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Best Projection Clocks Review In 2024

You may be bored of your average just time-telling clock. Even for the children, the projection clocks are a good way to distract and decorate their room. This can help a child in knowing what time it is.

If a model with different LED color settings is used, you can also help teach your child colors. The calm lighting of most projection clocks makes them great night lights as well.

Apart from telling just the time, projection clocks can also help you incline the beauty of the home interiors hence a living room may be a good place to place your projection clock.

Since all that’s displayed is a virtual projection it takes up less space than the old-fashioned analog clocks. A clock with a three-foot diameter would take a lot of planning to hang over your mantelpiece. Weightless production is portable and can be taken anywhere.

Either way, it takes much less energy to project a clock than to hang a clock, and the effect on your home’s design is the same. Projection clocks are also great for minimalist living.

Best Projection Clocks of 2024

In a small studio apartment, every inch counts. If a clock sticks out five inches from the wall, it can make the room look a lot smaller. The plug-and-play or wireless feature adds modernization to the room.

This also saves you some much-needed space. It is vital to brainstorm the features that you look forward to the most. First off, ask yourself if you want an analog or digital projection in your home.

An analog clock may be more appealing to the eye. If your projector clock will displayed over the mantle place, an analog projection can be a novel design element. The projection may give out an interesting vibe to your place by broadening out the visuals on a wall.

1. – REACHER Projection

The clock easily projects the time on the ceiling or the wall as it has a 180° adjustable projector, projection time can be Horizontal flipping, 90° rotation, and vertical flipping.

Dual alarms let you and your family wake up to a buzzer at different times. 5-60 minutes snooze time optional. The dimmer frequency ranges from 0 to 100 brightness allowing you to predict the visual contrasts.

The projection image dimmer can be turned off, can making the light dim or brighter is optional. Dual USB phone charger ports let you charge two phones/tablets at the same time.

Projecting time on the ceiling makes you and your companion simply have to open your eyes and look at the ceiling, without the one to recline on the bed towards the nightstand to see the clock, the best deal for both parties.

What we like:

  • Horizontal flipping
  • Dual USB ports

2. Mesqool Projection

The sleek 180-degree rotatable projector with a focus control ring guarantees a clear view of time and multi-angle adjustment with a reverse button to meet any occasion.

Project ultra-clear time onto your walls or ceiling. Whenever you wake up, the first thing that comes into your eyes is time. The screen of the clock is large and you can read it from the other side of the room even for short-sighted and elders.

The clock is designed accurately with dimming levels, the dimmest brightness is cool on the eyes without disturbing your sleep in any way.

What we like:

  • Rotatable projector
  • Large screen

or hot the beverage may be.

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3. LC.IMEEKE Projection

The clock allows you to select its “AU” mode as it automatically adjusts the brightness according to the light and dark changes of the environment for day and night use.

This is the 2024’s newest Projection Alarm Clock. The dual alarm system separates your waking-up time from your partner and the snooze function of this LED clock gives you extra minutes of sleep before alerting you again to wake up.

The clock can remember your FM preset stations allowing you to play your favourite station. The sleep timer function allows the radio, to within 5-90 minutes, the radio will automatically turn off.

What we like:

  • Modern design
  • AU custom mode

4. Mpow Projection

The clock has 2 separate alarms hence a perfect choice for a couple. The alarm has various sound themes to select the desired waking-up tone which lasts 30 minutes to wake up even the heaviest of sleepers.

The Snooze feature allows 9 extra minutes of sleep. With a 120° adjustable projector, you can easily read the time on the ceiling or wall.

The 4-theme projection allows the brightness to go from brightest to total blackout and hence can be adjusted accordingly and the optimum projection distance is 7-10ft. A cool feature is that if you long-press the button, it will flip the projection view to 180° upside-down.

Two separate alarms can be set for couples with different routines or a backup for waking up heavy sleepers.

What we like:

  • Two-alarm setup
  • Adjustable projector

5. Mesqool Projection 7

Designed with a 180° rotatable swivel projector and projects the ultra-clear time onto the wall or ceiling within the optimum projection distance of 1.6-9.8ft which is 0.5-3m, allowing you to easily read it even lying on the bed.

To further guarantee the clarity of the projection image, you can rotate the focus ring of the ceiling clock at the proper angle.

Upon pressing the projection mode button the orientation flips upside-down projection images so the numbers are always right-side-up. Having just simple and intuitive control buttons the projection clock is easy to set even for a child or the elderly.

What we like:

  • 180° rotatable swivel
  • Focus ring

6. Sony Projector Dual

It is a convenient, side-mounted USB port, and projector clock that is ready to charge your compatible devices, including smartphones and even tablets. The installed battery is made of Lithium and sustains the correct time so when the power returns you don’t have to re-set the clock.

