In this competitive world, I’m sure most of us come back home from work with exhaustion. Then who will do the house work for us? Let me introduce you Automatic Window Cleaners to help reduce your daily labour at home or even in your office, too. These automatic window cleaners help you clean your mirror window either automatically or remotely with very little effort. Thus, if you have a mirror window, check out these top 10 best automatic window cleaners below. You can also check out here my robotic vacuum cleaners and floor mops review in case you’d like one.

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Imagine how busy you are in this competitive world? I’m sure most of us come back home from work with exhaustion. Then who will do the house work for us? What if we have an automatic machine which can help prepare us coffee, do our dishes, clean our house/office and even talk to us? This might not sound real a decade ago, but now we inch towards the age of robotics with each passing year, upcoming advancements in the field remind us that the days of a sci-fi future are not too far away. Or maybe, they have already begun. Well there are many things that automatic machine can do for us now. Yet, I would like to introduce you just one of them, which is an automatic window cleaner to help reduce your daily labour. These automatic window cleaners help you clean your mirror window either automatically or remotely with very little effort. Thus, if you have a mirror window, check out these top 10 best automatic window cleaners below.

Top 10 Best Automatic Window Cleaners in 2019 Review

13. Mamibot W120 Robotic Frame Window Glass Cleaner

Mamibot W120 Robotic Frame Window Glass Cleaner

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Mamibot Frame Window Glass Robot Cleaner is able to clean both frame and frame less window glass, table glass, and even smooth wall survace and floor. It is designed to stop you avoid the danger of ladder climbing to do the cleaning job. This robot window cleaner can be set to automatically clean in two patterns: Z pattern and N pattern. It is also equipped with a powerful suction motor to clean vertical glass survace. It comes with an app which is compatible for both iOS and Android for controling on your smartphone. Based on its multiple fuctionalities, it will reduce your cleaning job a lot as it can help clean not only your glass window, but also any smooth surface in your home.

Key specifications:

  • Intelligent cleaning robot, anti-falling sensor for safety.
  • Come with app control and compatible with iOS and Android system.
  • Auto object detection and powerful built-in batter for emergency.
  • For all dry, wet and light cleaning purposes.
  • For fame and frameless smooth surface and low noise.

12. HOBOT Automatic Window Cleaning Robot 298 with Ultrasonic Water Spray and Control via Smartphone or Remote

Hobot Robot Window Cleaning Robot can be used to clean your window or wall glass with the control of your smartphone or its remote.

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Hobot window cleaning robot 298 is an automatic window glass cleaner equipped with replacable water tank and ultrasonic water spray nozzle. This robot cleaner is built AI technology along with phone application to let you control it using smartphone as well. This means that you can either let the robot does the cleaning task by automatically or you control it using smartphone or remote control. With the latest invention, this window cleaning robot Hobot 298 is efficient and makes no much noise while the cleaning process.

Key specificaitons:

  • Utilize AI tech s2.1
  • Speed cleaning: 2.4mins per 2 meters.
  • 3 automatic operation functions.
  • Built for any kind of thick glass with anti-falling control for frameless window.
  • Consumed power: 72w
  • Voltage input: 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz
  • 2.8lbs in weight.
  • Note: Robot only works with power cord.

11. HOBOT Window Cleaning Robot 288 with Control via Smartphone or Remote

HOBOT Window Cleaning Robot 288 with Control via Smartphone or Remote

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This is another version of Hobot window cleaning robot. The Hobot 288 robot cleaner also utilizes AI technology with app for smartphone control. This is a cheaper version if you have a budget constrains, yet the device still can do it job well. The Hobot 288 is equipped with functionalities almost the same as the above one, yet it has no automatic water spray function. If you want a more functional one, grab the above Hobot window cleaning robot 298. But if you don’t need a water spray on your window for cleaning, then this one is best.

Key specifications:

  • Utilize AI tech s2.0
  • Speed cleaning: 2.4mins per 2 meters.
  • 3 automatic functioning modes.
  • Works on thick glass with anti-falling algorithm.
  • Power consumed: 72w
  • Voltage input: 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz
  • 2.6lbs in weight.

10. HOBOT Window Cleaning Robot 188, A Glass Cleaner Remote Control

HOBOT Window Cleaning Robot can clean glass wall with the remote control.

