Top 10 Best Off-Road Scooters in 2022 Reviews

People find ways to entertain their lives differently. And, when it comes to the scooters, most of them like to commute their scooters in good road condition. This might be because their scooters are not available for some uncomfortable terrains. If you learn that the scooters are upgraded to be more adventurous, you might want to have a new one. The off-road scooters are made to handle tough conditions of the road so you can join your friends exploring the rough terrains.

In the below article review, we invest our time to bring only the top 10 best off-road scooters that you can benefit from in a lot of great features. You might expect to have the one that can perform better than your old one. For example, they are lightweight, easy to operate, take you a short time to learn, so on, and so forth. The selected scooters might offer even better functions than your expectation.

List of Top 10 Best Off-Road Scooters in 2022 Reviews

10. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

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There are a range, power, and greater speed you can happily experience with a Segway ninebot Max electric kick scooter. It is outfitted with better customization to suit this modern generation. Its range is way higher than what you might expect. With 40.4 miles to 18.6 mph top speed, you can enjoy a great variation of speeding along with various road conditions. As well as that, your ride levels up to be safer and more fun as the battery of this scooter comes with a management system. It is a smart set that can keep your battery last longer and you can use it for more than 6 hours.

Indeed, you take a ride on your scooter everywhere you go because you can carry it along. It is easy to fold which only takes just a few seconds. Store it away in your parents’ car trunk because it is going to consume just a small space. You can definitely share this with your beloved family members as it is designed to handle the heavy-duty. Enjoy the ride with one-year of assurance from the company now.

What We Like:

  • It offers a comfortable ride
  • The scooter works powerfully
  • It comes with a wide platform to make it more stable
  • It is capable of all ages

What We Don’t Like:

  • It takes hours to assemble

9. Pulse Performance Products DX1 Freestyle Dirt Scooter

Freestyle Dirt Scooter

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If your kids are aged from 8 or older, they can become the best rider with this Pulse performance product. You do not have to worry about the high speeds on uneven grounds anymore as this scooter is designed with study tires. They perform their job to ensure that the rider feels comfortable when they make a move. Interestingly, the rider could create a great balance to not fall off quickly and conveniently.

More than this, the scooter is made with BMS-style, so the captain can constantly control the grips. Likewise, the capacity of this scooter is perfect for 280 lbs which is suitable for both children and adults. Besides, you can make a quick stop whenever you want with no harm as the spring steel rear brake is there with you. Get ready to ride on all terrains with non-slip feet as the grip tape deck surface is attached.

What We Like:

  • The tires are big and sturdy
  • It’s made for heavy-duty
  • It’s best for kids ages 8 and up
  • It comes with an aluminum deck for greater control

What We Don’t Like:

  • The brake is quite thin

8. UberScoot Electric Off-Road Scooters for Adults

UberScoot Electric Scooter for Adults

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Be smart in your investment. At this point, UberScoot is highly recommended for this generation. It is known as the powerful electric scooter with 1600w that can effortlessly handle high hills around your house. With this great power system, the scooter fully runs at 30 mph of its top speed. At the same time, the battery life runs incredibly for 250 cycles whilst it requires a charging time of about 6-8 hours only.

More than this, the front brake and rear disc are equipped to ensure that you can safely stop as soon as you want. The front and rear tires are 11 inches and built with a pneumatic knobby. This way, they work to create a great balance for the riders. Likewise, you do not have to worry about the bad condition of the ground anymore. Meanwhile, it is designed for outdoor activities so it is very portable. In addition to its lightweightness and portability, the quick-release seat is also ready to support your body. Get a great way to have a fun sport ride and to avoid traffic jams.

What We Like:

  • You can enjoy riding with or without turbo
  • No complaint about the assemble
  • It creates a fun time with a high speed
  • Its capacity can handle even the high hill

What We Don’t Like:

  • There are no replacement frames

7. Mongoose Expo Youth Scooter

Electric scooter

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The kids are the real explorer. You should encourage them to experience something new out of their comfort zone. If they are masters in riding scooters on smooth terrains, it is time to try uneven pavers. Hence, you can get Mongoose expo to accompany your children on that journey. The 12 inches air-filled tires are unstoppable. You can enjoy riding on a variety of surfaces including paved and unpaved.

Without forgetting to mention the BMX bike style, this creates greater confidence when you want to make a stop. The hand brake works to handle that perfectly. As well as that, the food deck is large enough to keep your balance when you ride on the scooter. Share your happy moment with your kids by shopping for this Mongoose scooter. The best present for Christmas Eve!