This allows you to see your time on your walls or ceilings as the swivel feature can extend around or tilt up to 180 degrees also comes with an adjustable focus knob which keeps it all clear.

The projector can be turned on and off as you want. Allows you to set two separate wake-up times with individual wake-up settings. The bright white LEDs mean no squinting to read the time, even without your glasses, and taking care of your retina-focus.

What we like:

  • USB port mount
  • Device compatible

7. Oranlife Projection

The projector part can be tilted and the focus is adjustable. You could project the time facing onto your desired wall or ceiling so that the time will always be in full view.

The swivel projection proposes to never roll over to view the time again on the bedside. When powered via a USB cable that is included (compatible with any adaptors), the LCD and projection will keep lighting.

When powered by two triple-A batteries as a portable clock (recommend environmental Carbon battery), it will project for 7 seconds.

What we like:

  • Adjustable focus
  • Battery-powered

8. La Crosse Technology 616 Pop-Up

Press the projection button to pop up the light and adjust it to wall or ceiling viewing. Auto Focus projection image. Projection Image (90° Rotation). 4 levels of intensity settings.

The battery maintenance function offers some on-demand LCD and projection light. View from different angles. Collapsable legs for portability. LCD offers 12 hour time mode.

Indicates charging with a flashing lightning bolt icon. The completed charge shows the filled-in battery icon.

Snooze is a great function for people who always want 9 more minutes of sleep every morning. 15 levels of alarm volume can be adjusted to your preferred degree.

What we like:

  • Projection light
  • Collapsable legs

9. La Crosse Wattz 3-in-1

Adjustable Projection Arm and Auto-Focus with Image Rotation. 5W Wireless Charger (Qi-Enabled) and 1 AMP USB Charging Port. Temperature and Humidity Display.

Removable Watch Stand and Magnetic Cable Organizer. Even Charges Through Lightweight Plastic Cases.

The timer embedded in the sleep function gives the sound or light within 120 minutes even at the end of your sleep the sound and light will automatically turn off after the specified time.

What we like:

  • Auto-focus
  • Sleep timer

10. SICSMIAO Projection

The Golden Sunrise alarm clock offers a constantly slow-increasing light over 30 minutes before your pre-set alarm time in the mornings.

The wake-up light will be on from 10% of the brightness to 100% at a set time to bring you out of deep sleep gently to welcome a refreshed day. The beautiful sunset stimulation light starts to brighten up and gradually darkens in the dawn to guide you to natural, restful sleep.

The FM radio preset is saved in the alarm clock scan and also plays the saved radio frequencies automatically via a 50-inch antenna attached for better signal reception including tracks of sleep songs of soft tropical music allowing you to fall asleep with sweet dreams.

What we like:

  • stimulation light
  • sleep songs

Best Projection Clocks – Buyer’s Guide

Room Size

The light’s image gradually fades as the distance is increased between the point where the light stops until it’s not there anymore.

The projection clock works on the phenomenon where it sends the light toward an object and reflects it, due to the bounce, the viewer can see.

A large bedroom or living area with a high ceiling could have issues with reaching its source and remaining visible. Blurring is bound to occur with any projector over a long distance, so if you live in a house that has large bedrooms.


A good projection clock focuses on the factor of reflection bounce hence allowing the consumer to observe a vivid production. Whenever this feature is included with a product, the brand will typically inform the consumer of the attribute since it’s a high selling point.

Many projection clocks are designed for a child thus having functions and design elements most suitable for a child’s room, while others offer a more modern streamlined look that appeals to an adult’s visuals.

If your projector clock will displayed over the mantle place, an analog projection can be a novel design element.

Forecast and Information

The adjustable focus also aids the clock to shine the digits on the room wall. However, many models have an automatic feature for the focus and don’t have a projection wheel. With a digital projection, this may not be as much of an issue as with an analog-style projector.

Consider purchasing a clock with durable housing if it is in a place where it can easily be knocked down, such as a nightstand. It comes with the feature of displaying the climate outside and the temperature based on the atmosphere.

Smartphone Charge?

This is a question that few people may ask themselves before shelling out on a projection clock. Take a look at how many wall outlets you have in the bedroom. Are they close to your bed stand?

If so, do you use them for charging your phone or other electronics that are needed? Using a hypothetical, imagine that you have two plugs for your smartphone charger and another for some other important purpose.

If the clock has no USB port, you could find yourself in a conundrum from searching for additional outlets.

There are many ways to escape such factors but a projection clock would be well served with such an inclusion, particularly if you enjoy using the phone while you’re lying in bed.


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