Top 10 Best Haier mini fridges in 2021 Reviews

Introduction: A mini fridge is actually one of the best ways keep your food for storage within less amount of space. Fridges usually take a lot of space in the home and occupy more place. A mini fridge is a solution to this problem and built with a capacity of 5.5 cubic feet in which you can store drinks and snacks.

These are portable designs which you can take during the time of travel and allows the user to store all kinds of food that they need for the journey. If you took a decision to purchase a mini fridge, you must keep in mind about the items you are going to store in it and capacity of the fridge. It is a confusing task to select one from hundreds of models available in the current marketplace.

Here Are The Top 10 Best Haier Mini Fridges in 2021

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10. Haier Refrigerator/Freezer


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The Haier Refridgerator is a 3.2 liters capacity freezer featuring two full-width glass shelves, adjustable leveling legs best design and adjustable temperature levels. You can easily set up this mini fridge in a small place and the adjustable leveling legs offer you an easy way to place this fridge. It consists of temperature control with seven different settings that can modify the temperatures levels from 0 to 7 degrees.


  • Available colors: black.
  • Designed with two full-width interior wire shelves.
  • The two-door storage shelves allow the user to store more items.
  • Built-in adjustable thermostat.
  • Designed with adjustable leveling legs.

9. Haier Feet Refrigerator/Freezer


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Haier feet refrigerator is a 1.7 cubic capacity freezer that can hold 2 liters storage bottles. The full-width wire shelf can be used to store the food items. With flat back design and adjustable leveling legs, the user can quickly position the freezer in the suitable space. It comes with manual defrost and an adjustable thermostat that gives the user an option to adjust the temperature.


  • Consists of the half-width freezer compartment.
  • Designed with full-width wire shelf that can be taken out
  • The recessed door handle is easy to handle.
  • Space saving design saves your precious space.
  • Manual defrost for automatic thermal adjustment.

8. Danby Refrigerator

Danby-DAR026A1BDD-3-Designer-Refrigerator-2-6-Cubic Haier mini fridges

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Dandy freezer is actually a gift for those who are looking for a mini fridge that fits in small storage space but has the good holding capacity. The capacity is 2.6 cu ft and its just a 2 feet tiny freezer with fantastic technology. The second generation castor beverage dispenser is what we like in this freezer because it works perfectly for user’s needs. The scratch resistance and tall bottle storage technology protects this freezer from scratches and allows the user to store big bottles.

  • Designed with 2.6 cu ft capacity.
  • Comes with 8 can door storage.
  • Designed with the scratch-resistant exterior.
  • Interior consists of tall bottle storage.

7. RCA refrigerator


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Here is one of the best mini freezers which come in the seventh position on our list. The Igloo refrigerator and freeze is the perfect combination of style and technology. With the 3.2 Cu capacity, it accommodates good storage place and the design suits for any small place in your home or office. The two interior racks are adjustable based on your storage needs and the beverage holders offer extra storage option. The reversible door saves your time and sleek design adds decoration to your place. The optimum temperature to minimum temperature levels can be adjusted by the thermostat.

  • Designed as 3.2 Cu Ft capacity freezer.
  • Compressor cooler
  • Designed as both refrigerator and freezer.
  • Comes with a space-saving flashback.
  • Adjustable level feet gives user convenience to place it easily.
  • A reversible door opening.

6. Haier Refrigerator

Haier-HNSE04BB-Cubic-Refrigerator-Freezer Haier Mini Fridges

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Haier refrigerator is a 4.0 cubit fit which is meant to be a medium sized mini fridge. It is suitable for the users who want more storage space. Th half freezer, full width, and two half-width door shelves can store two-liter bottles, tall bottles and many other things. The sleek black finish is a compatible design to save your place. It is designed with full-width interior glass shelves for good storage space.

  • Luxurious design.
  • Designed with half-width freezer compartment.
  • Comes with ice cube tray.
  • Two-liter capacity fridge.
  • Consists of dispense can storage.
  • Can store up to six cans.
  • Designed with three full-width interior glass shelves.

5. Haier Refrigerator


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ON the fifth position of our list is Haier 3.3 Cu freezer that has many unique features and versatile design. It comes with two interior glass shelves and has good storage capacity. It is easy to organize this freezer and have a variety of door bins. Yo never have to worry about your space in your dorm rooms and office rooms cause it is specially designed to fit in tiny places. read more about this freezer:

  • Designed with good door storage in which you can store 2-liter bottles.
  • Designed as 33 cup capacity freezer.
  • Perfectly suits for small storage areas.
  • Can store wide ranges of items.

4. Compact Design Refrigerator


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This Haier freezer is a 2.7 cubic capacity freezer designed with many special features like space saving compactable and spacious interior. The black compact freezer is ideal for any place and can serve all the needs even its a mini refrigerator. It has a lot of space inside which have full-width freezer compartment with the set of ice cube tray and wire shelves.

  • Can store 2 liters bottles.
  • Comes with two full-width shelves.
  • Designed with the thermostat.
  • Have good storage capacity.

3. Haier 1.7-Cu. ft. Refrigerator


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Haier 1.7 cu ft freezer is built with 2-liter bottle capacity and ideal for those users with a smaller place. It is very easy to maintain and it looks very stylish as the exterior is made up of dynamic design. It is very easy to maintain and comes with compressor cooling. It is one of the perform dorm refrigerator equipped with sufficient qualities for any user. It gives the user the best performance and also allow him to adjust the whole setup of the freezer.


  • Designed as dorm refrigerator.
  • 1.7cu ft. refrigerator
  • Built in half width freezer compartment.

2. Haier Refrigerator


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If you are in search of a tiny fridge with good capacity, then this one is just for you. The 1.7 cubic foot refrigerator is a perfect model that fit in any small place according to the convenience of the user. It comes with one full-width wire shelf and door storage in which you can place all your items up to two-liter bottle capacity. It can mold itself based on the needs of the user and you can purchase it for your home, traveling and office needs.


  • Designed as 1.7 cu ft compact freezer.
  • Comes with full-width shelf.
  • 2-liter bottle capacity.

1. Haier Refrigerator

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Haier refrigerator is our first choice on this list and took this pace because of its outstanding features. With 3.2 Cu Ft capacity, it completely takes the mini fridge experience to the whole next level. It is designed with two doors, 2-liter storage, LEB interior lighting for clear visuals and many other best qualities. It can be your best one if you are looking for a stylish looking and high-quality mini fridge. if you Here are more details about this product:

  • Designed with 3.2 Cu Ft capacity.
  • Consists of two doors.
  • Designed with full-width glass shelves.
  • Duilt in led lighting.
  • Designed with variable temperature control.
  • Available colors: Black

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