Supermarkets shelves are piled up with different models and brands of nail polish. So, when it comes to buying some of the shelves, it can be a confusing decision to make. But, did you know that some of the very best nail polish can be found and are available for purchase online? Let’s find out what those picks are here in our article of the top 10 best nail polish of the year.


10. OPI Nutcracker Collection Nail Polish

OPI Nutcracker Collection Nail Polish, Advent Calendar Mini 25 Pack, 3.125 Fl Oz- TOP 10 TOP 10 BEST NAIL POLISH IN 2020 REVIEWS

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The very first item in the list is this awesome OPI nail polish collection which is loved by all the girls. This well-reviewed nail polish set comes in a kit of everything you need for achieving the perfect nail. Each color in this 25 pack has different shades and colors that promise to go well in all occasions. The colors range from light to rich to moody colors. When wearing this fancy nail polish, it will make you feel like a princess in Disney movie.
All colors are beautiful on the hands. Each bottle is of 8.75 ml. Without the use of the chemical component like the cheap products do, it is very safe for your health and hand. Also noted that this collection nail polish, when painted on the nails, can last up to 7 days. The size of this kit is 6.6 x 1 x 6.8 inches.

9. ILNP Juliette Holographic

ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish, Rose Gold

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This collection nail polishs from ILNP Julliette comes with a variety of colors and shades. With this lovely set, you will surely get the sparkling and glossy fingernails all the time. One of the lovable features of these nail polishs is it is very durable and the colors are long-lasting; however, it allows you to remove it in less time and with little effort.

Juliette is also known to be every girl’s best friend due to its quality. It is very safe for the users, as it is free from the hazardous chemical materials. If you choose this product, you will get both beauty and peace of mind. If one color fails to satisfy you, then you can also choose to mix between two colors. With the great balance of each component, we bet that you will always have a great nail. Last but indeed not the least, you will fall in love with its premium quality from the first use.

8. Sexy Mix Gel Set

Sexy Mix Gel Nail Polish Set, Nude Pink Glitter Colors Series Soak Off UV LED Gel Polish Kit Gift Box 6 Tiny Bottles 0.24 OZ

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Ladies, it is about time to invest in high-quality nail polish. This product is well known as the Sexy Mix Gel Nail Polish Set that comes with a series of beautiful colors. The full package of this glitter gel phantom consists of 6 small bottles which are perfectly packed in the lovely gift box. It is also the perfect choice for using in the modern salon and home use.

It is the ideal choice for a pink lover as this box comes with everything you love. The set of it is good for all occasions such as traveling, working, dating and more. On top of having the superb quality, the application process of it is very convenient and easy too. It dries fast; therefore, you can add more layer on it with ease. Sexy Mix, an eco-friendly product, only uses the healthy ingredients for producing it.

7. Soak Off UV Led Gel

20 PCS Soak Off UV Led Gel Nail Polish Plain Range - 18 Color Coat n No Wipe Base and Top Coat Starter Gel Nail Kit F997

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Who says one bottle of nail polish is enough? Ladies need to own all the nice polish color in the world for their nail. This is another much-loved collection from Lavender Violets. First off, this polish starter kit offers you the choices in choosing the colors you want. There are up to 20 bottles of gel nail polishes provided. Among that, you will get up to 18 shades of color. Each color has its own uniqueness; therefore, you will sure to get the glossy nail at the end.

With this one, we bet that you wish to have your favorite color staying on your nails for a long time; that’s why this high-quality pigment will stay up to 14 days. This is a great way to save your time in redoing and polishing the nail. Next, more than just caring about the human’s health, this product also cares about the environment too. This product is suitable for everyone.

6. Modelones Gel Set
Modelones Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish Set - 6 Color Collection Cat Eyes Color Changing Glitter Gel Phantom Chameleon and Black Gel 0.33 OZ

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Modelones is ready to wow you with its great features and the superb quality. First of all, this holographic nail polish set needs to be soaked off under the UV LED. If you order this product, you will sure to get up to 6 different bottles that carry lovely color shades. With this incredible set, you will surely get the perfect nail for yourself for a daily look as well as on the special occasion.

