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Top 15 Best Cheap Running Shoes Under $25 2024 Reviews

Running is the best workout and exercise when you discern about working out. For this reason, it is extremely important to get the proper shoes for your running workouts. This is why getting the perfect running pair of shoes is very important. They help in reducing minor and major injuries such as twisting your ankles and sore feet.

Today the market is flooded with different running shoes from top companies, making it very hard for you to buy a proper running pair. The very best pairs are ridiculously expensive which makes it virtually impossible for most people who would love to own a pair to afford one.

Unless you are a professional athlete which most of us are not, tend to turn away from such. However, this should not be a reason for you not to enjoy your daily or weekly exercise routines. Affordable shoes that equally serve the same purpose and service are available on the market. This article ranks some of the best running shoes available at under $25. Therefore, be sure to add one to the cart.

List Of Best Cheap Running Shoes Under $25 Reviews:

15. JUAN Men’s Lightweight Fashion Mesh Sneakers Breathable Athletic  Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: JUAN Running Shoes

JUAN’s cotton-blend sneakers start this one-of-a-kind list of the best running shoes that are available at affordable prices. The upper fabric is well-stitched and forms a mesh-like pattern that gives a stylish look. It also enables ventilation enabling your feet to breathe during running and creates a quick dry function.

Your feet hence stay cool and dry even when doing the most demanding of workouts. A soft cushy lining lines the whole interior for comfort. Outer EVA sole is made out of rubber hence durable and also absorbs shock when running. Furthermore, it is slip-resistant and hence suitable to run with on most terrains. They are light in weight and have great balance. JUAN’s amazing shoes are found in three types of colors namely black, black and white, and grey. The company brags of its 80% fit expectation, the lace closure provides the rest.

Why you should get one:

  • Stylish
  • Flexible hence can be used for various activities
  • Durable thus last long

14. Saibhreas Men’s Women’s Running Shoes Lightweight – Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: Saibhreas Running Shoes

A flagship shoe for Saibhreas, this synthetic, and fabric running shoe is impressive. It is mesh-like kitted for ventilation purposes. The knitting is well done and designed to form a textile on the upper part of the shoe. Has a rubber sole which is perfect for running. It offers great adhesion and grip in various terrains as well as shock absorption.

Rubber is durable and hence long-lasting. This is a favorite shoe among many people since it is flexible in use. You can wear it in your casual endeavors and very fashionable.  Other features include a well lightly soft cushioned lining that makes it comfy and is also light thus easy to run with. Available in various colors and fits very well.

reasons I picked Best Cheap Running Shoes:

  • Durable
  • Fashioned
  • Slip-on hence easy to wear

13. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi V1 Running Shoes

  • By: New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance is well known for its awesome and good shoes. Most of its shoes are sports made and its women Arishi V1 model pair is no different. Its upper construction is synthetic and knitted in a mesh-like pattern. This enables to provide enough aeration for the feet to breathe when put on.

The sole is rubber which is also perfect since it absorbs shock when running. Furthermore, rubber is durable and you can use it for a very long time hence suitable for the everyday runner. It is designed with a foam midsole that supplements the sole for its work hence making it very cozy. The bootie type of construction makes it ideal for women. Cheap Running Shoe is available in different colors hence one can own as many pairs for you and yours.  The company boasts of 85% fit accuracy according to the size chart provided which is more than enough for comfortable running. Click and add to the cart.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:

  • Durable
  • Very comfortable
  • Stylish in design

12. Saucony Originals Women’s Bullet Sneaker – Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: Saucony Running Shoes

Like its sisters, this pair from Saucony is top quality and amazing for running. The sole has been designed with spikes which are essential for running shoes. They perform very well by providing grip and are excellent on most surfaces.  The rubber sole helps in the absorption of shock as well as gives a natural barefoot feel when running.

It is low when compared to other running shoes; this is not a disadvantage. It has a soft cushioned inner lining that adds to the already comfortable shoes. The upper part is constructed with a well-stitched nylon textile. It is available in many colors hence you can choose any color depending on your choice.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:

  • Balance is superb
  • Comfy
  • Spikes

11. Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer – Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: Champion Running Shoes

As the company’s name suggests this is a trainer shoe made for champions. The sporty upper fabric is made from manmade materials, and knitted in a mesh-like manner which provides aeration and breathability when worn. Running is an active activity and the feet require enough ventilation for stability. The inside lining is soft and cushy to provide great comfort.

Champion Running Shoe is characterized by excellent qualities as a foam insole that provides a nice comfy feel, lightweight, and padded collar. Different colors are available hence you can have two pairs for you will love it.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Cheap Running Shoes:

  • Fits accurately
  • Comfy to run with
  • Flexible for various activities

10. WELMEE Men’s Knit Breathable Casual Sneakers Lightweight Athletic Tennis Walking Running Shoes

  • By: WELMEE Running Shoe

Kicking us off at the ten best is Welmee’s casual sneakers. Construction is from fabric and synthetic material making it light in weight as well as breathable. Furthermore, it has a nice cushioning that feels nice to the feet and has a high sweat absorbent.  The material is sterilized with a deodorant that helps in the soles’ high-dry function and is odorless.

