Top 10 Best 24 Inch TVs in 2020 Reviews

Finding some of the best 24 inch TVs in the market is difficult. This is because the demand is very high, and with that, you get a wide range to choose from. Many manufacturers realize this and peddle features that do not reach standards. Sometimes the features are hyped so much but the results are not that good. We have neglected such features and considered the most important details for your easy selection. . In this review, we have ensured that you only get the quality you deserve.

List of Best 24 Inch TV Reviews in 2020:

10. SANSUI TV LED Electronics Televisions 24 Inch TVs

SANSUI LED TV 24'' 19201080 HD 60Hz Ultra Slim Flat Electronics Television

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  • By: Sansui 24 Inch TVs

First on the list is this LED TV from Sansui.  Sansui is a Japanese company that was founded in 1947 and has been expanding their market share. They have a presence in over 100 countries and this is because of their high-quality standards. This TV comes with a stylish design that makes any type of room look better. It contains all the latest technology. For example, it contains a USB port. The TV has software to decode many types of formats from the video in a USB. Just copy your music, video or pictures to your flash disk or external hard disk and this TV will do the rest for you. It comes with a resolution of 720p and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The TV also comes with many inputs like HDMI, VGA, and AV in the interface. The Sansui TV filters harmful blue light of the LED screen. This allows you to watch images more comfortably to relieve fatigue and protect your eyes. In addition, the high-quality motion pictures will look clear and you will not have to strain to view.

Extra features:

  • The Sansui TV comes with a VGA cable, thus it can be used as a PC monitor.
  • You will get free 60-day technical support on the dial when needed. They can help you configure or troubleshoot your TV.

9. LG 24-Inch 720p LED TV 24LJ4540-WU (2017)

LG 24-Inch 720p LED TV

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  • By: LG 24 Inch TVs

LG has been going toe to toe with the best in the TV business and sometimes set the bar for others to reach. With this 2017 model, different features have been improved from past versions of the TV. It contains a Triple XD Engine. This upscales image quality of a poor video. Triple XD Engine gives you a more natural color expression, deeper contrast, and more lifelike pictures.

The HDMI input offers brilliant audio and video quality from a single cable interface. You can connect high-definition sources such as a high-end computer, blue-ray player or a play station console. With LED backlighting, you get greater brightness and wonderful image clarity. With this backlighting, colors are richer and blacks are deeper. This TV comes with a 720p resolution display.

Extra features:

  • Software on the TV upscales refresh rate from the native 60 Hz to 120 Hz.
  • The TV can handle 1080p resolution without a glitch.

8. Element ELEFW248 24 Inch TV 720p 60Hz LED HDTV

Element ELEFW248 24" 720p 60Hz LED HDTV Get it now on

  • By: Element 24 Inch TVs

If you are looking for the best price, then Element have got you covered. One would not realize that this TV is refurbished. Over the years, Element has made a name for themselves for delivering high quality refurbished TVs. In addition, with this one, you will be sure to know that it passes all the stringent benchmarks from Element.

It comes at an affordable price, which is very competitive in the market. When you get this TV, you will get value for money. Many are skeptical about refurbished TVs, but Element is so confident in their product, they even offer a 1-year warranty on the TV.

Extra features:

  • An online user manual is available for this TV from Element’s website.
  • The Element ELEFW248R has built-in 3D video noise reduction technology.

7. Sceptre 24 Inches 720p LED TV E246BV-SR (2017)

Sceptre 24 Inches 720p LED Get it now on

  • By: Sceptre 24 Inch TVs

For more than 30 years, Sceptre has been continuously churning out great TVs at affordable prices. They know what the modern user wants from their large database and respond to buyer’s needs. The Led backlight offers lifelike images with good brightness. On top of having a USB port and a HDMI port, it also contains a VGA port.

You can use a VESA wall mount with it, which means you can place it snug on a wall in the position you would like it to be in. giving aesthetically pleasing design and better views. This TV is relatively cheap compared to other brands in the market, but the quality is just as good as the competition with the same features.

Extra features:

  • Equalizer software on the TV allows you to tweak the audio to your liking.
  • The menu has a talk functionality, which can be a plus for those with poor vision.

6. LG Electronics (24LJ4540) 24 Inch TVs Class HD 720p LED TV (2017 Model)

LG Electronics (24LJ4540) 24-Inch Get it now on

  • By: LG 24 Inch TVs

This is another exceptional TV from LG. It has remarkably sharp images and natural color. The menu offers many options for customizing the picture and audio. This is an excellent choice for an entertainment center in a small room. The speakers on this TV can reach very high volumes, some of the loudest you can get in a 24 inch TV natively.

Extra features:

  • Has Triple XD Engine, a proprietary software from LG which upscales poor quality images.
  • The LG 24LJ4540 TV has smart energy saving features and software to consume the least power in a 24-inch TV.

5. RCA 24-Inch TV 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black)

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  • By: RCA 24 Inch TVs

This is the only 1080p resolution TV in this list. It has a refresh rate of 60 frames per second. With this combination, you will never have to worry about individual pixels on the TV. Fast action scenes are rendered to perfection. Built-in speakers on the TV provide for good quality audio. Its remote has large buttons on it, with an ergonomic design. It contains all the standard ports like VGA, HDMI, and USB inputs. With the price on it, this TV from RCA is a steal. You will receive good quality and service for many years to come.