It chooses to use the healthy ingredients; therefore, the quality of it will last for a long time. As it produces a low smell, it is extremely safe for the users. Another attractive feature that is sure to catch your attention is its color changing feature. If you decide to get this for yourself, we are sure that you will enjoy having the great nail with the mirror shine look.

5. BONTIME Non-Toxic
BONTIME Non-Toxic Nail Polish - Easy Peel Off & Quick Dry Water Based Nail Polish Set for Women,Teens,Kids(6 Colors,0.27 fl oz)

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A good nail day inspires you to perform your task better. This is another awesome product from the trustable brand BONTIME. BONTIME Non-Toxic Nail Polish is a user-friendly product that allows you to apply and remove it without any problem. With the new innovative technology of it, it dries in just 90 seconds; therefore, you can easily add more layers on it in a blink.

The use of UV light is not required in this product. Once you wish to change the color, you can effortlessly peel it off. Without the use of the polish removal product, you will find it very convenient to change from one color to another. Since some nail polishes use many chemical solvents, the risk is very high. This product takes the step ahead by guaranteeing that it is free from those harmful components.

4. Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set
Modelones Gel Nail Polish Set - 8 tiny bottles, Soak Off Gel Polish, Required UV LED Nail Light Lamp, 0.24 OZ

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Modelones Gel Nail Polishes Set includes up to 8 bottles in this set, which means there are up to 8 color shades for you to choose. The bottles are small and lovely, so it is highly recommended for taking along with you. You will get both the combination of great colors and high-quality product. After applying it, the color will last for 2 weeks without any problem.

For your information, if you wish to get a great result, it is recommended to follow the steps and its maximum layer for getting the perfect result. Such a great box of color is good for all special occasions such as wedding, dating, and traveling.

3. Saint-Acior 10 Colors Gel Polish Starter Kit

Saint-Acior 10 Colors Gel Polish Starter Kit 36W LED UV Nail Dryer Curing Lamp Manicure Nail Tool

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The safe and chemical-free formula for producing this product sure will amaze you. Saint-Acior introduces to you the gel polish starter kit for every girl. There are up to 10 colors in this package, while each color is perfect for different personality and mood. This high-quality polish set comes with 10 awesome colors, a nail dryer, and nail manicure tools.

With just this incredible kit, you will surely have good nails every day. The LED lamp attached to this device is very convenient to use and it is applicable for all types of gel nail polishes. It is the perfect choice for using in the big salon and home. If you follow each step properly, this polish will last up to 2 weeks. On top of keeping the color, when applied, the polish is glossy like a mirror too.

2. Gellen Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit with 24W LED lamp Base Top Coat, Manicure Tools Popular Nail Art Designs

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This package comes with everything you need for getting nice and gorgeous nails. Gellen Gel Nail Polish is built-in with the LED lamp which is very necessary for the gel base application. The box of it has up to 32 pieces of nail accessories. With this product, we bet that you will have a great time curing and polishing the nail by yourself.

It is also very safe to use as well since all the materials are carefully chosen. Instead of causing any harm to your health, it produces little smell. The effectiveness of this nail gel nail polish can last up to 2 weeks without any problem. We dare to ensure you that you will fall in love with just when you start using it. Finally.  Also, this popular set is perfect for creative and fun DIY nail style.

1. Kleancolor Nail Polish

Kleancolor Nail Polish - Awesome Metallic Full Size Lacquer Lot of 12-pc Set Body Care - Beauty Care -Bodycare

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Topping the list, it is the lovely Kleancolor Nail Polish. This is a superb nail polish kit that promises to offer you everything you need for your nail pamper time. The set of this polish starter kit contains 12 bottles. All the colors in this set are bright and vibrant ones. Some come in metallic colors.

Customers love them for they look thick even with just one coat when applied. They are also of good coverage and dry quickly. The color will stay on for weeks. You can always take these nail polish along with you when you are going out as these bottles come in small size (14 ml). At this price, there’s no reason to not grab them fast.


Provided above is a curated list of the top 10 best nail polishs in 2020. With any of these picks, your nail will never look dull again. Also, some of these are limited edition, so stock up with you still have the chance. Plus, you can share some with your friends and family, too.

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