Top 4 Best 90-100 Inch TVs Reviews in 2022

There are a lot of ways to entertain and relax, but it seems like most people nowadays like to entertain themselves by watching TV. Although, it looks like watching TV is a really simple thing, but it is not which means you need to take it seriously by choosing the right size. Well, 90-1oo inch TVs are the right ones because the TVs with those sizes allow you to see the contents more and bigger as well. That is the reason why you might have to consider one for yourself right now in order to entertain yourself properly.

However, there are plenty of options out there on the market that you can choose from, and that makes it a little hard for you. Thus, we would like to showcase 4 products to you today, and all of them are the ones with really high-ratings. Those TVs perform really well thanks to their good looking display and good features.

List of Top 4 Best 90-100 Inch TVs Reviews in 2022:

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4. NEC E905 | 90 Inch LED Backlit Commercial-Grade Display 90-100 inch TVs



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To start our list properly in a proper way, we have come up with a really good idea which to showcase the 5th best product on the list. It is one of the best 90-100 inch TVs. That is E905 TV from NEC, and NEC is a quite well-known brand when it comes to talking about TV and display. This TV here has a screen size of 90 inches which is pretty big for content viewing or watching movies, etc. Coupled with the 90 inches screen, this also comes with a resolution of 1080p as well. Moreover, with the aspect ratio of 16:9, this will be really good for most content on this plant which is also the current market standard as well.

It has two HDMI ports and one VGA port. You will be able to view it comfortably from a viewing angle of 176 degrees horizontally or vertically without any glare. This 90 inch TV also comes with dual speakers that are providing a combined power of 20W. Output cables such as HDMI cables and VGA cables are conveniently included for you to set it up fast and easy from the get-go. If you are considering getting this one, you are now thinking the right thing.

What We Like:

  • NEC E905 has auto-power on the feature.
  • It has a temperature sensor to prevent damage in extreme environments.
  • They also provide a 3-year limited warranty which is a really great tool for you.
  • There are two HDMI ports and a VGA port coming with this TV.
  • This product has a viewing angle of 176 degrees which can reduce glare.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It only has a refresh rate of 60Hz which is a bit out of fashion these days.

3. Sharp PN-LE PN-LE901 90″ 1080p 90-100 inch TVs


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Coming to the next ranking, we have got a pretty decent choice that you should not skip. Here is a really good TV among the other 90-100 inch TVs. Well, this one is coming from Sharp which is a really well-known company out there. The TV has a thin profile that adds to the decoration of any room you place it in. It features a screen size of 90 inches, and that is not bad at all because that would be big enough for most people.

It comes with a built-in digital tuner for you to enjoy watching your TV fast and effortless. This TV has an innovative picture of technology, which delivers vibrant colors. The display has really clear details thanks to the 1080p resolution. You can connect to the internet to view your favorite video-on-demand services as well since it comes with an Ethernet port on the TV. It comes with three HDMI inputs

What We Like:

  • Sharp provides a 1-year warranty to those who buy this TV.
  • You can feel free to connect external devices such as an android phone on the same network to control the TV.
  • It has a built-in digital tuner for the users to watch TV effortlessly without any obstacles.
  • Connecting to the internet is not a problem as it also comes with an Ethernet port.
  • The TV is pretty thin and looks really good at the same time.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It still comes with a 60Hz refresh rate which is outdated now.

2. SHARP LC-90LE657U Best 90-INCH AQUOS HD 1080P 120HZ 90-100 inch TVs

1080p TV

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In the top 32, we are really excited to show you another nice TV from Sharp once again with a feature of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. As most people know, Sharp is a king when it comes to talking about a high refresh rate on any display. One of the best things about this product is a refresh rate of 120 Hz, therefore your viewing experience will be really refreshing. Furthermore, with this kind of refresh rate, the content you view will be a lot smoother. What is more, this TV contains the AquoMotion 240 scanning that refines images for greater quality. This is particularly helpful for fast-moving scenes such as sports.

Also, it has got a 90 inches screen and a totally thin bezel. This TV comes with its own web browser to get to some sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. This is possible by connecting it to the internet via Ethernet port or Wi-Fi. Moreover, all of these are also assisted by its dual-core processor that is strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it. Another key thing to remember, it also comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses since it supports 3D contents.

What We Like:

  • A free wall mount comes with the purchase of this delightful TV.
  • You can surf the web and watch the TV at the same time thanks to the split-screen feature.
  • This thing supports 3D technology, and it also includes 2 pairs of 3D glasses.
  • The 120Hz refresh rate is really smooth, and it will boost up to 240Hz sometimes.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Watching 3D content on this TV, you will face some ghosting on the screen.

1. Sharp LC-90LE745 90-inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D 90-100 inch TVs

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This is one of the best TVs we have come across in a while. It comes with 3D functionality which is super useful. Everything about this product is really cool. It comes with all the important features. With a brushed aluminum bezel, you will be able to get a premium type of finish to add to your general aesthetics. Furthermore, a sleek design allows you mount it snug to a wall of your liking. Additionally, a refresh rate of up to 120Hz plays an important role in making the content you watch smoother.

