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Top 10 Best 3 Compartment Sink in 2024 Reviews

The classic 3-compartment sink is the ideal product to have in the kitchen as it performs the triple functions of rinsing, washing, and sanitizing the dishes. Each step of the whole cleaning process can be separated using these sinks. It ensures safety no matter how busy the kitchen is.

The layout of the sink makes it easy to use and it can hold all kinds of cookware, dishware, and flatware in the compartments. Presently, many companies make high-quality three-compartment sinks and that makes it difficult to choose.

List of Top 10 Best 3 Compartment Sink in 2024

10. Gridmann 3 Compartment kitchen sink

Gridmann 3 Compartment Sink is made of a combination of high-grade stainless steel of sixteen and eighteen gauge. It is made to serve as the under-counter sink for places like kitchens, bars, restaurants, and other such commercial places. It has large-sized bowls with rounded corners for higher working comfort. It comes with NSF certification to meet the public health standards. The Galvanized legs with cross braces add extra stability and security. The height of the legs is adjustable which can help you to use the table according to your need. The pre-drilled backsplash is there for wall mounting. Three basket strainers made of stainless steel are there on the table which is durable and strong at the same time.

9. DuraSteel 3 Compartment Bar Sink, 3 Compartment Sink Faucet

DuraSteel 3 Compartment Bar Sink is designed to suit both residential and commercial spaces. It is made up of high-quality stainless steel. It comes in four styles and you can go for either left, right, double drain-board, or no drain-board depending on the space and purpose of use. NSF-approved tables are known for providing you with the necessary safety. This comes in a metallic black color and includes 3 drain baskets and a faucet. Bowls are available in an optimum size for greater workability.

8. BK Resources S/S 3 Compartment Drop-In Sink

This 3 Compartment Sink is made of high-quality stainless steel which is durable and long-lasting. There are 4 drains included in this 3-compartment sink. The minor scratches and dents do not reflect on the functionality or quality of the product. This model is 29 lbs in weight.

7. Elkay Foodservice 3 Compartment Sink With Drainboards

Elkay Foodservice 3 Compartment Sink is made of stainless steel of eighteen gauges and 304 series. The welded construction offers greater strength to the product. The drainboards have been dead-stamped for better drainage. It contains NSF certification for ensuring health safety. It has rounded corners to provide ease of working Right and left drain-boards are 18 inches which makes the product more user-friendly. The backsplash is of 9 inches with a tile edge The bowls are eleven inches in depth and galvanized legs to minimize wobble.

6. John Boos E Series Stainless Steel Sink, 3 Compartment Sink Dimensions

The construction of the John Boos E Series Stainless Steel Sink has been done with eighteen gauges and 300 series stainless steel. The standard bowl size makes it suitable for both commercial and residential usage. The backsplash has been pre-drilled to ensure the ease of wall mounting. The compact length of 59 inches ensures you can fit it in most spaces. Galvanized legs are there to ensure better stability. Plastic bullet feet are given to avoid slipping and misbalance. The depth of the bowl is 12 inches and 18” by 18” in dimensions

5. Elkay Foodservice 3 Compartment Sink Faucet

Elkay Foodservice 3 Compartment Sink has been constructed from sixteen gauges and 304 series of stainless steel. It is highly corrosion-resistant. You can take your pick between 12” or 16” drain boards or go without a drain board for this model. It is NSF-tested for public health safety. The rolled rims are given for splash control. 8” faucet holes are there for quick installation. The bowl depth is 10 inches and the backsplash is nine inches in width.

4. John Boos 3 Compartment Underbar Sink

John Boos 3 Compartment Underbar Sink is made of stainless steel of 18 gauge. It has raised marine edges on the sides and front which to avoid water splashing. The standpipes are included in the package. It comes with a faucet of 4 inches and a sprout of 10 inches. The ribbed drain-board provides ease of cleaning. Galvanized bracing and legs are strong and well-balanced. Adjustable stainless steel bullet feet are durable and long-lasting. Drain-board is given on the right hand and 3 fabricated bowls of 10” depth are also there to make the product more user-friendly.

3. Elkay Foodservice 3 Compartment Sink

Elkay Foodservice 3 Compartment Sink has been constructed from stainless steel of eighteen gauge and 304 series. The construction makes it durable by ensuring high resistance to corrosion. It comes with coved corners which ensures the ease of working. The product has NSF certification for being safe for use. The backsplash is 9” in width in this product. The rolled rims are designed to prevent water splashing.

2. L and J Three Compartment Under Bar Sink, 3 Compartment Sink Faucet

L and J Three Compartment under Bar Sink is suitable to be used both indoors and outdoors and in commercial or residential spaces. It is made of high-grade stainless steel that provides rigidity and durability to the structure. The height of 30” makes it compact enough to fit in most places. It is NSF-certified for safety. The swing faucet is of 10 inches and the bullet feet are adjustable in this product. Overflow pipes with drains are included for better use.

1. Allstrong 3 Compartment Sink

Allstrong 3 Compartment Sink comes with high-quality stainless steel construction with complete welding. The sturdy construction provides durability and longevity. The product is ETL-certified for safety. The backsplash is pre-drilled in the center for easy installation. The strainers come included in the package. Stainless steel legs along with cross bracing can provide you with an extra stable balance. The drainboard on the left side can help you to use this product in a better way. Bullet feet are given to prevent wobbling as well. At present, these are the top ten models of three-compartment sinks that you can take your pick from.






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