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Top 14 Best Whole Body Massage Chairs in 2024

Are you looking for a whole-body massage chair? We are fully aware that getting a massage costs a lot of money and consumes much time. Yet, believe it or not, getting a deep, relaxing massage is easier than you think. Here is the list of the Top 14 Best Massage Chairs that will give you a superb whole-body massage experience that you never get before. With the features of each massage chair highlighted below, we hope that you can get the right whole-body massage chair for yourself.

Best Whole Body Massage Chairs in 2024

14. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Best Massage Chairs

The very first whole-body massage chair you are going to hear from us today goes to the superb product which is known as the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair. The very first great feature of this human touch massage chair is the fact that it is well attached with up to 4 airbags. These massage chairs are the experts in giving a nice and superb massage on many parts of your body.

Adding to the feature of the massage chair mentioned, with massage points up to 8, we can guarantee that you get comfort from head to toe. On top of that, this product is well known to improve blood flow as well as relieve muscle pain at the same time. Please note that the time limit of this product is 30 minutes.

13. Osaki OS4000TA Zero Gravity Best Massage Chairs

This is the Osaki best massage chair which is called Osaki OS4000TA. This whole-body chair massage adopts the new air massage technology; therefore, it can offer a superb massage experience to many parts of your body in unison. Adding to that, with the wireless controller, you can conveniently have full control over the features given. It can completely replace the human massage experience.

On top of that, the chair massage styles that Osaki OS4000TA are up to 6 so you can choose the right one for yourself to enjoy. Plus, the speeds and levels of intensity are up to 5 as well. For your information, we wish to remind you that you can lift and stretch the calf rest of this chair without any concern.

12. Fully Assembled Shiatsu Best Massage Chair and Comfort

The next portable massage chair that we wish to introduce to you today goes to the great product that receives many awesome reviews on the great features that it offers. For the convenience of the user, this Long Rail Shiatsu Massage Chair is already fully assembled. Therefore, no more assembly process is needed. Moreover, unlike any other massage chair product, this one is creatively designed with a special sound effect.

We can assure you that you will have a whole new experience in receiving a great massage while listening to the music at the same time. Lastly, we would like to remind you that you can control this chair with the control button at the armrest with ease.

11. Mr Direct Electric Massage Chair or Full Body Massage Chairs

Mr Direct Electric is the next top-rated full-body massage chair on the list. The massage points, which are designed with this chair, are up to 8; so we can guarantee that you will have great comfort from head to toe. Besides this, with the 35 airbags, many parts of your body ranging from shoulder, arms, legs, and more will get nice and gentle massage motions. Last but not least, we are glad to remind you that if you choose this zero-gravity chair, both mental and physical comfort are affirmed.

10. Kahuna Superior Massage Chairs, The Massage Chair For Old and Young People

The Kahuna Superior Massage chair is the next product that we wish to recommend. We would like to remind you that this relaxing massage chair is built-in with up to 5 programs to assist you in selecting the one that suits you the most. Furthermore, the different massage styles such as tapping, kneading, knocking, and more are known for promoting blood circulation and relieving pain.

On top of the features mentioned, choosing this product will give you the sense of having a personal massage at home. Wait no more; for the nice and superb comfort; getting this massage chair for yourself is the wise choice.

9. Esright Massage Recliner Massage Chairs with Comfort Design

We are happy to highlight the features of the massage chair which is called Esright Massage Recliner. First of all, this awesome product is well-produced from high-quality PU leather. Hence, we bet that long-lasting quality is guaranteed. Moreover, to add comfort for the users, the thick sponge is attached to the back and the armrest as well.

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On top of the features mentioned, this product is well-designed with cup holders; therefore, we can freely place your drink or beverage by your side. Finally, we are glad to remind you that the modes and the intensity offered are 5 and 2 respectively, so choosing one for yourself is quite convenient.

8. Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chairs with Flexible Back to Lay on

This Luxury Shiatsu Massage Chair is a modern product, that receives the rating as the second to the best in our today’s list. We would like to remind you that you can have full control over the speed, mode, and intensity of this product. More than this, built-in heat therapy, can help to relieve the pain in the muscles and many other parts of the body.