Soles are rubber made to make it shock absorbent. Enabling it to adapt to your body’s stride and force when running. It has a nice balance and strong heel protecting your foot and body from impact when running. Moreover, it is fashionable and can be worn as casual footwear during your normal activities. Cheap Running Shoes are available in various colors and sizes; click on the chart provided to select the right size.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Cheap Running Shoe:

  • Easy to wear
  • Fashionable
  • Durable

9. Tesla Men’s Lightweight Sports Running Shoes X710/X700/E630

  • By: Tesla Running Shoe

Telsa’s running shoes are probably one of the best sports shoes on the market. a breathable upper mesh and high synthetic suede crafts the shoe. The mesh material provides a breathable and barefoot feel that helps in strengthening the foot. The suede adds durability to the shoe and also helps in saturation properties.

The sole has a hydro-grip that provides superb traction in all terrains and stability. The insole has a multi-directional property for a nice balance and stability. The shoe provides the feet with a natural feel support flexibility and grip. Its Hex vent insole enables comfort for all-day activities. For such great qualities, the shoe is a bargain.

reasons I picked The Best Cheap Running Shoes:

  • Fashionable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable

8. Keezmz Men’s Running Shoes Fashion Breathable Sneakers – Best Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: Keezmz Cheap Running Shoe

Keezmz running shoes are a simple explanation of Simplicity. The construction features a fabric upper mesh and, a protected collar with soft lining. The upper mesh enables breathability and is also light in weight thus reducing total shoe weight. The soft lining helps decrease friction when walking and running. The cushy insole provides a comfy feel to the feet.

Moreover, provides a shock absorption property for comfortable support while running. The outsole is made of a highly elastic material that ensures you get a natural feel for your strides. Cheap Running Shoe is furthermore, slip-resistant for that natural traction. Styled to be fashionable, it is suitable for parties, casuals, and trendy indoor and sports activities.

reasons I picked Best Cheap Running Shoes:

  • Fashionable
  • Durable
  • Breathable and light in weight

7. KONHILL Women’s Lightweight Casual Walking Athletic Shoes – Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: KONHILL Running Shoes

Featuring KONHILL’s simple and uniquely styled running slip-on sneakers. The knitted upper make is probably what stands out compared to other running shoes. This enables the shoe to have breathable and lightweight qualities. They are tremendously featherweight you may forget you have them on.

Additionally, it fits right and its elastic nature adjusts well with your feet making it comfortable. The sole is made from elastic and durable MD providing a suitable buffer. This safeguards your feet when walking and running as well as doing your all-day activities. The stitched design provides great style and is durable hence long lasting. It is available in various colors, click on the chart and select your preferred color. It boasts of 85% fit accuracy which is more than enough for your running shoes. A size chart is provided as well for that accurate fit.

Why you should get one:

  • Fits perfectly on the leg
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for formal and casual activities
  • Slip-on hence easy to wear

6. Avia Men’s Avi-Tangent Training Shoe – Best Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: AVIA Running Shoe

Footwear for a serious athlete is what AVIA seems to have provided with their Avi-Training shoes. Its synthetic construction provides a sturdy and durable for everyday workouts.  It features an upper faux leather, padded collar, and tongue with a passé lace closure. The inner lining is soft including a flippantly padded foot-bed for a comfy feel.

Furthermore, it reduces friction thus preventing foot blisters and sores. Has a removable cushy insole which helps with comfort. The outer sole has an anatomic cradle that helps in motion control and shock absorption. This helps you run more easily and free from injuries such as twisting in uneven terrain. With an 82%fit accuracy and available in various colors click and add to cart.

Why you should get one:

  • Provides great support
  • Comfy cushioning
  • Long-lasting and durable

5. ALEADER Men’s Mesh Cross-Training Running Shoes – Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: ALEADER Running Shoe

ALEADER probably as the name suggests is one of the leading shoe-making companies. First of all the price is ridiculous for such a shoe. Fabric in construction, the upper is designed with a double mesh to allow air circulation. The upper look is very stylish, you will exercise daily just to show off your running shoes. A claw design provides sturdy yet normal lace-up closure, to give full support to your foot. Additionally, it provides added comfort and protection.

The outsole brags its hydro-grip rubber that provides tremendous grip and stability in all types of terrain and surfaces. Its insole is cushioned for comfort and designed with a breathable lining. Moreover, it provides a natural barefoot feeling which is supplemented by its lightweight property. A range of different colors is available hence click to select one of choice.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:

  • Durable
  • Comfortable in support
  • Excellent traction

4. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Cruz Running Shoe – Best Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: New Balance Running Shoes

Halfway through and New Balance running shoe deservedly positions itself.  Simple in construction design, and yet so appealing to the eye. The upper synthetic mesh ensures it is breathable and fashion certified. The sole has a gum rubber outsole that enables traction on any surface.  The midfoot saddle provides superb support supplemented with meticulous cushioning that enables to you run normally.

