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Top 10 Best Portable Generators In 2024 Reviews

You are having fun, perhaps with your children, and then suddenly the lights go off. What do you do? Of course, you rush for a generator. Known for their assistance during power outages, generators have developed over ages and generations to the extent that we now have portable generators. When you hear the word portable, the first thing that comes to your mind is a unit that’s compact and lightweight. Yes, you get it. A portable generator is lightweight and compact for optimum portability.

For this reason, people have found them handy to solve several problems. They can effectively be used in construction sites and at home to avoid interruptions caused by power outages. They can also be used for camping, family vacations, and weekend trips. So what are the best portable generators on the market today? Choosing a quality portable generator entails a lot, and that’s why we conducted research and gathered the following units to help you get the best item hassle-free. Here are the top 10 best portable generators in 2024 reviews.

List Of Top 10 Best Portable Generators In 2024 Reviews

1. WEN 56180 Gas Powered Portable Generator

Do you remember the last time you had a compact and lightweight generator? The WEN 56180 Portable Generator delivers reliable power whenever you need it. It boasts 1800 surge watts and 1500 running watts to make sure you can operate your microwave, sump pump, television, refrigerator, slow cooker, blender, computer, and more. You can also use it for camping and in cases of emergency, as well as job sites. The 56180 model is EPA III and CARB-compliant for optimum use.


2. Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator with Electric Start

Be prepared for power outages and remote projects with the Westinghouse WH7500E model. It is one of the most powerful, safe, reliable, and efficient gas-powered portable generators. Moreover, each of its components has been thoughtfully designed and engineered to maximize its contribution to performance and efficiency. This generator delivers 7,500 running watts of power and a maximum starting output of 9,000 watts. It is EPA-approved and backed by a 3-year limited warranty for a worry-free buying experience. Ideally, its one-touch electric start system makes it one of the easiest-to-start portable generators.


3. DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

The DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator is perfect for RVs, camping, home backup power, sporting events, and job sites, among others. It boasts a 7hp air-cooled valve engine that comes with a recoil start. Well, the recoil start is powerful enough to deliver 3,300 constant running watts of power. The reliable workhorse makes this generator handy for making sure you are not inconvenienced during the power outage to helping you carry out activities in your job site. Please note that this unit is not CARB-compliant; hence, not suitable for Californians, as units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.

4. WEN 56200i Portable Generator

A super quiet generator that does not make noise when running is safe for human health, says the US Department of Health and Human Services. Fortunately, the WEN 56200i Portable Generator is exactly one of those generators. Its 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine delivers 2000 surge watts, making the WEN 56200i Portable Generator a versatile unit that is perfect for campgrounds, tailgates, power outages, and construction sites. The generator produces clean power, so you can safely operate it while preventing damage to sensitive electronics like televisions, computers, smartphones, and tablets.

5. DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator

Ensure your family is not inconvenienced by power outages with the DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator. It is equipped with a 7hp air-cooled OHV engine that delivers 3,500 constant running watts of power. Ideally, this unit comes with a standard recoil start and an easy electric start for ultimate convenience. It is perfect for job sites where you need to use powering saws and drills. You can also rely on it for emergencies at home. The DuroMax XP4400E Portable Generator is EPA-approved with a rating of 69 dBA for quiet operation.

6. DuroMax XP10000E Portable Generator

DuroMax is known to produce powerful, reliable generators with outstanding performance. And this is evident through the DuroMax XP10000E, which is equipped with a 16hp air-cooled OHV engine. The engine delivers 8000 constant running watts of power, so expect your activities to run normally during a power outage. Aside from the two 120-volt, 20-amp standard household outlets, which are designed to supply power to all of your appliances, the XP10000E features a powerful 120/240-volt, 30-amp twist-lock outlet for tools that use maximum power.

7. Champion Power Equipment 42436 Portable Generator

This generator cranks 1500 starting watts and 1200 running watts; thus, it’s perfect for RV use, tailgating, camping, weekend trips, small jobs around the house, family vacations, boating, and even hunting. When on a full tank of gasoline at a 50-percent load, this generator goes for 10 hours. Moreover, it operates at 65 dBA from 23 feet. It also has a Volt Guard, so it can protect appliances from any spikes in voltage above a safe threshold. The 2-year limited warranty protects against manufacturer defects.

8. Generac 5943 

It is important to have a portable generator that’s ready for use at all times. And the Generac 5943 Portable Generator is that equipment. It has added maintenance reminders on the hour meter to make sure scheduled maintenance is easy to track. It also features a convenient fuel gauge that offers at-a-glance fuel monitoring. Cast iron cylinders add longevity while the hardened steel frame gives the generator added strength. Moreover, there is an electric start with a battery and plug-in battery charger jack that enhances performance.

9. Westinghouse WH5500 

If you are looking for a portable generator that requires low maintenance and is durable, look no further than the Westinghouse WH5500 Portable Generator. It is one of a kind with a powerful, reliable motor that delivers 5,500 running watts and 6,750 surge/starting watts. Additionally, it is equipped with a 6.6-gallon fuel tank that allows it to operate for 16 hours non-stop when full. The generator also features an L14-30R 120/240VAC twist lock power outlet and it comes with a 3-year limited warranty as well as friendly customer service.

10. Westinghouse 10KPRO 

Buy the Westinghouse 10KPRO Portable Generator with confidence knowing you will be helped accordingly if something is not right. With 10,000 running watts and 12,500 starting/surge watts, the 10KPRO Portable Generator is the unit to go for. Furthermore, it has a 9.2-gallon fuel tank that allows it to go for 11 hours at a 25-percent load when filled. The unit also features a 680cc Westinghouse V-Twin OHV engine that comes with a pressurized lubrication system with a shock-mounted oil cooler. Its 2-year limited warranty makes it a safe product to buy.


Getting a top-quality portable generator can be an arduous task. But, this should not be the case; thanks to these top 10 best reviews. They feature different designs of portable generators and this allows you to get a top-performing product with excellent features. Moreover, the products listed here are within an affordable range, so financial issues should not be a hindrance as far as choosing the best item is concerned. Never be inconvenienced with a power outage; not when these top-class portable generators are on the market.






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