Top 10 Best Selling HDMI Splitter in 2022 Reviews

A HDMI Splitter is basically a unique technology which is used to split an HDMI signal into multiple display devices by connecting them together. The HDMI splitter splits the original signal which is present on all of the connected devices. This is often confused with the HDMI routing switcher. A routing switcher is a device that places multiple HDMI compatible output sources into a united signal that can be manipulated manually or by using a remote control and can state what output reaches the display.

When it comes to the factors to look for while purchasing a HDMI splitter, you must try to look for the resolution usage of your devices. Keeping the cord length in mind is also a good option. The number of ports can be an important aspect as every device requires the independent connection. The HDMI cable you buy must withstand the amount of power required by the electronic devices.

If you’re thinking of what all features I’ll need in my very own HDMI Splitter, don’t worry, we got you.

Check Out list of top 10 best HDMI Splitters in 2022.

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10. Expert Connect HDMI Splitter:

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The product is great when it comes to the 1×4 HDMI splitting, an array of electronic products such as PS4, XBOX one, Blu- Ray DVD players support this device. With one input, you get a total of 4 outputs. The splitter can transmit signals up to 130 feet seamlessly.

The supported resolution is 1080p, 1080i, 720p and more. The quality of this product is deemed and it functions great when it comes to providing extraordinary HDMI support. This device comes with a 2-year warranty also.

9. Orei HDMI Splitter:

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This 1×2, 1080p splitter is totally reliable and is compatible with Ultra HD 4k/2k & 3D Resolution, Deep colour 30bit, 36bit and Blu-ray. The heavy duty cool metal enclosure protects the inside.

This HDMI splitter converts one input HDMI signal to two HDMI output signals with an excellent display quality. This product comes with a year warranty for high-quality parts. All the available audio operations are also supported with the device.

8. GANA HDMI Splitter

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GANA provides you with a great 5×1 HDMI switch including an infrared remote control. This means that the device can be controlled at ease from a certain distance using this infrared remote. The ports are 24k gold, corrosion resistant and tarnish reduced. It works at par with computers, laptops, Blu-ray players, Nintendo, PS3/PS4, XBOX 360/one etc.

This HDMI splitter has 5 HDMI ports to which devices can be connected. It is also compatible with 4k and 3D resolution. It has an Infrared receiver with a remote to switch between the connected devices with ease.

7. Hhusali HDMI Splitter:

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This HDMI splitter shows more compatibility than its former as it includes a power adapter cable which allows for a much higher level of compatibility with connected devices. It works with ease when connected to laptops, Apple TV or cable boxes, projectors, monitors etc providing you with the wonderful viewing experience. The superior quality experience is also less hindered as it is a more stable device. The infrared blaster and remote technologies are more advanced.

It can connect up to 5 compatible devices to a HDMI display. It supports 4k and 3D resolutions and compressed audio such as DTS Digital, Dolby Digital, DTS-HS and Dolby TrueHD.

6. fitTek HDMI Splitter

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fitTek gives you a 1×2 HDMI Splitter which has a wide compatibility range starting from 3D to Ethernet up to 7.1 Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master AudioTM. It is compatible with Blu Rays, PC, XBOX, PS3 and PS4 etc. The company will take the loss for the defective pieces or for any problem with the product.

This HDMI Splitter has one input source and two output sources which help you to run two compatible devices simultaneously.

5. ZOKEA HDMI Splitter:

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The HDMI Splitter doesn’t require a power adapter to make it work as long as the connected devices supply sufficient power. The 24k gold plated connector on the 20in/ 50cm cable causes it to be corrosion resistive and reduces tarnish. It supports all audio and video formats and is compatible with HDTV, DVD player, Cable Box, XBOX and the likes.

This splitter provides 3 HDMI in ports and 1 HDMI out port. An auto switch and manual switch setting are also in addition which is activated automatically as the splitter sense the first connected device.

4. GANA HDMI Splitter:

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This GANA HDMI switch has a superior signal transfer ability which is provided to it by the corrosion resistant 24k gold plated connectors. It is compatible with MAC Notebook, PC, laptops, DVD player, Projector etc. It also supports 4k and 3D devices.

It is the smart key-press-switching function as it can connect 3 compatible devices to 1 HDMI output. The display quality is superior as it provides compatibility with all audio and video formats.

3. Dotstone HDMI Splitter:

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This phenomenal HDMI splitter can connect one video source and transmit that to two other devices or vice versa. The best of audio and video quality can be expected from this HDMI switch as works on all audio and video formats and is compatible with a wide range of devices starting from computers to PlayStations and XBOXs.

This 2×1/1×2 bi-directional HDMI splitter is a viewer’s treat as you can change the input and output variance yourself. It provides a long-distance transmission with a 3.4 Gbps data transmission speed.

2. Orei HDMI Splitter:

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Orei goes strong with another of its best 1×2 HDMI splitters making it to the second spot. It supports full HD 4k and 3D resolutions and displays an excellent display and audio quality as it is compatible with all audio and video formats. The splitter comes with a one-year warranty.

The HDMI splitter splits one HDMI signal to two HDMI output signals similar to the input signal.

1. Fosmon HDMI Splitter:

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The HDMI splitter supports high definition devices like Nintendo, Blu-Rays, PS3, PS4 and XBOX one/360. It is gold plated which protects it from corrosion and tarnishing.  The cable provided with it as a pigtail is about 1.7ft or 50cm.

It can connect three devices at the same time as an input and provides an excellent output in video and audio quality. It also has the smart automatic faction of the key-press-switching.


Choosing an appropriate HDMI cable according to your needs has been sorted out for your ease. Pick the best of these top 10 that suits you and your requirements and make a satisfactory and happy decision.


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