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Best Riding Helmets Review In 2024

If horse riding has always been your hobby you know how hard it is to stay secure while riding an animal which is one of the fastest. Your security comes first before anything else.

For horse riding, we advise you to put on riding helmets which will help you get a better riding experience with proper protection.

Best Riding Helmets of 2024

The riding helmets are made up of strong and durable materials that protect your head from any kind of harm. In the article below, you will find details about multiple helmets and a guide that will help you buy them.

We hope that you get the best riding experience after putting these helmets on.

1. Equi-Lite – Schooling Helmet

Equi-Lite brings you a sturdy and durable helmet for the rookies and the ones who have just learned their riding. The helmet can be used by children and teenagers too.

Equi-Lite provides you with products that are easily adjustable and do not ruin your fashion. The helmet possesses the IRH dial-fit system (DFS) which renders efficient adjustment in just a small interval of time.

To adjust the helmet for smaller or larger sizes you just need to spin the dial provided on the back. There are five vents on the front and four on the back which help you stay cool and feel comfortable allowing the air to pass through easily.

The inner lining is very soft and fits multiple sizes of heads and also eases girls with ponytails.

What we like:

  • Adjustable
  • Ventilation
  • Soft lining

2. Troxel – Spirit Schooling Helmet

The new design by Troxel provides an extra comfortable fitting and more security to the rider. The new design comprises a low profile look which is most preferred by most of the riders and it also has the dial-fit system which allows fitting on all sizes.

The extra small size is specifically composed for the younger riders and it has a drop shape back which gives more stability to the helmet.

The internal padding is very soft, providing the rider with comfort, and the dial is soft-touch, making it easy to customize the size of the helmet as per the requirements.

The helmet is made that molded polymer that protects you from falling damage but even if that happens Troxel’s FixVisor would not harm you as it does not shatter into small pieces.

The helmet also has a flip-fold system which allows you to adjust the headliner.

What we like:

  • Extra comfortable
  • Dial-fit system
  • Stability

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3. Ovation – Women’s Metallic Riding Helmet

Ovation brings you something very feminine and colorful which would provide you with secure riding and maintaining the fashion.

The riding helmets have low profiles which allow you to see more comfortably and are preferred by most of the riders. The helmets are light in weight which makes them easy to put on.

The internal lining of the helmet is specifically designed to absorb all the sweat that disturbs you in your head. The helmet also consists of vents that allow air to pass providing you with comfort. damages interior r vents are made which help in keeping dust and bugs out. The helmet has an extended back which renders a secure riding experience and the inner lining can be taken out easily to be washed and cleaned.

What we like:

  • Feminine
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh interior

4. Dublin – Jet Helmet

Dublin’s new helmet collection comprises easy-to-use and professional-looking riding helmets that provide you with the most premium riding experience.

The helmets have a layout that fits your lifestyle and is not very expensive which saves a lot of money for you.

The collections consist of multiple kinds of sizes and colors which makes them unisex and suitable for people of all ages, may it be the school teenagers or the pros.

The Dublin Helmets not only provide you with comfort and proper fitting they also meet the required safety standards, ASTM F-1163-15/SEI Certified.

The helmets are light in weight which allows you to feel more at ease, the design is low-profile which provides a stylish helmet that has a matte outer layer that is suitable for both.

The inner layer comprises strategically kept 6 large woven metal honeycomb mesh-covered vents.

What we like:

  • Professional-looking
  • Multiple sizes and colors
  • Certified

5. IRH – IR4G Helmet

The IR4G provides you with the most perfect and comfortable fit that you have been searching for, along with the best liner. The helmet provides a very professional look which would help you maintain the value.

The comfortable chinstrap attached to the helmet allows you to release and lock the helmet for extreme stability.

The enhanced ease harness has a slight cut at the backside of the neck to prevent any kind of pinching and allow you to have your preferred hairstyle like a pony.

The helmet has been made to provide you with coolness and comfort and so, it poses vets on the front and the sides for easy ventilation.

Every IR4G helmet has an inner that soaks the sweat and very easily comes out and fits in for cleaning and washing. Both liners are available in eight sizes, and four different thicknesses.

thatwe like:

  • Comfortable chinstrap
  • Cut backside
  • Easy to clean

6. Ovation – Unisex Extreme Riding Helmet

Ovation provides you with riding helmets that can be used for both professional and school use. All the Ovation riding helmets are guaranteed to ASTMthatEI ASTM criteria.

Ovation riding helmets have low profile designs that give you a professional look, they are light in weight which makes them more comfortable, with many having innovations that provide ventilation and also absorb sweat.

Some Ovation helmets possess a soft-touch dial which allows you to adjust the helmet with different sizes and they also have harness adjuster clips to provide you with more stability.

The helmet has stainless steel vents that allow air to pass through easily and the inner lining is detachable which makes it easy to sustain it.

What we like:

  • Soft-touch dial
  • Lightweight
  • Harness adjuster clips

7. Tipperary – Sportage Equestrian Helmet

The Tipperary brings you Sportage 8500 helmet which is composed of a high-density ABS material which provides better impact absorption and more stability and durability.