With a built-in Wi-Fi feature, you are capable of surfing the internet when it is connected. Browsing is a breeze thanks to the SmartCentral UI from Sharp. With the SmartCentral UI, you can use popular applications on the web, stream music, game, and movie, etc. It comes with two USB ports and four HDMI ports, you can have a wide range of connectivity. In addition, an Ethernet input is also included to use in case Wi-Fi connectivity is not available.

What We Like:

  • With this Sharp TV, you get a 1-year limited warranty for parts and labor by just purchasing this.
  • They offer two pairs of 3D glasses as well.
  • It comes with a 120Hz refresh rate which is really cool.
  • Since it comes with a wide range of connectivity, you will be able to watch any other content from Netflix, Hulu, etc.
  • The bezel of the TV is so thin which does not distract you while watching the movies.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The black color that this TV produces is not really deep.

Other Best Recommendation for TVs.

5. LG 86NANO90UNA 86″ NanoCell TV

LG 86 inch tv

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For the first recommendation, we have a really good TV from LG which is a really good brand when it comes to talking about TV. It is the LG 86NANO90UNA, and this thing has a quite high rating from a lot of customers. Well, this TV features a screen with a size of 86 inches, so you will find it as an ideal size to watch any content. Moreover, it comes with a 4K resolution which means the picture that you watch will be totally crispy and detailed thanks to the a7 GEN 3 PROCESSOR 4K.

4K resolution is also a standard resolution when it comes to watching movies on a TV. Since that is the NanoCell display, the color will be super accurate, and the black color will be really deep. With this TV, you are able to use Alexa freely, therefore voice controlling will also work on this TV as well. Further than that, it has got FreeSync technology, and it will boost gaming performance if you connect this as a display for your laptop or PC that uses AMD GPU.

What We Like:

  • This has a 4K resolution combined with a7 GEN 3 PROCESSOR 4K, so the content that you watch will be super clear and detailed.
  • It comes with NanoCell display technology which helps in making the color deeper and more contrasty.
  • Since it has AMD’s FreeSync technology, so the gaming experience will be a lot of fun.
  • Alexa can be accessed to this TV as well, and you will be allowed to use the voice command.
  • The TV has a pretty thin bezel.

What We Don’t Like:

  • This does not come with OLED technology.

4. SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED Q70T Series


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SAMSUNG is one of the world’s biggest companies if we are talking about products related to technology. Also, they have offered a really nice choice which is a TV from their company. This is the SAMSUNG Q70 series, and it one of the best TV in its class. It comes with a screen size of 85 inches which is a really perfect size for watching movies, or YouTube videos, etc. Thanks to the 4K resolution, this TV is able to display a really good-looking picture with nice details.

This product also has its exclusive QLED technology which only comes with SAMSUNG TV, and this feature makes the color super accurate and deep. Furthermore, QUANTUM HDR plays a really big role in keeping the dynamic range great in any scene. This has a refresh rate of 120Hz and a motion rate of 240Hz, so all movies or contents that you watch on this TV will be really smooth. Since Alexa is built into this device, you can also use voice control. This also has a wide range of connectivity since there are also some ports built into this TV as well.

What We Like:

  • Comes with a wide range of connectivity which allows you to connect this to any device.
  • With a refresh rate of 120Hz and a motion rate of 240Hz, the result that you will get will be really smooth.
  • Alexa is built-in, so using voice command will be effortless.
  • QUANTUM HDR gives a really good dynamic range.
  • 4K resolution is able to show a very detailed picture.

What We Don’t Like:

  • QLED technology does not catch up with OLED.

3. Samsung QN82Q900RBFXZA Flat Screen 82-Inch

8k tv

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The next product that would really like to recommend to you is also a TV from SAMSUNG once again. It is a TV with an 82 screen size, and that is a little smaller than the last products we have showcased. However, this TV comes with a better thing that stops you from thinking about the screen size, and that is the 8K resolution. 8K is the highest resolution you can find on a TV right now. Additionally, it is able to give really nice details and a crispy look to the content that you watch, especially movies.

The 8K QUANTUM HDR 24X technology really takes the dynamic range of any scene to the next level. The picture that it provides you will be well balanced and has really high dynamic range which will be really pleasing. You can use any device as it comes with some HDMI and USB ports, and you can watch any content from some services, such as Netflix and Hulu, etc. You can also watch it from any angle thanks to the ultra viewing angle.

What We Like:

  • It comes with an 8K resolution, so there will be more details on the TV screen.
  • This has a wide range of connectivity since there are 4 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports.
  • 8K QUANTUM HDR 24X is a really good HDR technology.
  • This TV comes with a thin bezel, so you will not get distracted while watching movies.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The screen size of this TV is only 82 inches which is a downgrade from last products.

