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Top 10 Best Diving Suits for Men & Women Reviews In 2024

If you’re into scuba diving, then you know how important it is to get the right gears in place. One such essential gear is the diving suits which are also known as the wetsuit. It is an excellent piece of wear that keeps you warm with great insulation. However, choosing the best diving suits can be a challenge as the market is filled with a wide range of models. This is where we come in to help you narrow down your search for the best diving suits to a mere ten. Read through our picks below and make sure you choose a diving suit that will best suit your diving needs.

Best Diving Suits Reviews

10. NeoSport Full Body Sports Diving Wetsuits

The NeoSport full-body diving suit is one of the best-selling brands out there with great features to keep you warm and safe. It is an excellent suit made of the luxurious and soft Lycra spandex. This suit will provide you with UV protection and used inside or around the water areas. It also keeps you safe from water irritants and insects. It dries pretty fast making it ideal for all-day use. Other excellent features include a long front zip for easy, natural fitting and foot stirrups to prevent it from riding up the legs.


  • Fast drying
  • Made of the luxurious and soft Lycra spandex
  • Long front zip for easy entry and exit
  • Comfortable and fits naturally

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9. Seavenger Odyssey 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit for Scuba Diving

The Seavenger diving suit is a premium quality choice with quality 3m neoprene materials to serve you for a long. It is a perfect fit for men and women of all sizes. The suit features anti-abrasion shoulder straps that not only make the suit durable but also comfortable. This also provides you with extra strength to handle the tough water conditions. Flat-Lock stitching helps prevent chafing making it all-day wear. Overall, this suit is quite flexible allowing you to move with ease on the armpit and knee regions.


  • Premium-quality neoprene materials
  • Ultra-flexible on the knees and armpit
  • Easy doffing and donning
  • Prevents chafing

8. Lemorecn Men’s Neoprene Full Body Diving Suits

The Lemorecn men’s diving suit is a multi-functional suit ideal for all types of water sports. You can use it when kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, or even swimming. It is a durable choice with flatlock seams and spot-tapped stress points to offer you a smooth interior feel. This suit is made of an athletic neoprene material that also feels comfortable. It delivers the ideal amount of warmth without sacrificing flexibility. It is easy to wear and remove using the durable YKK zippers.


  • Durable YKK zippers
  • Durable neoprene material
  • Versatile uses
  • Smooth interior finish

7. Lemorecn Wetsuits Adults Premium Neoprene Diving Suit

This is another durable 3mm neoprene diving suit with a great construction for long-lasting use. The suit features a smooth interior of flatlock seams and an exterior surface that ensures maximum comfort. It is quite flexible but still very warm giving you the right amount of protection and flexibility. This suit is quite versatile and can be worn at different water sports events. It features extra-long and easy-to-reach YKK zippers for easy entry and exit.


  • Smooth and comfortable interior
  • Durable 3mm neoprene material
  • Extra-long and easy-to-reach YKK zippers
  • Flexible yet warm

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6. O’Neill Men’s Reactor 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit

This is a single wetsuit from O’Neill’s brand and another great piece on our list. The suit gives a super neck seal ensuring you’re fully protected from any bad water irritants and organisms. It is an excellent suit with flatlock construction and strategic paddle zones for easy movement in the water. There is a further back zip for easy entry and exit saving you precious time. Overall, this is a highly-rated diving suit that you can order with confidence.


  • Strategic paddle zones
  • Super neck sealing
  • Back zip
  • Flatlock construction

5. Dark Lightening Wetsuit Men Full Suit

This is a long-sleeved men’s wetsuit made of 90 percent neoprene and 10 percent elastane nylon material. It is a thick suit that will not only keep you warm but also offer you maximum protection. The suit comes in two different thickness levels to suit different water conditions. You can choose from the 3/3mm and 5/4mm neoprene thickness depending on your needs. Other excellent features include flexible knee padding, anti-abrasion a gusted back zip. Overall, it is a quality blindstitched suit that will prevent see-through.


  • Blindstitched to prevent seeing-through
  • Extra-long and durable back zipper
  • Available in two different thickness
  • Flexible knee padding

4. NeoSports Men’s Premium Neoprene Waterman Wetsuit Jacket

This is a thick 7mm Neoprene water suit. It is an excellent choice at 7mm thickness giving you all the warmth you need and maximum protection. The suit gives a snug fit but still is not too tight to prevent easy movement in the water. It is an excellent suit with a long front zip that allows for easy entry and exit. This is a pretty durable wetsuit made of the durable Lycra spandex material. It is highly recommended, and you can order your size with confidence.


  • High-quality Lycra material
  • Durable front zip
  • Easy fit
  • Snug fit but not too tight

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3. Seavenger Navigator 3mm Shorty Wetsuit for Men and Women

Seavenger Diving suits are usually of great quality, and this Navigator 3mm will be a great fit for both men and women. It features a second neoprene material that holds to your body and feels like a second skin. The suit features flatlock stitching that helps prevent chafing. It is a long-lasting wetsuit with anti-abrasion shoulder straps to make you feel comfortable. Overall, this suit allows for easy donning and doffing with a number ten YKK zipper.


  • Ultra flexible
  • Premium quality materials
  • Super stretch armpit panels
  • Easy donning and doffing

2. Mountain Wetsuit Mens 3mm Camo Diving Wetsuits

The Mountain diving suit is a two-piece design that helps keep you warm when snorkeling and diving. It is an excellent choice when in the coldest water conditions.  The suits feature a thick 3mm neoprene material that offers maximum thermal protection. It is pretty easy to slip on and increase warmth. The combination of 80 percent neoprene and 20 percent nylon makes it waterproof and insulating. You also get a 40-day money-back guarantee so that you can order with confidence.


  • 3mm thick layer of neoprene
  • 20 percent nylon
  • 80 percent neoprene
  • Base layer for skin warmth and protection

1. NeoSport Wetsuits Men’s Premium Neoprene 5mm Full Suit

The 5mm thickness neoprene material brings our list of the best diving suits to an end. It is another great wetsuit to wear to any water sports activities.  The suits feature a durable neoprene material construction to offer warmth, insulation, and protection from irritants and other insects in the water. It is pretty easy to fit on with durable YKK zippers. The Velcro collar can also be adjusted for comfort.  The seams are sewed and glued to prevent water from entering your suit.


  • Soft and comfortable 5mm neoprene
  • Sewed and glued seams
  • Multi-sport suit
  • Easy on and off


Make sure you’re on the best protection possible when diving into waters using these amazing diving suits. These are the best wetsuits on the market currently for a wide range of water sports activities. They have excellent warmth and protection features keeping you safe and protected when in the water. Find more inflatable lounger air sofas






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