It is very light in mass which makes it more comfortable to put it on.

The back of the helmet is in a drop-shape which provides more safety and it has a comfortable foam internal lining which cradles the head in a way better than any normal hard hat and provides increased sturdiness and protection.

It has vents made on the top and the sides which allow easy air passage providing you relief with the hot sunny days and the sweat easily gets dry making it easier for you to ride having no itching issues.

It has a reflective strip on the front which makes it visible in the night making it safer for you and also a flexible visor that you can adjust easily depending upon your requirements.

The helmets are ASTM-SEI certified which makes them more reliable and dependable.

What we like:

  • ABS material
  • Long-lasting
  • Protective

8. Troxel – Low Profile Dakota Helmet

Troxel has made a low profile Dakota helmet which is redesigned for you to show what you can do in the ring. This helmet allows you to stay cool and is light in weight which makes it more suitable in comparison with the other helmets.

The helmet comprises of a longer and wider sun visor which renders extra sun protection for your skin with the extreme ventilation which allows you to stay way more cooler than you can be.

The lightweight of the helmet decreases any kind of stress and disturbance which can be caused by wearing heavier helmets. The helmet has a low profile leather band for a professional appearance and seven large vents that are mesh-covered which provide you with more ease.

The helmet has a Sure Pro-Fit System which makes it fit your head properly and with stability. The matte Duratec finish makes it extremely light in weight.

It also has a flip n fold detachable headliner which can be easily washed and has air channels for a better release of heat. The helmet is ASTM/SEI certified.

What we like:

  • Cool
  • Light in mass
  • Matte Duratec finish

9. Troxel – Rebel Navajo Riding Helmet

Troxel presents you with a record maker with presumptuous graphics and extreme ventilation. The light in the weight helmet has been preferred by a lot of extreme riding experts.

The design is full of colors and is customizable which allows the rider to match the gear of the horse he or she is riding, along with appearing great and being comfortably secure.

The helmet consists of a Sure Fit-Pro system which is built-in and makes it effortless for you to adjust the shape of your head.

The helmet has an inner layer that is separable and has large mesh-covered vents which make it easier for the air to flow and give a cool effect.

The helmet has Duratec matte finish along with bold colors which make it easily visible in the dark and more durable. The helmet has been tested and is ASTM/SEI-certified.

What we like:

  • Bold graphics
  • Mesh-covered vents
  • Tested and Certified

10. Uninova – Safety Hard Hat

The UNINOVA hard hat is made from a high impact absorbing ABS material, which blends durability and firmness.

This material is very light in weight, making the hard hat one of the lightest on the market today which is up to ten per cent lighter than other hard hats which are made from conventional materials.

The ABS material is acknowledged as excellent for its strength, gleam, sturdiness, and properties of not letting any kind of electrical currents pass.

The Uninova Safety Hard Hat has five vented holes in each side to allow better ventilation. Side slots in each side designed for higher audition shelter.

The hat also comprises a face shield and a night lamp which makes it way more secure than any other hat.

What we like:

  • Glossy and strong
  • Firm
  • Face shield

Best Riding Helmets – Buyer’s Guide

There are some specific features which you should search in when buying such products which let you know if the products are worthy of being bought or not.

You should specifically look into the details of the products so that you know what to buy depending upon your requirements.


The material of the riding hats should be very strong and durable making them more secure to use and easy to clean and sustain.

The helmets made from ABS or carbon fiber materials are the best to be bought.


The helmet you wish to buy should have no fitting issues. There are different techs like the Sure Fit-Pro and Dial fit system which allow you to adjust the helmets on any size.

The ones with these availabilities are more preferred.


The helmets which do not have hats are more likely to get off your head because they can not stay stable. Always go for the helmets which have good straps or chinstraps with quick closing and release.


The vents present in the helmets provide proper ventilation and heat release from your head. This feature provides you with comfort. Always go for a helmet that has larger and more vents.


The helmets should be easy to clean. The helmets having detachable inner layers are very much preferred because you can easily just take the inner lining out of the helmet and wash it as per your requirement.


The helmet should be less in mass which makes it much easier for you to ride with them. No one wishes to have a heavyweight on their head while riding.

The lightweight helmets provide ease and are more preferred.


The appearance on the helmet depends upon your wish. If you want a feminine look, then go for the colorful ones, otherwise, you simply have the option to select the professional-looking ones.

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In this article, we discussed important details about the designated product. We tried to provide you with reviews of products based upon customer ratings and replies upon the products.

We try our best to ensure that you get helped easily. This article has been written to ease you while buying products online, providing you with the proper links, images, and prices.

This article contains multiple types and designs made by different makers to help you select the best for you. You can select any kind of product depending upon your requirements, your desires, or the space you have at home.

These are very simple and easy to use secure products enlisted together to help you get the best out of the best.

We hope this article helped you along with all the needs and requirements you wished to discover. We indeed wish to help you out further in the future and lend you a hand out of all the problems you get stuck into.






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