Portable Solar Power Chargers

Top 5 Best Portable Solar Power Chargers in 2024 Reviews

Are you having a problem with running out of power or battery? We all need power, but we always seem to run out of it, either because we choose to enjoy nature away from the grid, or in disaster scenarios, the grid chooses to get away from us. We provide you with a list of the best portable solar power chargers for your difficulty.

List of Top 5 Best Portable Solar Power Chargers in 2024 Reviews

5. Kalisaya KP601 KaliPAK 558-Watt Hour Portable Solar Generator System w/Solar Panel Included

That’s why we’ve designed this KaliPAK, a portable solar energy kit that meets dozens of operating energy needs such as nature trails, photography trips, all-day picnics, disaster scenarios, electricity shutdowns, daily use in areas with unstable electricity supply. The KaliPAK is completely autonomous and can be fully charged from the son, a car, or a wall charger. Its 38,000 mAh battery is powerful enough to charge your iPhone up to 120 times and powerful enough to provide energy for our entire set for a whole day, including a fridge until we run out of beer.

You can even add a rain cover to keep the power going in case of rain, then a Bluetooth app for easy management. When designing the KaliPAK our team focused on developing a seamless off-grid user experience with an all-inclusive kit. an optional daisy chain solar panel for double charging power, a cool app, and storage for your devices and accessories. The KaliPAK is a must for every off-grid scenario. Fully portable, it provides you with natural free energy wherever and whenever

4. Voltaic Systems – Arc 20 Watt Solar Laptop Charger Kit with Backup Battery Pack | Powers Laptops, Phones & USB Devices | Solar Charge your Laptop Anywhere

Backed up by a whopping 19,800mAh battery, the Voltaic system’s 20W solar charger kit packs a punch when it comes to charging devices. This waterproof and scratch-resistant solar charger offers enough juice to fully charge a laptop in around 6.5 hours (smartphones can see a full charge in 60 minutes). Weighing 3.25 pounds, the Voltaic system isn’t as lightweight as the competition, but it’s still highly portable. Measuring 7.5 x 10 x .8 inches, it remains compact enough to tuck away into a bag for on-the-go use. The total battery life can handle one full laptop charge, seven smartphone charges, 3.5 charges to DSLR batteries, and nearly two full charges for a full-sized iPad. The 73-watt solar cells can re-charge fully in around 6.5 hours.

3. Solar Paper + Pouch, Paper-thin and Light Portable Solar  Power Charger with Ultra-High-Efficiency (5W)

Solar Paper is super small and slim, so you can conveniently carry the solar paper when traveling or even in daily life and use solar energy anywhere under the Sun. It can fully charge the iPhone 6 within 2 and a half hours. Solar Paper is the world’s first solar charger that can auto-reset by a comparison operator, so you don’t have to worry about shadows or clouds on solar panels. It also allows users to know exact power amounts via numbers displayed on the LCD screen. Various devices such as GoPro, external batteries, Bluetooth speakers, digital cameras, AA battery chargers, flashlights, smartphones, and even tablet PCs that require more power can be charged by adding additional panels. Magnet connectors help to conveniently add or subtract solar panels.

2. Wildtek SOURCE 21W Waterproof Portable Solar Power Chargers Panel with Dual USB Ports

The highly efficient Wildtek 21W portable solar charger is a solution for staying charged no matter what environment you find yourself in. Compatible with a slew of devices (thanks to its dual USB ports), the Wildtek offers ultra-efficient solar cells resulting in faster charging time that’s nearly two times quicker than competing models. Measuring 6.6 x 12.4 x 2.2 inches and weighing 2.1 pounds, the Wildtek folds flat to charge and recharge and folds right back up for extra portability and smaller storage. The built-in stand helps you find the perfect angle to absorb as much sunshine as possible for the fastest recharge time. Easy to fit into a backpack or clip to a bag with the included carabiners, the Wildtek is IP65 rated as one of the first fully waterproof solar chargers available today (it’s also dustproof).

1. Solar Charger, X-DRAGON 40W SunPower Portable Solar Power Chargers

Thanks to a super-sized 40W solar panel charger, the X-Dragon offers a beefy 2.8A (Amps) of power capable of re-charging smartphones, tablets, and even some smaller laptops. Built into the X-Dragon is a 5V/2A charging port for a 5V gadget and an 18V DC output (18V/2A) for charging a laptop or other 18V powered devices. Fortunately, all that extra juice doesn’t mean an unwieldy size; the X-Dragon maintains a slim and foldable profile that’s easy to carry around. It can go in or on a backpack with the included carabiner that hooks directly to a bag. The 10-in-1 connector cables enable it to charge just about any type of device, while the incorporation of SolarIQ technology helps achieve the appropriate current and voltage to deliver maximum power. Ultimately, the X-Dragon is an ideal combination of portability and power that can keep you going for days.






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