Cheap Running Shoes features a stretched heel, and low-top arch and is also a slip-on. But, it also has laces for closure to ensure extra support and also works as a fashion accessory. Available in different colors of choice, click and order for such a bargain price.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:

  • Stylish and wearable
  • Easy to wear
  • Well cushioned

3. Tesla Men’s Knit Pattern Sports Running Shoes L570/X573/X574/E734/X735 (True to Size)

  • By: Tesla Cheap Running Shoe

Tesla is known for its nice products and this knit pattern running shoes sure deserves a mention. Exceptional cushioning is a trait that Tesla brags about supplemented with superb shock absorption soles. The soles outsole has a hydro-grip that provides outstanding traction as well as stability on all types of surfaces.

A cushy inner sole that allows flexibility in all directions and is well-balanced for your various workout activities. Vamp materials are used for the construction of the upper part which enables aeration and breathability. Ventilation is essential for active activities such as running and support. Another nice feature is the heel loop band that enables you to remove your shoes easily without damaging your heel. It is available in multiple colors, and the company brags about its 89% fit accuracy.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Stylish

2. Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer – Best Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: Champion Running Shoes

Just like its sister above this Champion pair is for the champion-minded person.  This shoe was built to log miles of any terrain with ease. Made from manmade fabric the upper part is kitted very well forming a durable mesh type of fabric. This fabric allows for aeration which is a necessity for active exercises.

Has a foamy insole that provides a comfy feel and so does its padded color. Light in weight and soft inner liner are some of its characteristics. Traditional lace for closure enhances fitting to your liking. This pair is available in different sizes as well as colors. For the perfect choice click and select one for you and yours.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Cheap Running Shoes:

  • Durable
  • Stylish in design
  • Flexible in use

1. Saucony Originals Women’s Bullet Sneaker – Best Cheap Running Shoes

  • By: Saucony Running Shoes

Saucony Bullet sneaker takes the credit for one-of-a-kind riding shoes. If you are looking to attempt running extra miles that you have done before then this should be your pick. The rubber sole offers great traction on all kinds of surfaces. A nice rubber sole height that shouldn’t be a problem, for it has a superb shock absorption property.

Spikes are a major feature confirming that this surely is a running shoe. The manufacturer boasts of the street credit this shoe has had. The upper part is constructed from nylon and well-stitched. The nylon feature makes it very light and easy to run with.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Cheap Running Shoes:

  • Well cushioned
  • Comfortable and balanced
  • Available in various colors

Factors to consider when buying running shoes:

Material: Material is of utmost importance since not all types of materials are suitable for running shoes.  Running and walking cause friction at the same time the feet require aeration when engaging in active activities. This friction should be minimized during your activity, while ventilation and breathability should be a priority. Leather, for example, is not recommended for running since it doesn’t provide aeration and increases friction. Mesh-like knitted shoes though, from any fabric are encouraged since they enable aeration.

Comfort: Most running shoes are cushy and provide a spring-like effect which tends to absorb shock. This makes it comfy when walking or running.  Any running shoe that doesn’t feel pleasant when you wear is not suitable. The reason is that it will not be able to work with your body’s stride and may damage your joints, especially in rough terrain.

Space: A pair of running shoes should fit your foot just right. Shoe movement should be in sync with your foot. This will only be made possible if you avoid spacious shoes and ones that are uncomfortably tight. Space in your shoes may disallow you to pick up a good pace as well as cause you to trip when you do. One that fits tightly is somehow unhealthy since your foot needs air also as you run and may cause your feet to be sore.

Balance: Any shoes you buy should have a nice balance, especially your running shoes. They should both feel the same when you wear them and right for your body balance. Running affects your whole body and any imbalance from your shoes may cause adverse effects somewhere in your body, mostly your back, joints, and muscles. Hence, for a healthy run for the perfect and required results afterward, it is best to get a nice balanced pair of running shoes.

Color: You’d be surprised but colorful shoes tend to inspire one to lace up and challenge their selves. It makes one have a good feeling when running especially those of us who run when looking down. Furthermore, looking awesome when you run is good for even your esteem.

Weight: A running shoe should be light in weight. When working out your attire, the shoes included are often featherweight. Heavy shoes tend to drag you from achieving a good pace and cause sores to the feet. It would be even better if you could run barefoot but we know shoes offer protection from cuts and more. Therefore, to achieve a near-barefoot feel it should be light in weight.

Wrap up!

Shoes have become a kind of necessity in our daily activities. Focusing on Running shoes has become a must-wear when it comes to working out whether in the gym, running or even playing our favorite sports. This is because they are comfortable, and practical and even help us to better our best in exercises. Moreover, they double up as casual wear. More often than not we use them in most of our casual activities such as going out for parties, outdoor use, and even indoors. The running shoes above are the best and for such affordable prices, I’m amazed. Yes, they are to grade shoes and just like me be sure to pick one for you or yours.






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