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Top 10 Best Beer Pong Tables Reviews in 2024

Beer Pong game is a famous game that originated in the 1950s in colleges in the US during parties. It is one of the most popular drinking games bringing fun to parties, barbecues, birthday celebrations and just any events where people are having fun. The game is played with two players each trying to take off glasses on either side of the table. The first team to take an opponent’s glasses wins. Due to the rise of advanced modern beer-pong tables, choosing the best is always a challenge. This article will help you with that by selecting some of the best beer pong tables on the market currently.

These are some of the best designs that are lightweight, foldable and easy to store or transport. Take a look and choose one.

Top of the best Beer Pong Tables Reviews

10. GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong

GoPong is the way to go when looking to upgrade your party and give people a fun sports drinking sport. This is a high-strength beer pong table made of lightweight aluminium to make it portable. It comes with eight balls including getting you started. The size of the table is the official size 8 feet by 2 feet by 27.5 inches. It measures a mere 25 pounds allowing people to carry it to parties easily. The table top is durable melamine which is waterproof to withstand beer spills and rowdy parties. Fold it with ease after use for easy transportation and storage.


  • Compact fold design for easy storage and transport
  • Measures the official beer pong size
  • Comes with 6 balls included
  • Durable melamine to deal with beer spills

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9. 8-foot Beer Pong table, Party pong tables

This is an 8-foot-long beer pong table with great features that make the beer pong game entertaining. The table comes fitted with cup holes and LED glow lights to make playtime not only enjoyable but also visible. The LED lights are of 20 different colours with adjustable speed and brightness to add some colour to your party. There are actual cup holes on the table to prevent the cups from sliding or spilling alcohol. Liquids are easily deflected by the wax finish which also protects the table. An attached pong ball holder ensures you have your balls near you when playing.


  • LED glow lights featuring 20 different colours to light up the party
  • An 8-foot-long table with six balls included
  • Actual holes in the table to prevent sliding and spillage
  • Adjustable speed and brightness

8. 8-Foot Beer Pong Table by Party Pong Tables

The table comes with stunning colours and a professional design to look great at any event. This is another durable beer pong table from Pong Party tables with a wax finish that will deflect liquids preventing damage. It folds easily after use in a carrying case with handles and latches. An attached pong ball holders keep the balls close to the players when playing. There are a further six balls included getting you started playing right away.


  • Professional design with great colours
  • Tables fold flat with handles and latches for easy carrying
  • It has a wax finish that deflects liquids and protects it
  • Attacked pong balls included and six-party balls

7. Portable Beer Pong Table, Cameron

This is an ideal beer pong table when you need to keep the fun going both indoors and outdoors. The table comes with lawn stakes and sand to allow you to easily set it up on the beach or in the backyard. It is a standard-size table that folds easily for easy storage and transportation. It also comes with six balls and six additional cup holders just in case you want to have a long game. A travel bag for easy carrying is also included. Overall, this is a complete set of everything you need to start playing beer pong right away.


  • The table is collapsible for easy storage
  • It includes six balls and six additional cup holders
  • It also includes sand and lawn stakes for easy outdoor setup
  • Travel bag included

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6. Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Beirut Game Table

The Red Cup Beer Pong table is another versatile choice when you need something lightweight and portable. This table will easily fold into a 2” by 2” carrying case with handles for easy transportation to parties away from home. It has a large 8” by 2” playing surface area and only weighs 22lbs. The table graphics are good making it a bargain with custom balls and a ball rack included.


  • High-quality graphics
  • Custom balls and ball rack included
  • Weighs only 22 lbs
  • Folds into a compact 2” by 2” carrying case with handles

5. GoPong PRO 8-Foot Premium Beer Pong Table

GoPong products are always high-quality, and this premium GoPong table will take your party to just another level. It is a high-strength table yet lightweight. The table is made of aluminium frames that fold flat for easy transport and storage. The pro design of the table makes play very comfortable. Powder-coated aluminium frames are strong and will not be affected by beer spills. The table playing surface has been reinforced with durable and waterproof MDF material to withstand beer spills.


  • The table folds flat into a carrying case for easy storage
  • The table surface is reinforced by the strong MDF material
  • Black powder-coated aluminium frames
  • Strong yet lightweight

4. Portable LED Beer Pong Table by drinking Game Zone

Those looking for quality at low prices should go for this portable beer pong table. It is a perfect choice for college university parties and comes measuring the standard size 8ft by 2ft by 2.33ft when unfolded. However, you can fold the table compact into 2ft by 2ft by 5.5inch which is quite small and portable. LED lights on the table easily help players outline the outside of the table and play fairly. The table comes with cup holes to insert 3, 6 and 10-cup racks. You have nothing to lose by buying this table as it is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy and satisfied.


  • 30-day iron-clad money-back guarantee
  • Foldable with adjustable legs
  • Ideal for college parties
  • Affordable

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3. 8-foot Beer Pong table by Sports Beat

Made of a high-density and high-pressure board, Sports Beat is a high-quality beer pong table worth considering. The table frames are aluminium which is not only strong but lightweight. The top of the table is a customized melamine coat which is ideal for dealing with liquid spills. This is a folding table with handles and a convenient choice that you can take anywhere. It is attractive with a fashionable design and will look stunning in any party.  The top waterproof surface is quite easy to clean after the party of over.


  • Smooth surface top that is easy to clean
  • The top surface is melamine-coated to deal with drink spills
  • Portable and convenient to take anywhere
  • Made of high-density and high-pressure board

2. Beer Pong Table with cup holes by Drinking Game Zone

This is an affordable beer pong table that comes with adjustable and foldable legs for ease of setup, storage, and transport.  It is another well-priced beer pong table that will make any party lively. The table comes with cup holes cut right at the top of the table with standard 3, 6 and 10 cup rack games. There is a further additional spot for your water cup. This is a suitable pick for indoor and outdoor parties. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not happy with the product for whatever reason.


  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee making it a risk-free investment
  • It is affordable
  • Foldable with adjustable legs
  • Standard cup holes in the table

1. Portable Beer Pong Table by Cameron

The Cameron Portable Beer Pong table comes with a collapsible regulation size making it an ideal choice for outdoor parties. The table collapses flat for easy storage and transportation. It comes with six beer pong balls and six additional cup holders to hold the drinks of the spectators. Lawn stakes and sand further allow for easy setup at the beach, backyard or anywhere outdoors.


  • Comes with sand and lawn stakes for easy outdoor setup
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Includes six cup holders for spectators
  • Six beer pong balls
  • Travel bag included


Make any party lively by getting a beer pong table today. Beer ping tables remain one of the best ways to have great fun while drinking. We’ve reviewed the best beer pong tables on the market for you to buy. Go right ahead and order with confidence as these are the best on the market currently.






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