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Robot window cleaner 188 by HOBOT is designed for cleaning various glass kinds of windows and glassed survaces. It is the one of the best robot cleaners, which is equipped with vacuum motor to suck air so that it can stand on the survace of the glass and does it job. The robot cleaner is also utilized AT technology and gyro sensor to navigate and control its movement to avoid falling when it’s cleaning the window. It is recognized as one among the best and latest robot window cleaners in the present.

Key specifications:

  • Utilize AI technology to imitate human cleaning behavior.
  • Can clean up to 2m/4mns
  • 3 automatic modes: auto stop when cleaning is complete, UPS embeded, ani-falling.
  • Power: 80w, Input voltage 90W,100~240VAC, 50~60Hz
  • Weight: 930g

9. Cop Rose Window Cleaner X4 Automatic Window Cleaners

Robotic Cop Rose X4 Window Cleaners

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The Cop Rose Automatic Window Cleaner is one of the best cleaning robots in the list. It is known for its best service among technology products of its range. If you are looking for a window cleaner that any surface apart from the glass, then the Cop Rose X4 Automatic Window Cleaners suit the requirement. This auto window cleaner can clean almost any kind of surface from tiles to wooden desks. It can also clean any window ranging from plain to framed and even frameless. It can also clean vertical filmed glass, textured glass, and even frosted glass. It can clean office windows, house windows, and roof windows. It doesn’t mind the task you assign.

It works in a 3-step procedure. Spray, power-on and start cleaning. You can control it by remote, and it can also function autonomously. It is programmed to identify obstacles and clean intelligently. It’s a wonderful one and you know it if you are a fan of a sci-fi movie, except you still like a window squeegee!

Key Specification:

  • Ability to clean up to one square meter per 3 minutes
  • Designed with 3 cleaning modes
  • Auto detect the window frame
  • Anti-falling control function
  • Good adsorption vacuum
  • Can control by Mobile App, Touch-on or Remote control

8. Ecovacs Winbot 880, Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

Ecovacs Winbot 880 robot window cleaner is equipped with smart navigation system to clean the building glass in pattern.

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The Ecovacs glass cleaner is another popular brand of automated technology product. The Ecovacs Winbot 880 is designed and innovated to wash for any glass wall. It comes equipped with a four-stage cleaning mechanism for different cleaning needs. When it comes cleaning from all directions, its high-power suction fan is complemented by the strong fiber cleaners attached on four sides, which allows for a better cleaning. The robot can also clean tall cleaning surfaces and reach as far as 16 feet with the help of its extension mechanism. The Ecovacs is fitted with an emergency battery that works for a while if its main battery fails. With that emergency batter, you can do other work while cleaning without worry.

Key specifications:

  • Equipped with multiple safety, user-friendly and cutting edge detection system.
  • 5-decontaminated-layer pad for through cleaning.
  • Quiet and easy to control with remote.
  • 9.7 x 9.7 x 4.5 inches in dimension.
  • 3.96lbs in weight.

7. Ecovacs Winbot W850, Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

ECOVACS WINBOT W930 Automatic Window Cleaning Robot
ECOVACS WINBOT W930 Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

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Enabled with a four-stage cleaning mechanism, this cleaning robot comes with its cleaning solution to clean surfaces. It cleans all kinds of the surface with the help of a suction pump as well as cleaning pads that stay sturdy despite multiple cleaning sessions. What makes it even better is its inbuilt Smart Drive Technology which calculates the most custom cleaning path, thus avoiding obstacles and taking the path of least resistance to clean the surface! It can also calculate the most efficient way to clean a surface. In the line of Ecovacs, this cleaning robot is the smartest.

6. Ecovacs Winbot W830, Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

ECOVACS WINBOT W830, Automatic Window Cleaning Robot, Automatic Window Cleaners
ECOVACS WINBOT W830, Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

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Another one from Ecovacs in the Winbot Range of cleaning robots, this one comes equipped with a unique Pathfinder Navigation Technology which uses radio waves to detects edges and obstacles while cleaning surface. This feature enables the cleaning robot to be deployed both indoors as well as outdoors. It works on all major types of glass including Thermopane, frosted as well as textured glass.

