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Top 10 Best Ikea Loft Beds in 2024 Reviews

Loft beds are a great invention in this world as they are extremely stylish and space-saving. They prove to be the perfect solution when your guests arrive suddenly and also provide you with the utmost comfort while sleeping. However, out of all the products available in the market, the loft beds manufactured by IKEA are considered to be one of the best. Supreme quality and superior finish, the loft beds of IKEA offer a desktop, wardrobe section, shelves as well as a ladder to climb to the bed.

But each IKEA loft bed differs in features and to meet your needs without any hassle. Hence, we have listed down the best IKEA loft beds that are available in the market and jotted the features so that you can come to an appropriate decision.

Here Are The 10 Best Choice Ikea Loft Beds For You

10. IKEA Twin Size Loft bed with 3 drawers

With an acrylic paint ladder on the right that will directly lead to the bed, the frame of the loft bed is sturdy and made of excellent quality. It comes with three drawers that have galvanized steel doors and a polypropylene shelf. Under the bed, you get a desk for placing your essentials and it is also a bed base. Being made of excellent materials, it will serve the users for a long time.


  • Supporting rails are coated with acrylic paint.
  • Upper bed not recommended for children under 6 years.

9. Ikea Twin Size Loft bed with 1 drawer/2 doors, loft bed with desk

This product not only comes with an upper bed but also a wardrobe, a desk to place your essentials, and an open shelf. Plus, it comes with a ladder that has anti-slip groves which minimize the risk of slipping and falling. Also, you can easily manage your sockets and cords as there is a cable outlet for hassle-free placement and it will be also within close reach of your hand.

  • For a standing desk, attach 2 ADIL legs.
  • Hassle-free socket or cord management as it has a cable outlet.
  • Have clothes rails.

8. IKEA Full/Double Size Loft bed frame

An excellent bed frame that has a modern outlook, this IKEA product will take your kids on a fun adventure. Fully constructed of solid wood, it guarantees durability and has a warm natural material. Be it the left side or the right side, the best feature of this frame is that you can attach the ladder on any side. You can also utilize the free space under the bed as per your will.

  • The bed base slats are made of solid pine.
  • The ladder can be mounted on any side of the bed.

7. IKEA Twin Size Loft bed frame with desktop

The silver beauty is what you need if you want to obtain multiple benefits out of a loft bed frame. Coming with a desktop just under the bed, it also has a ladder that helps you to climb up to the bed. Further, the bed frame is made of steel and has a polyester powder coating. The strong guard rails reduce the risk of sudden accidents.

  • Having guard rails for providing utmost safety.
  • A desktop for keeping essentials.

6. IKEA Loft bed combo w 2 shlvs/3 shlvs

Being a renowned brand in the market, IKEA exactly knows the needs of the customer. This model comes with two loft beds that help to accommodate guests during times of emergencies. It has a ladder in the center that helps one to climb up to the upper bed. Furthermore, the guard rails surrounding the upper bed assure the safety of your child.

  • Comes with two loft beds, one on top of the other.
  • The ladder is placed at the center.
  • Space-saving design and can be used during emergencies.

5. IKEA Twin Size Loft bed with 2 shelves/2 doors

Another IKEA bed that renders excellence, this is a versatile piece that can serve you as a bed, open shelf, and also has a wardrobe to store all your belongings. Even if the assembly is done in a perpendicular or parallel way, one gets full access to the wardrobe from both sides. Also, the ladder has anti-slip groves and the cable outlet makes cord management easy.


  • No more slipping from the ladder as it has anti-slip grooves.
  • Have open shelves and even a cable outlet.

4. IKEA Twin Size Loft bed with 3 drawers/2 doors

An amazing creation, this twin-sized bed will meet all your demands. High-quality materials such as ABS plastic, fibreboard, solid beech or birch, etc are used to build this sturdy bed. Moreover, it has epoxy or polyester powder coating and also uses acrylic paint. Apart from an upper bed, it has three drawers, a wardrobe, and even a ladder to climb up to the loft bed.

  • Enough space and compartments.
  • Durable and long-lasting.

3. IKEA Reversible bed

This IKEA bed is the unique cause of its reversible feature. One can use it as both a low bed as well as a high bed, you just need to turn it upside down and it will convert from a low bed to a high bed or vice versa. It has a slatted bed base, and solid pine panel and also makes use of acrylic paint. And for cleaning it, just wipe with a cloth and use a mild soapy solution.

  • A reversible bed can be used both as low or high beds.
  • Wipe it with a clean cloth and a mild soapy solution.

2. Ikea Twin Size Loft bed with 4 drawers/2 doors

With four drawers and an open shelf unit, the IKEA bed frame also offers you a wardrobe for storing every important thing. Moreover, to eliminate the risk of slipping, the ladder is specially designed with anti-slip grooves. Next, the cable outlet smoothly keeps all the cords or sockets hidden from anyone’s sight.

  • A clean and neat look at the cable outlet is situated in the back.
  • Comes with anti-slip grooves.
  • Have four drawers and also two doors.

1. IKEA Twin Size Loft bed with 3 drawers/2 doors

The IKEA Twin Size Loft Bed stands at the top of our list for all the right reasons. It is the best one that you can choose for your child’s room. Suitable for children above six years old, this loft bed with drawers has been manufactured from the best quality products. Thus, it is highly durable and serves your child for a long time.

  • Manufactured from the best quality materials, thus providing the loft bed with unparalleled durability.
  • Can be cleaned easily with a dry cloth.

IKEA loft beds are what you need during your time of emergency. Undoubtedly, it is cozy and a perfect alternative for your beds.






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