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Top 10 Best Delta Table Saw in 2024 Reviews

A contractor who handles numerous projects or tasks in a month has a job that is complex and cumbersome. Whether you do wooden flooring, craft cabinets or manufacture any wooden décor, a delta table saw can ease your job by leaps and bounds. While lifting or moving a delta saw table could seem intimidating, however, it can add a greater degree of convenience in terms of cutting and altering wood with more added flexibility.

Some models come attached with tables that remain fixed in your show, while some are portable and can be carried to your client’s location or in the field. You can choose between a fixed delta saw table or a movable one depending on your need for table size, horsepower, and fencing. With innumerable choices available online, we have done with leg work on your behalf by tracking, measuring, and researching the best delta saw tables in the trend in 2024.

Here is a List of the Top 10 Best Delta Table Saws in 2024

10. Delta Left Tilt Contractor

Standing on a unique tabular stand, this model provides optimum stability and support to the wood sheets placed on the surface. Besides, the style fence, with a Biesemeyer style, has a twin rip window. Measuring 30 inches, it is large enough to accommodate larger plywoods. It comes with an easy-to-access control system switch attached right in front. The mono blade deep-seated in the middle cuts the material with super precision. Plus the blade with be tilted by 45 degrees.

9. Delta HP Unisaw

With the heavy machine on one side and two strong legs supporting the other side, HP Unisaw has state of an art design and is built with the latest technology. It has a massive cast iron in the cabinet that provides a greater degree of stability and strong footing. Besides, the motor is available in both variants: 3 HP and 5 HP. The cranks at the front end provide for cutting with precision and adjustments in terms of height. Above all, there is a vibration control system that the manufacturer has integrated into it using single cast trunnion.

8. Delta 36-5052

It comes pre-loaded with components including Bare-tools. The machine can be run only on by connecting a corded-electric wire to the socket. It measures 233 pounds which makes it easily moveable from one corner to another, or from on-site to field. However, it is not meant for that since it does not run on battery. Coming to its packing, the shipment might be delivered in more than one box. Compared to its predecessor, it has evolved to include a Tubular stand that provides a greater level of stability and support.

7. Delta Power 36-5100

In comparison with earlier products, this one is light, cost-effective, and portable. The machine measures 30 inches in terms of RH Rip which comes included with wings made out of cast iron. It has a product dimension of 76 inches x 57 inches x 44 inches.

6. Delta 36-6020 Portable

One word that describes this model is portable. It has been manufactured keeping in mind the various needs of contractors, who are often required to take it to the client’s location. It comes with a tabletop made out of Aluminium and also has an extensive feature that allows you to adjust the tabletop size by the size of the sheet to be cut. Ease of storage, onboard fence storage, and superior rip capacity, among others, are some of the avant-garde features.

5. Delta Deluxe Uniguard

The deluxe model looks different from the conventional designs that have been reviewed so far in this list. It has a splitter that is permanently fixed to it and has flexible blade adjusting features that allow fine-angle cuttings. On the flip side, the mounting bracket that comes at the back of the blade is missing. If it does not worry you, you can go for it, or else consider another model that has this option.

4. SawStop Professional Cabinet Assembly

Measuring 69 inches W x 33 inches D x 34 inches h, the SawStop is a one-stop solution for professional contractors looking for an agile, industrial, and efficient delta table saw in 2024. You name a feature and it is embedded in it. Built with a professional, Fence system, it ensures smooth and efficient operation to deliver unmatched, repeatable excellence. Additionally, the extra covering layer that covers the critical parts at the bottom mitigates the risk of injury.

3. Delta UniSaw BIESEMEYER Fence System

Ranked at number 3 in our list is the UniSaw delta table. Its 36-L352 encompasses 78-055B – a 52-inch Biesemeyer Fence rail, in black color. Also, it has 36-L300, powered by 3 Horse Power that allows the operator to tilt the blade to the left of the UniSaw body. Besides, the twin cranks at the front allow for convenient and easy adjustments blended with an extra-large blade opening mouth. At the core what differentiates it from other counterparts is the blade can be replaced or changed with a single push of the bottom.

2. Delta HP UniSaw 52-Inch Fence

Ranked at number 2 in our list is the HP UniSaw table which assists you in achieving optimum results, seamlessly and effortlessly. Ideal for boat building, cabinet making, and woodworking, it delivers superior precision and accuracy for exceptional cutting. It features an up-front twin crank comprising of speed-o-meter scale, locking cams, and a Biesemeyer fence measuring 52 inches. The 5HP 220V enables cutting engineered products such as MDF combined with melamine as well as hardwood.

1. Delta Left Tilt

Standing at number 1 in our list is Delta 366022 which comes preloaded with a folding stand and wheels to move it anywhere. Contractors are often required to move their machines to clients’ locations and this one—having all the features that you can ask for, in a Delta Saw table—allows you to conveniently move along to any job site irrespective of the distance. It is built with a 15 Amp motor that enables you to cut through the hardest materials. What’s more, the table comes with a vacuum port that is an added feature to the overall portfolio of features.






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