What We Like:

  • It is very simple to put together
  • The materials are sturdy and durable
  • It can be used as a toy, but also public transport for kids
  • The speed is suitable for kids

What We Don’t Like:

  • Additional materials are required before setting up

6. Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter

Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter

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RX200 is the new explorer as the ride starts wherever you prefer. It is ready to race on rough and tough terrains and even high-force trail riding. You can enjoy riding with great speed up to 12 mph. The chain-driven engine comes with high power with a long run of 40 minutes of constant use. In addition to this, this scooter is made of lightweight steel, so you can carry it along easily.

Besides, the disc brake and a new rear ratio are there to ensure your safety to ride at your preferred speed. Plus, the charging battery comes with two 12 volts. Like this, you can enjoy the fun ride after charging 12 hours in advance. From now on, your activities can be done everywhere either indoor or outdoor. Especially, if you have kids aged 13 or older, this scooter would be the best companion of their childhood.

What We Like:

  • The quality is good.
  • It does not take a long hour to set up.
  • It is a dirty blasting rider.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It is made for lightweight.

5. Osprey Dirt Off-Road Scooters for All Terrains


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Go over the difficult roads with an Osprey Dirt scooter. Your 12-year-old kids or up can appreciate their freestyle riding now. Some special features that you might want to know are listed here. Firstly, the scooter is made of a heavy-duty aluminum deck frame with 220 lbs weight capacity. The tape surface creates high security when the kids stand on the scooter. It works to build a great balance when they start to transport.

More than this, it promises to offer durable riding with the stainless steel rear fender brake. This also allows your kids to safely stop while they make a fast move. With the strong front support of 8X2 inches rear pneumatic rubber tires, they nail the rough ground. Stay true to the durable performance of Osprey, and enjoy your riding journey.

What We Like:

  • The size is great for both kids and adults
  • The structure is sturdy
  • The model is very stylish
  • It can handle a variety of surfaces

What We Don’t Like:

  • The painting doesn’t stay

4. BIKESTAR Kick Scooter with Brakes

Kick Scooter with Brakes

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Safety is the number one priority. Everyone wants to enjoy the ride, but also the fun and safety must come together. BikeStar is built to offer a reliable rear and front wheels handbrake. You can be secure to make transport at any road conditions they want to. Not to mention, the hand protection tool is equipped to keep your kids’ hands away from any accident.

More importantly, the steering bearings are set to assist your scooter to steer smoothly and effortlessly. The durable steel is also one of the critical points about a decision to buy. To maximize the quality, the materials are the product of high resistant and fabulous glittering metallic paint. Plus, it is well-known as a standard product of the EU and the US. Being certified with the test report of TUV Rheinland, safety is also with the vehicles. The black color is a very common and sophisticated style for this modern generation. It is noticed that the handbrake is designed to adjust. Thus, feel free to move for your comfortable function.

What We Like:

  • The big rubbers wheels handle the rough surfaces
  • The structure is well made and sturdy
  • The bike design style is comfortable to ride
  • It’s simple to assemble

What We Don’t Like:

  • It’s a bit heavy to carry with

3. MIAWHEELS XT-120 Stunt Scooter – Electric Off-Road Scooters for High Speed

Electric Off-Road Scooters for High Speed

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Get into your favorite and personal playground with MIAWHEELS electric off-road scooter. From time to time, a scooter is upgraded under the name of this brand. This tool wants to ensure that the riders will experience the best riding with high-quality materials. Impressively, it comes with an additional large deck of 530 mm which guarantees a smooth ride.

Alongside that, it offers a great balance on the 120mm wheels which you can trust. The wheels are made of 100 percent NEO-chrome. More than this, the core wheels are 6-spoke alloy attachments with 88A greater rebound PU. The scooter’s pattern is attractive with high-quality paint along with the unbeatable price. It is best for the present so you can consider shopping for this one for Christmas Eve.

What We Like:

  • The design is sturdy
  • The color is cool
  • It is the best to design for kids
  • The net weight is light which easy to bring along

What We Don’t Like:

  • The wheels are quite tight

2. MEGA Wheels Electric Scooter

Osprey Dirt Scooter, Off-Road Scooters for All Terrain Pneumatic Trail Tires

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Electric scooters are made with many different style, design, and size to fulfill the demand of the users. For MEGA wheels, you can scout its incredible features here now. Your first impression can be the outfit of this scooter as it is created with Black-S5x color. For the dark color lovers, it truly captures their attention. Apart from this, the scooter is built to provide a great power of a 250 W motor that pushes the top speed to 15.5 MPH. It brings you over the hill effortlessly.

At the same time, you can check your speed and battery life while you are riding as the smart display is set. It is noted that the weight capacity is safe to tackle with 226 lbs. However, the scooter’s weight is very portable with 28 lbs only. You can quickly fold it and keep away in the car trunk for an outdoor trip. Don’t be hesitate, get this one now you will receive a one year warranty from the company. You will never feel messed up with the maintenance problem either.

