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Top 10 Best Impact Wrenches in 2024 Reviews

Not long ago, you could hardly find a homeowner who owned an impact wrench. That was a luxury that only the professionals got to enjoy. The only place one could see it was in a garage. As they watched it for what it does best, they realized its worth. The mechanics endured neither skinned knuckles nor sweat.

How could they with the simplicity as well as the power that the impact wrench possess? Using the tool, they would just squeeze a trigger. Consequently, the action could remove the lug nuts in a flash of the moment.

Presently, the ‘gospel’ has reached many people. No one wants to exhaust him/herself struggling with the tire iron. Whether a DYI or a profession, this is the right tool to simplify what you do. You have an option to secure a cordless impact wrench. It is not only convenient when it comes to use but also regarding storage.

How to choose the Best Impact Wrenches:

The following are guidelines that will assist you in selecting the best impact wrenches:

  • Type: The types are several. They include wired electrical, compressed air, and battery-operated impact wrenches. The names are regarding what powers the tool. Depending on the resource that you can afford or prefer, you can choose between the three efficiently.
  • Impact Per Minutes (IPM): The higher, the
  • Rotations per Minute (RPM): The value should be as high as possible.
  • Torque: This is what influences a change in an object’s rotational movement. Settle for an impact wrench that has the value high.
  • Weight: Ensure that you settle for one that is lightweight. That way, you will use it for a long and carry it after that comfortably.

10. Kawasaki 841426 1/2-Inch Impact 7.5-Amp Wrench

This automated impact wrench uses an input power of 7.5A, a frequency of 60 Hertz, and a voltage of 120 volts. It possesses a gearbox that ensures the durability of the impact wrench. The forward/reverse switch is isolated from the other parts to keep it safe from any destruction. This impact wrench uses no batteries to function making it less expensive and lightweight for you to purchase and use. The manufacturer has made the product using high-quality standards making the impact wrench efficient in all its doings.

Key features

  • The gearbox that ensures its durability
  • Input power is 7.5A, frequency of 60 Hz, and 120 volts voltage
  • The high torque of 220 feet
  • Dimensions are 5.1 by 10.4 by 14.2 inches

9. Milwaukee 2763-20 M18 Fuel 1/2-Inch High Torque Impact Wrench with Friction Ring (Bare Tool)

This impact wrench is one lithium-ion battery controlled. It gets its power from the battery. The performance is extraordinary since it allows a high torque of 700 ft.-lbs while fastening the nuts and a maximum nut-busting torque of 1100 ft.-lbs. This impact wrench is made of high intelligence because the motor is brushless and is open to choosing between two fastening modes using a drive control feature. It also has a switch which you can control the speed, and it is not open to friction which may cause wear and tear.

Key features

  • Brushless power state motor
  • Two different modes of fastening nuts
  • One lithium-ion battery to operate
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Friction ring

8. Ryobi P261 18 Volt One+ 3-Speed 1/2 Inch Cordless Impact Wrench w/ 300 Foot Pounds of Torque and 3,200 IPM

This is a heavy-duty impact wrench that is mostly used in construction to install bolts into the woodwork and remove destroyed nuts. The three-speed selector makes things even easier since you can adjust impacts every minute from 0 up to 3200. Weather conditions are no big deal since it has a rubber over grip which eases your work even in slippery conditions. The LED lighting is built-in so that you can work even when it is dark. The gear’s material is high tech hence it is durable.  In addition to all that it is easy to use and very affordable.

Key features

  • Battery-powered
  • Three-speed-selector which runs from 0 to 3200.
  • LED lighting
  • Attached rubber over the grip

7. AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench, Black

This is a twin hammer which is the hardest impact wrench available in the market. Its performance is up to 1295 ft-lb torque and 1400 blows for every single minute. This impact wrench is black and lightweight for easy portability. The Aircat handle makes it very easy to use and to handle. Having the exhaust system makes this brand of impact wrenches to be unique and reduces power loss.  This impact wrench has a maximum torque and losing torque of 900 ft-lb and 1295 ft-lb respectively.

