Parrot Jett Jumping Mini Drone

Top 10 Best Choices Parrot Mini Drone in 2024 Reviews

Mini drones have started to become more and more popular in recent years. Not only are they fun to use, but you can learn to do some pretty awesome tricks. One of the most popular companies that sell these items is Parrot and they are all pretty high quality. Since there are so many options and it can be hard to choose, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 mini-drones from Parrot.

Here is the List Top 10 Best Parrot Mini Drone For You

10. Parrot Mambo FPV – Complete Starter Pack for Drone Racing

Not only does the battery life of this mini-done last for up to 10 minutes, but it comes with goggles that make you feel like you’re sitting right in the cockpit. The control pad is extremely easy to use and helps you learn the ropes quickly. If you want more features and options, just download the app! Another fantastic feature of this mini-drone is that you can get on Facebook live with the attached camera so everyone can join in on your flight experience!

9. Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo – White

Unlike most mini-drones, this particular product is made for use on the ground. Instead of using a handheld controller, everything is controlled from your phone or tablet! The picture from the camera fills up your whole screen and you’ll feel like you’re sitting right in the driver’s seat. You can go into various planning modes to map out tricks and sounds. The battery lasts for 20 minutes and can be completely recharged in an hour. You can also make this min-drone jump all over, but it won’t do so if the battery is 20% or less.

8. Parrot Mambo Mini

If you’re looking for a mini-drone that has fantastic stability, then this is a great choice. The sensors are very sensitive and high-tech to give the best stability possible. In addition, you can do all kinds of rolls and flips once you have it up in the sky. You have 2 ways to control the mini-drone. The first is by phone or tablet, which can control it up to 20m. The other way is to use the flight controller, which can control it up to 65m. With all the accessories you can buy for this, you’re sure to have a great time!

7. Parrot-Jumping-Night-MiniDrone-White

Not only is this mini-drone very lightweight and nimble, but the mini-camera sends video and photos right to your tablet or phone. It also has a microphone and speaker so you can communicate and listen to things around the drone. You can even use it at night because it has 2 very bright LED lights. It can jump up to 2.5 feet in the air and this feature automatically disables when the drone is picked up. The battery lasts for up to 20 minutes and can be completely charged in 25!

6. Parrot Jett Jumping Mini Drone

With an awesome flame design, your drone is sure to be one of the coolest around. The large wheels make it easy to maneuver and do all kinds of different and awesome tricks. It can also get up to 8 miles per hour, which is pretty fast for a mini-drone! It can jump up to 2.5 feet and it always lands on its wheels! The charge lasts for 20 minutes and you can have it fully charged and going again in 25!

5. Parrot Airborne Cargo Parrot MiniDrone Travis (Yellow)

With this mini-drone being so durable and shock-resistant, you can confidentially do flips and rolls. In addition, it has compartments for storing any small items you feel like. You could even attach things to the base on the bottom to make the whole experience a little more fun. Download the app on your phone to get some added features and options. On a full battery, this mini-drone will go for about 9 minutes. You can recharge completely in only 25 minutes.

4. Parrot Mambo FPV – Complete Starter Pack for Drone Racing (Certified Refurbished)

This particular mini-drone is certified refurbished. This means that it was pre-owned but any problems or issues have been completely fixed and it works as if it was brand new. The included goggles let you feel like you’re piloting right from the cockpit. You can either control the drone by using the mobile app or you can use the controller, which will work for up to 200 feet! Finally, the camera is high quality and lets you see everything.

3. Parrot Anafi Drone – Ultra Compact Flying 4K HDR Camera, Dark Grey

The camera on this mini-drone is amazing, considering it does 4K videos and 21MP photos. You’ll be able to see everything clearly and it will be like you’re really inside the drone. It also can do a 180-degree tilt, which is great for getting shots at various angles. You hook your phone right up to the controller and start flying right away. The charge will let you fly for 25 minutes before having to recharge!

2. Parrot-Orak-Hydrofoil-Drone-Black

Not only can you use this drone in the air, but you can take it for a ride in the water too! The mini camera will let you see everything from a first-person point of view and you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re going. In addition, the durable design makes it perfect for doing various flips and tricks! You control it with the mobile app and the battery lasts for 9 minutes. Charge it for 25 minutes and you’ll be ready to fly again!

1. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadcopter – Snow

This drone is piloted by your smartphone or tablet and the 720p video is streamed live to your device. You can also record these videos and share them for all your friends to see. With 4 blades and durable areas, this quad drone can stand up to many tricks and flips! A full charge will give about 25 minutes of flight time and it can be recharged in less than an hour!






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