What We Like:

  • The black color is very classical
  • The motor power is high
  • It comes with a battery life that is acceptable
  • The quality of the material is good

What We Don’t Like:

  • The age is also designed for adults, and not the kids.

1. Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter – Best Off-Road Scooters for Kids

ultra light Off-Road Scooters for kids

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On the off chance that you are trying to prepare a surprise gift for your kids, Gotrax XR ultra can be the best pick. This product covers great weight capacity up to 220 lbs. This allows you to upgrade your commute and even if in a high hill ground condition. It comes with a very powerful motor plus a high LG battery around 7 AH which you can enjoy the 17 miles riding.

Moreover, the scooter is accompanied by two braking systems. One is a disc braking and the other one is an anti-lock braking system. They work to ensure your safety with a quick response to the top speed. As well as that, the front and rear wheels are great for your balance even when you ride on uncomfortable terrains. With high tech and modern stylish, the scooter is connected with an LED display which makes it easy for you to see the speed modes and battery life. Last but not least the aluminum materials last long, so keep appreciate your activities with Gotrax.

What We Like:

  • It is built for a comfortable riding
  • The design is good and durable
  • The motor is powerful
  • It is easy to ride

What We Don’t Like:

  • Make sure to charge the battery at the required hours or it will not last.

Buying Guides to Choosing the Best Off-Road Scooters

Riding your scooter on an off-road requires you to get the one featuring off-road tires and the construction that designed for off-road needs. In the case you are planning to change to another off-road scooter or looking to own the first one, do not forget to check out the factors below to make a bang for the buck.

The Weight Loading Capacity of the Scooter

By firstly determine the user’s age and weight allows you to choose the right kind to fit with the rider. This might require you to check out the weight loading capacity of the scooter you are going to pick. Some products are only made for kids and can load very little weight. Meanwhile, there are some products designed for both kids and adults and can even support up to 280 lbs or 300 lbs of weight. A good off-road scooter should be comfortable for different people in terms of weight and age. It is important to pick the product that is useful for both you and your kids. Therefore, always check out the specification related to loading capacity first.


It would be a good idea if you can get any products coming with groundbreaking features. For instance, some of the scooters listed above arrive with an electrically powered feature which is even more useful for off-road riding. Mostly, they are counted as the high-end products and can be much more expensive compared to the manual items. In the event that you do not mind spending more, we think that investing a bit more and get the advanced techy items is not a bad idea.


From one scooter to another, they often carry out a different price tag. Even when they come from the same brand, the price may still vary. The changes in price tag may take into account the constructed materials and special features that require high capital for manufacturing. For your good sake, consider how much you are willing to pay for a certain type of scooter. By doing so, you can manage the budget better and choose the best asset from your investment.


In the case that the scooter may encounter problems later, make sure that the supplier is readily available to give a helping hand. Other than this, it would be more assuring if you can grab the scooter coming with 6 months to 1 years warranty. This way, if there is anything happened after you have purchased it shortly, you can always consult with them for maintenance assistance.

Reasons to Get Off-Road Scooters

We all admit that riding on or kicking the scooter is another fun entertainment. It is not the most fun until you have experienced riding on off-road scooters. There are a lot of reasons why getting an off-road scooter is a good investment. Below are some of the main benefits of getting one.

It is a New Level of Movement

Navigating around in your scooter is very refreshing. Moreover, you can transport from one place to another and cover a wider range by using even less effort than walking. Thus, users will definitely spend less time and money with any of these scooters. As an extra point, with an off-road scooter, you are not restricted to various kinds of pavements, sidewalks, or any certain types of terrains. You can go to the countryside and take it all with just your scooter.

Riding on an Off-Road Scooter is, Indeed, Fun Exercise

Scooters are a great way to navigate and view your environment. Kids will love to ride and have fun on the scooter. At the same time, they will get the benefits of going out, moving their body, and refreshing their mind. The same ways go for adults, if you are tired of running outdoor, why not trying to ride an off-road scooter outdoor?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which scooter is best for off-road? 

A: To look for the best scooter for off-road riding, you should go for the ones featuring the top speed between 60 km/h (37 mph) to 72 km/h (45 mph) and with the operating time up to 3 or 5 hours long.

Q: Can you ride scooters on the pavement UK?

A: If the scooters you bought do not have a motor, you cannot ride them on the pavement or public road.

Q: How long does it take to scooter a mile?

A: It depends on the top speed that the scooter comes with. However, it would be in between 3 to 6 minutes to travel a mile on a scooter.


Don’t get bored with picking the wrong scooters. Just going through this article review, you don’t have to be pressured anymore. Compare the features that you expect to receive and pick your favorite one. We hope you will get a new choice among the top ten models. It’s good for you to start your pick which can save a lot of your time going looking on the market.

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