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Top 10 Best Car Dash Camera in 2024 Reviews

It’s never been a bad idea to have a car dashboard camera in your car. You never know when it is helpful and in which case that requires video footage as evidence.

Finding the best car dash cam in 2024 is not an easy task cause there are so many companies that make different models of the same products. But as you find the best camera for your needs, then it is the best tech products you have in your hand that will help you collect evidence of the accident.

So we are here to help you find the best car dash cam of 2024 which you can consider while purchasing it. We researched and found 10 products that best suit you. The product list is below, but before that let’s find out how to choose the best cam.

How to choose the Best Car Dash Cam

Generally, all the car dash cams have almost similar features to one another which you can place on your front or rear windows. But you have to place them at a place where there is no blockage of the ahead road view.

The product you choose should have basic configurations such as an HD camera with expandable memory and wifi. But if you need a little more above these features, then you have to pay some more money.

So, here is the list. Let’s dive into it.

10. Transcend 16GB DrivePro 200 Car Video Recorder With Suction Mount

Transcend 16GB Drive Pro 200 Car Video Recorder features an advanced tec camera with a wide-angle camera lens that captures full HD crystal clear video, helping you to gather important footage of on-road accidents. It is easy to install and operate. With its wireless wifi 802.1 b/g/n, you can even stream, download, and share video footage with your friends and family.

Key Features:

  • Smooth, detailed Full HD 1080p recording @ 30 fps
  • 160 viewing angle
  • Bright 2.4-inch color LCD screen
  • Motion G-Sensor detects impacts
  • 7 Glass lenses for ultra-sharp picture
  • 16GB MLC microSDHC

9. 70mai Smart Dash Cam with Built-in Wifi

70mai Smart Dash Cam with Built-in Wifi powered with voice control in English version. 70mai Smart Dash Cam is up to the mark of all your expectations while driving to capture the footage of any incident. With its voice control system, you can drive your car hassle-free which makes your driving experience more enjoyable. Check out below for the feature of 70mai.

Key Features:

  • Automatically Emergency Recording.
  • AI Integrated.
  • 1080P Full HD.
  • 130° Wide Angle.
  • Voice Control (support English).

8. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS

WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS record footage of any incident in full high-definition format such as 2560×1080 / 2306x1296P. With its WDR and HDR, it can also capture footage at night. This device is equipped with a GPS device that lets you track your vehicle if you’re anywhere and also equipped with a 170-degree wide-angle lens. 16GB MicroSD storage enables hours of recording.

Key Features:

  • PREMIUM DASH CAM w/ 2560×1080 / 2306x1296P SUPER HD
  • GPS Enabled

7. Pruveeo C2 Dual Dash Cam 1920x1080P Front and Rear Car Dashboard Camera with Sony Sensor

Pruveeo C2 Dual Dash Cam comes up with clear video capture & audio recording with a Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor in both front and rear cameras that capture super-sharp 1080P video. Its 2.7-inch full HD display screen and 180-degree rotating camera with a 150-degree viewing angle provide you an extra edge for gathering important evidence of the incident.

Key Features:

  • Clear Video Capture & Audio Recording
  • Dual Channel 1080P Dash Cam
  • Discrete Design for Uber
  • Emergency Recording & Loop Recording

6. Actionpie Dash Cam 1080P Car DVR

Actionpie Dash Cam 1080P Car DVR comes with many features like loop recording, screen saver, motion detection, on/off audio, and WDR. With its 12 MP camera, it captures videos in 4032 x 3024 resolution. Build-in G Sensor automatically detects any shakes or collision and locks the video so that it is not deleted automatically.

Key Features:

  • Multi-function
  • Full HD 1080P
  • Built-in G sensor
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • Ultra-clear 3-inch LCD

5. AUKEY Dash Cam, Dashboard Camera Recorder

AUKEY Dash Cam, Dashboard Camera Recorder comes up with a Sony Exmor Sensor that captures super-sharp 1080p video with a 170-degree field of view and also performs well for nighttime driving. Emergency Recording automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and protects the recordings. Powered by the included dual port USB car charger the superheater has greater cold and heat endurance that increases the battery lifetime.

Key Features:

  • Clear Video Capture
  • Emergency Recording & Loop Recording
  • Extreme Temperature Operation
  • Easy Mounting

4. Old Shark Dash Cam, 3″ 1080P HD Car Recorder 170 Wide-Angle Night Vison Dashboard Camera

Old Shark Dash Cam features a full glass f1.6 aperture sensor that captures important evidence of any accident in full HD 1080p with 180-degree wide angle capture of the entire road ahead. With its accident auto-detection technology, it can capture any sensitive video footage and block the video so that it is not deleted automatically. It has a stable Chipset with advanced chips and it is easy to use and install.

Key Features:

  • Crystal Dash Cam
  • Accident Auto Detections
  • Stable High Chipset
  • Easy To Use

3. YI Mirror Dash Cam, Dual Dashboard Camera Recorder with Touch Screen

YI Mirror Dash Cam comes up with two HD cameras that provide a clear definition image from the front and back of your car, providing good visibility and an overall safer driving experience. It is easy to setup and has a 16:9 LCD touchscreen. It also features WiFi for wireless connectivity and a 240mAH 3.7 volt battery for power backup.

Key Features:

  • Two HD cameras (front and rear)
  • Easy to set-up
  • Integrated LCD 16:9 touchscreen
  • 240mAh battery 3.7~4.3V(with NTC)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for app connection

2. YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD 1080P60 165 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera:

YI 2.7″ Screen Full HD 1080P60 165 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera has come up with ASAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technology optimized visual recognition algorithms that ensure safe driving. It records the footage of any incident in full 1920x1080p at 60fps high-speed video recording captures fast-moving scenes and creates high-resolution images at high speed. It also features 165 ultra wide-angle that reduce blind spots and cover three-lane footage and you can see these on a 2.7-inch TFT LCD widescreen display.

Key Features:

  • The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)
  • Emergency recording feature
  • High Definition Image and First-class Night vision
  • Features 165 ultra wide-angle to reduce blind spots
  • Built-in 2.7″ TFT LCD widescreen

1. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam 2.4″ LCD FHD 1080p 170 Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam has a discreet low-profile design that allows V1 to be a well-hidden witness to the road ahead. With the Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor, it captures full HD 1080p footage at 30fps. The 7-layer glass lens opens up to capture a sweeping view of its surroundings. Accident Auto-Detection and 170-degree ultra wide-angle lens record footage of sensitive accidents and split the video into 3, 5, or 10-minute segments.

Key Features:

  • Discreet Design
  • Full HD Recording
  • 170 Degree Extra Wide Lens
  • Loop Recording
  • Accident Auto Detection G-Sensor






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