Top 10 Best Dustpans with Handle Reviews In 2024

Bending over to collect dirt and debris every time you sweep can be difficult. It is even worse when you’re a cleaner and have to sweep large areas. One might easily develop back pain and health complications due to constant bending. This is where dustpans come into play to help you pick up the debris without bending over. These pans usually have long handles that allow you to sweep the debris into the pan for easy collection.

In this post, we are going to review some of the leading dustpan reviews on the market. Some of the dustpans are sold together with the push brooms while others are sold without. Make sure you read our reviews of the ten best dustpans on the market before making any order.

Best Dustpans with Handle Reviews

10. Carlisle Upright Lobby Dustpan with Metal Handle

The Carlisle is one of the leading dustpans on the market with good reviews and recommendations. It is a plastic dustpan with a convenient flip-up style for easy collection of dirt and debris.  The dustpan features sectional handles that give you a reduction of up to 50 percent in the carton size. It easily locks into place during use and unlocks easily for faster emptying of the debris. Overall, it is an excellent pick with a hanging hole at the top for easy storage.


  • Handles feature a hanging hole at the top
  • Durable metal handle
  • Plastic material
  • Sectional handles

9. Carlisle 36141503 Duo-Pan Dustpan and Lobby Broom Combo

If you need both the dustpan and broom, then this is the best combo on the market currently. The package features a lobby broom with a Y clip and a duo plastic dustpan. The dustpan features a pivoting bucket that allows for hands-free use. This means you can collect and dispose of debris without using your hands. It is a versatile product that collects dirt on both hard and smooth surfaces.  Both the broom and dustpan feature separate handles for easy use with an overall length of 36 inches.


  • Duo plastic pan
  • Lobby broom with Y clip
  • Locking pivoting bucket for hands-free disposal
  • A two-piece handle on both the broom and dustpan

8. Dust Pan and Broom/Dustpan Cleans Broom Combo

This is another high-quality dustpan that comes with a quality broom. The broom features both soft and heavy-duty bristles for excellent sweeping without absorbing water. It is a top-quality dustpan that features a humanized design for easy dust collection. It easily locks in an open position and allows for faster emptying.  The dustpan features a teeth combo that further helps clean the broom bristles as you sweep dust inside the pan. Overall, these are sturdy products with the dustpan featuring a hole to hook the broom. The broom easily snaps into the broom for compact storage.


  • Compact storage as broom snaps to the dustpan
  • Soft and heavy-duty bristles on the broom
  • Easy emptying of the dustpan as it locks when in an open position
  • Durable construction

7. Rubbermaid Commercial Heavy Duty Stand-Up Debris Pan

This is an extra-large dustpan that allows an 18-inch broom to fit easily. It is an excellent choice for collecting huge chunks of debris and dust while standing. The dustpan is pretty huge for reducing the number of trips you have to make collecting dirt and emptying. It is heavily constructed and features a locking latch for safe lifting. You can load and empty loads of up to 25 pounds.  The handle of the dustpan is ergonomic and angled to reduce strain as you collect the dirt. Overall, this is an excellent debris pan with quality rear wheels.


  • Extra-large dustpan accommodating up to 18-inch brooms
  • Durable rear wheels for extended use
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Locking latch for secure lifting

6. AmazonBasics Black Lobby Dustpan, 6-Pack

This is an excellent six-pack dustpan from Amazon Basics. It is one of the leading brands on the market, and you will never go wrong ordering it. The dustpans feature a 13-inch lobby for efficient dust collection. The upright designs of these dustpans are coverless allowing you to collect dirt without bending. This is a value pack for restaurants, movie theaters, and hotels. It is a durable product that will not stain or pick any odors. This coupled with the one-year AmazonBasics limited warranty makes it a great buy.


  • 13-inches wide
  • A pack of six dustpans
  • They do not stain, discolor, or pick odors
  • Coverless upright design

5. Edward Tools Extra-Large Industrial Aluminum Dustpan

The Edward Tools is an extra-large aluminum metal dustpan measuring 17 inches wide. It is a perfect choice for collecting some of the heaviest cleanups. It is a lightweight dustpan that will not weigh you down. The edge of the dustpan is precise for an excellent collection of the smallest cleanups. The handle features a rubber grip for easy handling and storage by hanging. This coupled with the lifetime warranty makes this one of the best dustpans to buy this year.


  • Extra-large 17-inch wide aluminum dustpan
  • Ideal for the heaviest of cleanups
  • Sharp edges for easy collection of the finest materials
  • Rubber grip ergonomic handle

4. Windproof Broom and Dustpan set with handle

This is an upright handle dustpan and broom combo ideal for immediate use out of the box. Sweep right away and collect your cleanups in this heavy-duty PP plastic dustpan. It is an ergonomic dustpan perfectly sized for picking dust and pet hair. The included broom is 36 inches tall and features 3-inch flagged bristles for faster cleaning. The dustpan teeth help sweep away the dust in the bristles. Overall, this is a premium quality dustpan with a steel handle tube for durability and ease of use.


  • Upright storage that saves on space
  • 3-inch flagged bristles on the broom
  • Dustpan teeth for clearing all dust from the broom bristles
  • Stainless steel tube handle

3. GDORUN Broom and Dustpan Set

The GDORUN is a great combo of broom and dustpan. It is an excellent selection giving you both products at a great price. The handles of both the dustpan and broom can easily be extended and collapsed to suit different heights. The dustpan is large and collects a lot of cleans up saving you emptying trips. It features teeth that help clean all the dust from the broom bristles. Overall, this is a compact combo that locks in an open position for easy emptying.


  • Dustpan teeth to collect dust from bristles
  • Lock when in the open air for easy emptying
  • Lengthening handle that extends and collapses easily
  • Upright storage to save space

2. Broom and Dustpan 48-inch Long Handle Broom Set

This is a Broom and Dustpan combo featuring soft and safe bristles that are ideal for all floor types. Sweep right away out of the box and collect the debris in the dustpan. The dustpan features a pretty simple twist and lock handle that allows for an excellent collection of cleanups.  A vinyl coating on the dustpan and steel handle helps protect them from rust. The broom will easily snap into the dustpan for easy storage. Overall, this is a good choice broom for the busiest kitchens.


  • Broom snaps into dustpan to save storage space
  • Handle twists and locks with ease
  • Vinyl coating on the handle to prevent rusting
  • Soft and direct bristles

1. Dust Pan and Broom Combo Set/Standing Upright Dustpan

This is our last dustpan pick for the year, and it is an excellent combo of a broom and dustpan. It is a sturdy dustpan and broom that gets you sweeping and collecting the dirt right away. The dustpan features a heavy plastic construction for long-lasting use. A hook on the tip of the handle allows for easy storage by hanging. It is a great choice with a humanized design that opens in position to allow for easy emptying. Overall, this is a great choice with good reviews and one that you can order with confidence.


  • Compact for easy storage
  • Humanized design
  • Soft angle bristles
  • Long handed broom


If you have trouble bending to collect cleanups, then it is time you bought one of these amazing dustpans. These are the best dustpans on the market currently with a wide range of features. Make sure you read our reviews before choosing one to get the best deal out there. Click here to read more about the trash cans.






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