door at the speed of 43 feet just in a minute.

This sliding driveway gate also works with alarms, infrared sensors, optional keypads, and solar panels. Furthermore, the electrically operated sliding system comes with a remote controller. Therefore, you can wirelessly control the opening and closing function from 100 feet away. The gate opener works with most of the doors up to 3100 lbs of weight.


  • Environment-friendly design for consumer satisfaction.
  • The high-performance mechanism for superlative performance.
  • Rust-proof design for long-lasting comfort.

1. ALEKO AC1400NOR Chain Driven Sliding Gate Opener for 1400 Pounds

This automatic sliding gate opener comes along with an AC 110-volt motor. Therefore, this opener also opens smoothly and silently. Moreover, with the help of a chain-driven mechanism, the opener runs without vibration or making harsh noises. This gate-opening system works efficiently to open a gate up to 1400 pounds. The pack consists of two remotes, mounting hardware, and a pair of 10-foot-long steel chains.

The gilding system is also compatible with doors up to 40 feet long. Furthermore, for ultimate safety, this gate opener supports automatic obstruction encounters. Therefore, this opener offers both easy opening and closing. The remotes give users the freedom to erase and reprogram the opening and closing functions.


  • Robust design for enhanced stability and durability.
  • Powerhouse functions for top-notch performance.
  • Enhanced protective features for safety and comfort.


When buying an automatic sliding gate opener, you should be watching out for the material construction. Besides, the assembling and installation process could be easy and so should the operation and maintenance. Moreover, you can look deep into efficiency, safety factors, and external interface.






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