The season of festivities is here. Well, it is almost time to set the Christmas tree and decorate to your heart’s content. However, getting a natural pine tree and decorate it is too painful than what it sounds. It will have you removing the needles from the rugs and carpets after several months of the festival. Click here to check 10 Best Flocked Christmas Tree

That is why the artificial Christmas trees have gained so much popularity in the recent days. You will just have to pay once and you will be able to use it years after years. But out of all the types of Christmas trees available in the market, the black Christmas trees are most appealing and sensational. For the exact same reason, the demand for the black Christmas trees is skyrocketing with every passing day.

Nevertheless, choosing the best black Christmas tree is not the easiest job to do. There are several products available in the market from different brands; so it is really tiring. Well, there is nothing to worry about since we have compiled the list of top 10 Christmas trees in 2019. Have a look to choose the best one:

Here Are The Top 10 Best Choice Black Christmas Trees

10. 5ft- Black Christmas Tree Imperial 390 Tips Artificial Tree with Metal Stand


Black-Christmas-Imperial-Artificial-Metal Black Christmas Trees

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This black Christmas tree can win one’s heart in many amazing ways. Christmas made perfect. The artificial tree is one of the easiest trees to set up. It is also suitable and recommended for houses that are not that big.

  • 1.5meter (5ft)
  • Tree Colour: Black
  • Adding elegant sparkle to your home where space is limited, this quick and easy to assemble tree will make Christmas preparation effortless.
  • It offers style and sopistication for a truly luxurious look this festive season

9. National Tree North Valley Black Spruce Tree, 7 Foot


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This black Christmas tree is eco-friendly and long-lasting. It qualifies as the additional mood setter for the festive.

  • 12 months warranty.
  • A metal stand accompanied with a switch to control the lighting.
  • 234 PVC tips.

8. 4.5’ North Valley Black Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree – Unlit


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This tree blends in as one of the best Christmas (artificial) trees. Its slim sleek design makes it overwhelmingly attractive. They help in saving all thanks to their durability.

  • Four ft. tall and Long-lasting.
  • Installation made easy.
  • Its tinsel color (black) brings in more attraction.
  • No need to separately get lights for the tree because it is pre-lit.

7. Holiday Time Pre-Lit 6.5′ Madison Pine Black Artificial Christmas Tree Clear


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The vert lifestyle premium quality is also known as black Colorado fir. The tree allows you to creatively decorate.

  • The tree is bought with extra branches and tips that are needle-shaped.
  • A black colored gunmetal that makes it spectacular.
  • 6.5ft height and 4ft width.

6. National Tree 6 Foot Black Tinsel Tree with Metal Stand


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This tinsel black Christmas tree from National Tree Company is really a special choice for everyone who wants to give their home an elegant look. Though the tree is 6ft in height, it has a sleek and slim design which makes it perfect for any sort of rooms. The tinsel black colour makes the tree really an eye-catcher.

  • Has 6ft height.
  • Comes with 520 tips.
  • The tree stand has the same colour as the tree.
  • Perfect for the homes where space is limited.

5. 7ft – Black Christmas Tree Imperial Tips Artificial Tree with Metal Stand




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Black Christmas Tree Imperial Tips is really one of the best artificial trees to look out for. It has a slim and sleek design which makes the tree very attractive. Since it is pre-lit, you will not have to waste your time in lighting the tree.

  • Adding elegant sparkle to your home where space is limited, this quick and easy to assemble tree will make Christmas preparation effortless.
  • Tree Colour: Black
  • 2.1meter (7ft)
  • It offers style and sopistication for a truly luxurious look this festive season

4. National Tree 4 Foot Black Tinsel Tree with Plastic Stand and 70 Clear Lights:


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Here is another great product from the National Tree Company. This particular Christmas tree has a height of 4ft yet it is no less to any other Christmas tree on our list. It comes with 70 clear lights which make the tree more gorgeous. Bring home the National Tree 4 Foot Black Tinsel Tree with Plastic Stand and 70 Clear Lights and decorate your tree to your heart’s content.

  • The tree comes with 70 pre-attached clear lights.
  • This Christmas tree has 110 branches.
  • The tree stand has matching colour with the branches.
  • The bulbs are prevented from falling with light string feature.

3. SilksAreForever 7’6″ Hx50″W Ombre Tinsel & PVC LED Lighted Artificial Christmas Tree w/Stand -Black/Silver/White


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This Christmas tree really comes from the land of fantasies. Its colour and looks will immediately make you fall in love with it. Plus, it is 7ft 6inch in height and has a width of 48 inches. Therefore, it is perfect for large rooms. Furthermore, the tree comes with 600 pre-attached clear LED lights.

  • Has a height of 7ft 6inch and comes with a width of 48inch.
  • This tree comes with 1364 tips.
  • With 600 LED lights, this black Christmas tree really makes the festivities more special.

2. Eco-Friendly Oncor Black Christmas Tree 6ft


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With a 6ft height and dense branches, this tree really gives you the best feeling for Christmas. Since it is made from completely eco-friendly materials, you will never have to worry about any toxicity. It is easy to set up and decorate. The Oncor 6ft Eco-Friendly Oncor Black Forest Christmas Tree is the perfect choice for the homes with limited space.

  • The Oncor 6ft Eco-Friendly Oncor Black Forest Christmas Tree comes with 662 tips.
  • The tree stand is made from metal to provide extra durability.
  • The tree is highly durable and will serve you for 30+ years.
  • Manufactured from completely eco-friendly materials.

1. Holiday Time Pre-Lit 32 Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree, Black, Color Change Lighting


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This tree is known to be so sensational when it comes to decoration. This is despite it being 7ft tall. The tree is perfect for homes with limited spacing.

  • 640 branches.
  • 7ft tall.
  • Non-allergic and fire resistant.

These black artificial Christmas trees are simply described as amazing. They are clearly standing out from the rest and comparing them can be laughable. To add honey to candy, they are fire resistant. Just the perfect decors for Christmas festivities.

Final words:
Well, that is all on our lists. Every tree that is listed above is gorgeous in look and design. Furthermore, they are fire resistant and completely non-allergic. So, choose the one that suits your requirements and spend the Christmas season merrily with your near and dear ones.

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