Adding to that, as this product is the zero gravity massage chair, both mental and physical relaxation are offered. For eliminating the whole day stress from work, getting this nice chair in the house is the smart choice.

7. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Brown Massage Chair

As we always keep the best to the last, we are happy to introduce to you the top product on the list. First of all, this portable massage chair is the expert in giving massage to your whole body in unison. As a great result, it is well known for the fact that it increases the mobility and flexibility in many parts of the body.

More than this, as this product adopts the new innovative technology, up to 30 airbags are attached to this chair. Last but not least, the good news is, the company of this product is willing to offer a 1-year warranty to the valuable customers.

6. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Let’s get your body massage done right with Shiatsu! A 60% radius increase will make sure that you can feel the ultimate relaxation from head to toe. Coming with various massage methods, you can choose from “relax, extend, recover, or refresh” to fulfill your desire. Moreover, this chair is also equipped with an OPTO sensor device, which gives you a special shoulder massage based on different shoulder positions.

Roller scraping will deliver a great massage to your foot that can improve your blood circulation, immunity, and fresh feeling, not to mention a heater on your waist that will deal with backache, and stomach cold.

5. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

Sit back and let Esright do the job! Not a portable massage chair you can expect, but this one is designed for something greater. There are 3 main features to treat your body well: “reclining, heating, massaging, and vibrating” accompanied by 360 degrees and 150 degrees recline features for your desired position. With 2 cup holders and 4 storage bags on the sides, you can enjoy your favorite drink while having a great massage.

The whole chair is filled with durable PU leather and an extra thick sponge on both the armrest and the backrest for extra comfort. It also comes with a remote control that has 5 different modes, and 2 intensity levels on top of the above-mentioned main features.

4. ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Another Shiatsu product to be considered! The programmer has included 4 humanized massage functions such as kneading, spinal rolling, shiatsu, and vibrating with a special time controller on it. So, you can set the duration to 5 minutes or the maximum 30-minute uninterrupted massage. There is also an automatic mode that allows you to get mixed-up massaging methods.

Besides giving you a massage, it also has heat therapy at the backrest to deal with sore muscles on your back. Therapeutic airbags, 6 simulating kneading balls, and 3 true zero gravity can all be found on this chair, and with these materials and technologies, you know what kind of massage chair you will have from Shiatsu.

3. Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Shiatsu products just keep coming for more! A little upgrade on this product for better flexibility, the producer has attached compression and percussion to this chair. The power rollers are best to use against sore muscles, fatigue, and a stressful mind. 30 airbags built-in with a heat-intelligent roller system at the backrest for flexible massage from shoulder to your hips.

Last but not least, the neck massage feature will detect the “tsubo points” on your neck and soften the pain in your upper body, especially the head. 1-year warranty from the Shiatsu brand for purchasing this amazing massage chair.

2. Real Relax Massage Chair Recliner

With this #1 best-selling product on our list, you know we are serious about product selection. 4 different massage methods can be found on this incredible massage chair as well as pulse-type airbag extrusion massage and foot roller scratching for a real massage experience. There is an added zero-gravity surround space capsule into the seat along with 8 massage points at the back of the seat for greater effect.

You can also feel the greater support on your whole body from 50 airbags as well. Another standout point of this chair is the waist heater which will eventually improve your metabolism and blood circulation. 3-year warranty from the company for any problem that will occur.

1. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

We finally get to see who is the number 1 spot on this list. This has to be the best massage chair you have ever seen so far. First off, the L-track system will initially run through your whole body first before giving you the right massage based on your boning structure. The Air massage technology has been programmed with 6 different auto programs like dual foot rollers, and special yoga stretching programs to work on every part of your body. It also adds heating therapy to improve your blood circulation as well.

Three-level zero gravity, double-layer shoulder airbags along with extra foot padding, you can already feel how comfortable it is by just knowing the materials they have used on this massage chair. This is a highly recommended massage chair in 2024 with enormous positive reviews from users. And, Great offer from Kahuna brand with a 3-year warranty.


With these top 10 products that we have introduced, we bet you will find a suitable product for your own needs. What are you waiting for? Make the order right now to allow yourself to experience the professional massage in the comfort of your own home or workplace. We bet it would ease your muscle discomfort from the long tiring days.






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