5. Ecovacs Winbot W730, the Window Cleaning Robot – Out of Stock

WINBOT W730, the Window Cleaning Robot
WINBOT W730, the Window Cleaning Robot, for Framed or Frameless Windows

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If you have been looking for a very compact automatic cleaning robot, the Winbot W730 is the right option to go for. It is simple, without a lot of complex functions like the ones above and is made for cleaning indoor surfaces. It cleans surfaces such as plain bathroom glass, textured glass, rough glass and frost glass. It can also clean other surfaces such as marble, granite, and tiles. Given its simple makeup, it comes equipped with only two cleaning pads, enough for any indoor cleaning job.

4. The Glider D-3, Magnetic Window Cleaner for Double Glazed Windows

Magnetic Window Cleaner for Double Glazed Windows, Automatic Window Cleaners
Magnetic Window Cleaner for Double Glazed Windows

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Looking for a specialized cleaning robot for specialized surfaces? The Glider D-3 is here to provide you exactly that. The Glider D-3 is built specially to clean those double-glazed windows that are hard to reach from the inside because of their sheer size and thickness. All you have to do is to stick the robot on the hard to reach the window and let it do the work. The Glider D-3 is magnetic, and you can be assured that it won’t fall off the window surface.

3. TechComm V5 Remote-Controlled Window Cleaning Robot

TechComm V5 Remote-Controlled Window Cleaning Robot, robot window cleaning
TechComm V5 Remote-Controlled Window Cleaning Robot

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Versatility and effectiveness are the unique selling points of this automatic cleaning bot. It can work on all sorts of surfaces ranging from windows of different make and texture to surfaces that go into buildings such as cement, fiber, wood, tiles, and granite. You can also use it for cleaning windows on high rises and commercial complexes where it is difficult for a cleaner to reach effectively. The cleaning robot is gentle on your windows and will not pressurize the surface while cleaning.

2. Alfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner, Magnetic Vacuums Robot Automatic SmartAlfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner,Magnetic Vacuums Robot Automatic Smart

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The Alfawise WIN660 Robotic Window Cleaner works even vertically for cleaning windows. It is capable of cleaning all types of windows from textured windows to the plain windows of your house. However, the defining feature of this window cleaning robot is that it sucks the dirt like a vacuum cleaner. Also, it comes equipped with a backup inner battery that keeps the cleaner working for 30 minutes even when the battery depletes. It also comes with a backup rope that you can use to suspend the robot, and it can bear a weight of 150 kg in total. It has twelve cleaning pads which can be easily cleaned. You can use any cleaning liquid, and the cleaner will work just fine.

1. The Window Cleaner X6, Automatic Vacuum Shower Cleaner

Window Cleaning Robot Steamer, Automatic Vacuum Shower Cleaner
Window Cleaning Robot Steamer, Automatic Vacuum Shower Cleaner

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For dangerous surfaces where it can be too risky to put a human cleaning worker, the Cop Rose X6 comes into the picture. It is capable of cleaning multiple types of surfaces including wood, marble, granite, glass and even tiles.

Like it’s preceding models, the Cop Rose X6 comes with a backup battery that can keep it going on for half an hour after its original battery has been depleted. For additional safety, you can also deploy an additional rope that is capable of handling nearly 150 kilograms of weight. Although the robot is large enough to cover areas, it comes with a cleaning extension mechanism that can be extended up to 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 meters. In case you need an additional window squeegee or window scrubber as an option, you can check out the Top 10 Best Window Squeegees & Window Scrubbers here.

0. Alfawise Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot, Robot Window Cleaner

Alfawise Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot, robot window cleaner
Alfawise Magnetic Window Cleaning Robot, Enabled Inside Outdoor High On Window for Glass Cleaner

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The second option is the robot window cleaner of Alfawise Magnetic. As the name says it all, the robot is magnetic window cleaning robot, which means that it utilizes the internal electromagnetism to cling on to metallic cleaning surfaces safely. This automatic window cleaning robot is more suitable for dangerous cleaning jobs such as tall buildings, steep surfaces or areas where human cleaners stand at a risk of losing balance or slipping, such as chimneys or algae covered areas. If you want to wash your home or office outside mirror, this one will be the best fit for you. You can juts sit and command it to do the washing from inside comfortably.

The robot is capable of cleaning any type of dirt from a surface including smear marks, bird waste, oil, accumulated dust, watermarks and even cement particulates that collect over surfaces from nearby construction works. It works on a simple mechanism of power suction apart from an effective wiping cycle system, that helps to clean the surface thoroughly.

Key Specifications:

  • Able to clean up to 1 square meter in 3min
  • Command with phone apps (iOS & Android) or remote control

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