2. Sony X900H 75 Inch TV

Sony television

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Coming to the 2nd ranking in our recommendation, we have got a really good TV from Sony. Also, Sony is a really good company that makes really TV with a really good display. Well, the one we have here is the Sony X900H, and it has a screen size of 75 inches, and that is not really big. However, it has got some useful features that might be really interesting for you. First, this thing comes with a 4K resolution, and that is a really good resolution for viewing any program or movie. The reason is that that resolution gives really good details.

What is more, it has a dedicated game mode which is really beneficial for those who like to play a console games on the TV. If you own a Playstation, you will get a better gaming experience since this TV will sync pretty well. Another thing to note down, this TV is able to work with both Google Assistant and Alexa which means using voice command will be possible. X-tended Dynamic Range technology is a tool that will help brighten the dark part of any scene, and that is quite useful as well.

What We Like:

  • X-tended Dynamic Range is really useful since that will help brighten up the dark area to be well-balanced with the bright side.
  • You can freely use the voice command with this TV because it has got Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • There is a dedicated game mode which is good for gaming with your Playstation.
  • This has a 4K resolution, and that will make all content you watch super detailed.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The screen size is only 75 inches, and that is not really good for content viewing or watching movies.

1. Sony X800H 85 Inch TV


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Without wasting more time, we would really like to show you the product that we want to recommend the most if you are looking to get a TV. It is once again coming from Sony. This one is a better version of the last one that we have showcased in a moment. It comes with a screen size of 85 inches, so your eyes will be pleased as the content will be super big. The important thing is that this TV has a resolution of 4K which means it fits with nowadays contents well, especially Hollywood movies.

Also, this TV provides you a really good experience since it comes with TRILUMINOS Display, so the color that comes out of this TV will be vibrant and deep. DOLBY VISION HDR is a really important technology because this thing helps brighten up the dark spot and make it well-balanced with the bright spot. Moreover, MOTIONFLOW XR reduces motion blur from the movies, so the action movies will look a lot better.

What We Like:

  • This TV comes with DOLBY VISION HDR which means you will be able to see all parts of the scene well.
  • MOTIONFLOW XR reduces motion blur from action movies.
  • It comes with TRILUMINOS Display, so the color will be accurate and vibrant.
  • This thing has a 4K resolution, and that can make the display really sharp.

Buying Guides to Choosing The Best 90-100 Inch TVs

Watching TV is a really good and relaxing way to entertain yourself, and a lot of people usually watch TV these days. There are a lot of kinds of TV, but the one with a size of 90 to 100 inches would be a really good option to watch any content. You might be interested in getting one of them from the market, but you might have no clue how to pick one. That is the reason why we decided to be here today in order to help you decide which one will be best. We can help you by providing you some useful buying guides. Make sure to make all of the buying guides because they are absolutely good for your purchasing process.


Well, watching any content on 90-100 inch TVs is a really necessary thing, so you need to take resolution really seriously. That is because if you choose the wrong one, the content that you watch will be disappointing. The normal resolution that most people can accept is 1080p, but it would be better to step farther than that. 4K is the standard resolution right now for watching all programs, especially for watching movies. 4K is enough for almost all people because it can provide a really sharp and detailed picture. However, if you want to go even insanely far from those two resolutions, the one with an 8K resolution will be an absolutely amazing thing.

Consider Refresh Rate

The next thing, the refresh rate is also a thing that all TV users need to value the most as well. That is because if the TV comes with a low refresh rate like 60Hz, you will not be able to watch the movie at the maximum level. But, if it comes with a high refresh rate, all content that you will be watching on this TV will be super smooth and enjoyable as well. What we want to recommend to you is the one that has a refresh rate of 120Hz, 144Hz, or 240Hz. Just remember that the higher the better. Moreover, a higher refresh rate helps reduce the motion blur from the movies you watch too.

Screen Bezel

Last but not least, the bezel is also another necessary factor too since that thing can distract you while watching movies. Of course, all people want to have a TV that comes with a thin bezel, so they will be able to see the display more than the bezel. If you buy a TV with a thick bezel, your experience will not be pleasant since it will distract you a lot when watching TV. However, you do not need to worry a lot since TV these days has a super small bezel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you need 90-100 inch TVs?

A: The reason that you should own 90-100 inch TVs because they have got a really nice-sized screen which is perfect for movies and any other content. Plus, 90-100 inch TVs come with a lot of modern and high-end technology.

Q: Can 90-100 inch TVs be connected with other devices?

A: Of course, they can. All of those TVs come with a massive amount of HDMI and USB ports which provide a wide range of connectivity. You can use them to connect with your laptop or tablet in order to see contents in bigger screens.


In this review, we have cleared all the noise taunted by other manufacturers. Every detail is considered in equal measure. When you buy either of these TVs, you will be in safe hands and you can buy with confidence.

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