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Top 10 Best Cash Drawers In 2024 Reviews

A cash drawer has quickly become a must-have for small shops, florists, bars, cafés, and restaurants due to the increase in theft cases. These units are designed to store high-value currency safely and conveniently. For this reason, they are strongly built and even come with keys. Some also have bells or alarms that will make a sound every time you open them. You can, however, deactivate the alarm if you do not want it. With a cash drawer around, rest assured you will securely keep your money. So, we urge you to choose one or two from the following top 10 best cash drawers in 2024 reviews.

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1. MMF Industries Compact Steel Cash Drawer (225104604)

If you decide to buy a cash drawer, you should consider the best. And that’s where this cash drawer comes into play. It boasts a compact design that enables it to maximize counter space without minimizing basic features. It also has a front check slot that is handy for storing large bills, checks, and credit card receipts without having to open it. Moreover, the unit has 4 currency compartments equipped with spring-loaded bill weights. Its coin dividers are adjustable and designed to hold 5 or 6 coin denominations.

2. Epsilont TSP143IIILAN 39464910 Printer and Cash Drawer

With this model, you will be able to save a lot on paper. This is because it uses thermal printing technology, which eliminates the need for expensive toner or ink. What’s more, this model is equipped with advanced power management circuitry that will let you reduce your printer’s current consumption by up to 75 percent compared to standard Star printers. We like the fact that this printer & cash drawer integrate effortlessly with square POS. It is a cost-effective choice that does not sacrifice dependability or quality.

3. STEELMASTER MMF Industries Drawer with Keyed Lock

The long-lasting heavy-gauge construction of this cash drawer with a keyed lock combines well with the chip- and scratch-resistant finish to give you a reliable cash drawer that can withstand the rigors of daily use. The manufacturer has included a key, which when in the unlocked position, enables the drawer to automatically spring open should it be pushed in. Also, there is an alarm bell, which sounds every time the drawer is opened. Ideally, you can disengage it if you do not like the sound. Lastly, the company has equipped the drawer with 3 media slots that work with a super wide and customizable global till to accommodate credit cards, receipts, checks, and bills.

4. MMF Industries 225106001 Alarm Alert Cash Drawer

You are mostly buying this cash drawer to improve safety in your commercial place. That’s why it comes with a bell that rings immediately after it is opened. For this reason, you will always be alerted every time the drawer is opened. Also, you may not want to hear the sound every time you open the drawer. Should this happen, then you are free to deactivate the alarm. Another stunning feature of this cash drawer is the high-impact plastic tray, which is removable and has a flat key locking cover.

5. APG VPK-15B-2A-BX Till for Cash Drawer

It is black, and it has five coin compartments as well as five bill compartments; what can make you not go for this cash drawer? It is a convenient and standard-duty plastic till that is compatible with an APG Vasario 1616 or 1618 cash drawer (not included). It is made of a super durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material, so it can give superb rigidity and resistance to abrasion and impact. Additionally, this plastic till can be used to keep bills; thanks to its handy hold-downs. It can also be used to insert or retrieve bills with its flip-up.

6. Star Micronics CD3-1616 4 Bill/8 Coin Cash Drawer

We love the fact that this cash drawer is cost-effective for a great buying experience. We also like the convenient design that enables it to seamlessly integrate into any hospitality or retail environment with a bottom exit cable and standard printer communication to hide it from the customer’s view. Since it is built with convenience in mind from the word go, the cash drawer can accommodate United States, Canadian, and Latin American currency types of 5 Bill-8 Coin and 4 Bill-8 Coin. It comes equipped with a 3-function lock system and dual media slots to give you the best performance.

7. HK System 16” Open Cash Drawer with 5Bill/5Coin

This open cash drawer has made it to our reviews because it has all the features you can ever think of. It comes with 2 keys to ensure that you are not inconvenienced in any way. Furthermore, it has a heavy-duty case with “Two” metal bars inside to give you the performance you need. Another stunning feature worth talking about is the stainless steel drawer front, which thieves cannot go past in the name of getting away with your cash. Also, there are single large media slots for added convenience.

8. 2xhome Rj-12 Key-lock Cash Drawer

Your POS system deserves the best cash drawer like this one from 2xhome. It has a handy cash drawer that comes equipped with the 12VDC output connector to make it compatible with several reputable manufacturer models like Epson printers. Besides, it has quite several unique features for enhanced performance. Well, some of these features are removable coin trays, which have an adjustable divider to provide a perfect space for storing coins, as well as spring-loaded bill clips for keeping bills securely in place. This cash drawer comes with 2 keys that guarantee you secure storage of your money.

9. Epsilont Bluetooth Receipt Printer Coin Cash Drawer

What’s great about the Epsilont Bluetooth Receipt Printer Coin Cash Drawer is the convenient Bluetooth connectivity that will allow you to connect the mobile device of your choice or your preferred tablet to transform mPOP into a fully integrated POS system. It has 4 bills and adjustable 4 or 8 coin slots to give you a convenient place to keep your money. It also features a hidden space under the removable coin till to provide added security for store checks, credit card slips, and high-value currency. Because of its functions and connectivity, this cash drawer is perfect for bars, cafés, small shops, and florists.

10. Beelta 16” POS Cash Drawer

Beelta has designed this cash drawer to help keep high-value currency safely and conveniently. That’s why they have tested it to make sure it is strong and tough enough to withstand more than 1,000,000 times operation. To further improve your confidence in using the product, Beelta offers a 1-year warranty. Plus they have gone a step further by equipping the cash drawer with a ball bearing slide for stable and smooth operation. There are also “Two” metal bars upper for superior durability. You deserve the best, so be sure to buy from this company with 10 years of experience.

Nearly all monies are hard-earned; hence, you must keep the one you already have safely and securely. With these cash drawers, you will manage to achieve that. This is because they are sturdy and have every feature that works to make sure your money is safe and secure.






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