Extra features:

  • The TV is VESA wall mount ready for fitting it snug to your wall.
  • You can use the PC audio jack for external speakers.

4. LG Electronics 24LH4530 24-Inch 720p LED TV (2016 Model)

LG Electronics 24LH4530 24-Inch 720p LED TV Get it now on

  • By: LG 24 Inch TVs

LG finds another spot in this review. The TV is ideal for your rooms like kitchen and bedrooms. Setting up and configuring the TV is fast and easy. You can change the audio settings to your preferred setting for either mono or stereo sound. Most consumers find the price of the TV quite practical. Images on the screen are also a joy to watch thanks to LG’s Triple XD engine.

Extra features:

  • The IPS screen on the LG 24LH4530 lets you view the TV from a wide angle with clarity.
  • Comes with an upgraded HDMI 2.0 port which transfers even more data than HDMI 1.0

3. Samsung Electronics UN24M4500A 24-Inch TVs 720p Smart LED TV (2017 Model)

Samsung Electronics UN24M4500A 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV Get it now on

  • By: Samsung 24 Inch TVs

A TV review could not possibly be complete without a Samsung TV. This is because Samsung has become a household name when it comes to innovation and quality in electronics. With the UN24M4500A TV, images are vibrant on this TV. You can access your favorite video on demand services thanks to this TVs smart functionality. A powerful dual-core processor ensures no lag in this TV. You will get to enjoy a fluid browsing experience and fast switching in between apps. The audio is surprisingly loud and clear for such a slim 24 inch TV. Setting it up is straightforward and easy for the typical user.

This TV is equipped with color enhancement features. The color range is expanded for a rich and vivid color presentation. Ultra clean view, a proprietary software from Samsung analyzes original scenes and upscales them to even better quality. Anynet+ lets you control multiple devices using the single remote control provided. Devices that are compatible can be hooked up to the TV using a HDMI cable and tuned by a single remote. This TV is reasonably priced considering all the features it comes with.

Extra features:

  • An Online user manual for the TV is available from the Samsung website.
  • This TV Has 2 HDMI ports, which is 1 more than most of the TVs in the 24-inch screen size.

2. Samsung UN24H4500 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV – Best 24 Inch TVs

Samsung UN24H4500 24-Inch 720p Smart LED TV Get it now on

  • By: Samsung 24 Inch TVs

This is a solid TV from Samsung at a reasonable price. It has great picture quality and excellent audio. It is light and takes up little space overall. The smart TV functions are easy to use once you get the hang of it. Users love the interface when browsing through the internet. Smart Hub organizes your entertainment into panes to assist you in navigating through your favorite channels.

Extra features:

  • Video on demand services are just a click away on the UN24H4500 remote control
  • S Recommendation, a software from Samsung on the TV gives you personalized recommendations based on your preferences and what is trending.

1. Samsung UN24H4000 24-Inch 720p LED TV – Best 24 Inch TVs

Samsung UN28H4000 28-Inch 720p LED TV Get it now on

  • By: Samsung 24 Inch TVs

Last but not the least, we have the UN24H4000 TV from Samsung. The major difference on it to the UN24H4500 TV above is its smart functionalities. This one is not a smart TV even though it has some excellent features. Of course, this TV is cheaper than the other one above. This TV surpasses every other manufacturer in its class with all the exclusive software that enhances images for clarity. It comes with DTS studio sound, which processes audio to deliver a full range of surround sound effect.

Extra features:

  • The TV has an Eco sensor that detects brightness intensity in the ambiance and adjusts accordingly
  • This TV comes with two HDMI ports natively.

What to consider when a 24 Inch TV

Inputs for your devices: in the current environment, we connect TVs to many kinds of external devices. For example, a gaming console like a play station needs a monitor. Most of them use HDMI and you will need this in your TV. We have ensured that the TVs we have reviewed have at least one HDMI input.

Is it a Smart TV? In the 24-inch screen size, we also do get to have smart functionalities from some of our picks. A smart TV will let you browse the internet and access video on demand services such as Netflix or YouTube. This can be a plus to some users though the price will be significantly higher than those without these smart features.

Credible manufacturers: The brands of these TVs are from some of the most reputable brands. This is important because they do know how to make quality products that will hardly let you down. The market is wide open and there are new entrants who make substandard devices. All the TVs in this list meet some of the finest qualities for long-lasting services.

Why you need a 24-Inch TV

They are conveniently sized: the TVs in this review can be placed comfortably in many kinds of setup. In small rooms, you may not be able to fit a large TV comfortably. This is probably the biggest selling point with these TVs. You can move them around easily or stay up to date with your entertainment in confined spaces.

Technology: the TVs in this list come with hand features that are an upgrade to previous models. The TVs are modern in design and add to any room’s decoration. An example of this is the energy saving features in the Samsung TVs in this review. They consume very little power and in the end, save you money.

To wrap it up

The 24-inch TV market is crowded with a lot of noise with each TV claiming to be the best for your needs. In here we have separated the weeds to give you the ultimate list for 2020 to ease your stress. The TVs in this review have the technology to serve your needs for many years to come in the fast-changing technological world.

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