Key features

  • 1400 blows per minute
  • 900 ft-lb for max torque and 1295 ft-lb for the loosening torque
  • 15% larger rotor which produces different power
  • The tech is about 86 dBa

6. Craftsman 1/2in. Impact Wrench 9-16882

This is an impact wrench with an air inlet size and has an operating pressure of up to 90 psi. It is made of composite and is available in both black and red color. The maximum output of the product is up to 400 ft-lb which eases its use. It has an assembled height of 7.5 inches. This model of impact wrenches is very price-friendly and readily available for all to purchase.

Key features

  • Dimensions are three by 8.4 by 8 inches
  • Maximum output of 400 ft-lb
  • Housing material is composite
  • Operating pressure of 90 psi

5. Air Impact Wrench – Twin Hammer 1/2″ Impact Driver w/ Composite Body and Comfort Grip (Campbell Hausfeld TL140200AV)

This is an impact wrench that is made mostly for generalized operations in your construction work. It uses a twin hammer style that helps to deliver a maximum torque of 550 ft-lb with fewer cases of vibration. With this product, you reduce fatigue since its grip is soft and comfortable. This impact wrench eases your work and saves you time.

Key features

  • Works best only when paired with the appropriate Campbell Hausfeld air compressor
  • The 3-speed regulator
  • Durable composite material
  • Lightweight
  • It can either combine with a Campbell Hausfeld air compressor or an air hose

4. Porter-Cable PCE211 7.5 Amp 1/2″ Impact Wrench

This is an impact wrench that holds a hog ring anvil which eases changing of the socket. The motor has a power of 7.5 Amp which allows the impact wrench to make all the heavy-duty applications. It has a maximum torque of 450 ft-lb for both installing and removing heavy nuts and bolts. The product also provides a forward/ reverse switch. 2700 BPM and 2200 RPM offer the fast speed.

Key features

  • A ring anvil
  • Motor with a 7.5 Amp
  • Maximum torque of up to 450 ft-lb
  • 2200 RPM and 2700 BPM
  • Forward/ reverse switch

3. Ingersoll Rand 231C Super-Duty Air Impact Wrench, 1/2 Inch

This is a power-operated impact wrench that has an adjustable power regulator which can adjust power depending on the type of work done. It has a pressure-feed lubrication system that automatically gets the impact mechanism greased. The handle is awesomely made hence using the impact wrench is very comfortable and easy to use. It has a hose torque rating between 25 ft-lbs up to 350 ft.-lbs which is made all possible due to the twin-hammer mechanism.

Key features

  • Adjustable power regulator
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy to use
  • Classic design
  • Having a two-piece construction service is easy
  • The twin-hammer mechanism has a torque of up to 600 ft-lbs
  • Dimensions are 3.4 by 8.2 by 8.8 inches

2. DEWALT Bare-Tool DC820B 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Wrench (Tool Only, No Battery)

This brand of impact wrench is compact when it comes to its size hence easy access to all areas, reduces fatigue, and ensures that the user is very comfortable. The product is cordless with a voltage of 18 volts. It comes with a maximum of 800 accessories such as drills, screwdrivers, shears, and others. The excellent ergonomics ensure that the impact wrench is durable and performs best. This product also has a great motor; magnesium-made gear case and replaceable brushes which ensures that you receive great services. It has a high torque which ensures its workability.

Key features

  • Frameless motor
  • The high torque of up to 1740 lbs
  • The 2400 RPM and 2700 IPM
  • Replaceable brushes

1. DEWALT DCF899HB 20V MAX XR Brushless High Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil

This is an impact wrench that adopts the heavy-duty mechanism by having a maximum torque of up to 700 ft.-lbs. It also has a unique switch that allows the user to select among different speeds. Dimly lit places are no bother since the product has an LED light that provides the needed light. It is resistant to both grease and chemicals making it a perfect choice for an impact wrench.

Key features

  • Ability to take control over a drop of 6ft.
  • LED light
  • Maximum torque is 700 ft.-lbs and a breakaway torque of 1200 ft.-lbs
  • The motor is brushless
  • Has a 3-speed switch
  • The hog ring makes changing the socket more comfortable for all users.


The impact wrench is a must-have beyond any reasonable doubt. That is regardless of whether you will use it in your workplace, or home and keep it in your car truck. How then will you remove or tighten screws as well as bolts? Do not forget how easy and efficient the exercise will be. The safety measures will see to it that injury occurrence is minimal if not none at all. This tool is not only powerful but also pathetic. It will save you both energy and time no doubt.






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