Do you love to bake at home? If so silicon baking mat can be your best friend. It’s time to replace you old-aged, low-grade parchment paper baking mat with high quality, ultra-safe, heat resistant and long lasting silicone baking mats.

Silicone baking mat is flexible non-sticky kitchen tool that not only bring the professionalism in your baking abilities but also help to improve the food quality as it does not have that old-schooled chemical-laden design. You can say silicon mats are the one-stop solution for most of your baking-related problems if you enjoy cooking at home.

There are numbers of silicone mats available but after conducting intensive research and reviewing customers’ experiences we have selected the 10 best silicone baking mat in 2018.

10. Super Kitchen Non-slip Silicone Pastry Mat Extra Large

Product description:

  • Brand: Folksy Super Kitchen
  • Size: 20.1 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches
  • Counts: 1
  • Amazon customer review: 4.8/5

Key feature:

  • Can be used as cutting surface: Double Thickness Design
  • Easy to clean, non-stick and non-toxic
  • Made of high-quality food-grade silicone and fiberglass mesh
  • Extra-large size
  • Food safe, durable and higher heat resistance
  • BPA free

An extra-large silicone baking mat from the Folky super kitchen is the perfect choice for your kitchen when it comes to working with sticky materials. The mat is an ideal kneading, rolling and cutting as well as this mat is quite thick compared to other silicone baking mat. Though it costs slightly high compared to other baking mat listed here.

9. Silicone Healthy Cooking Mat by Jollylife

Product description:

  • Brand: Jollylife
  • Size: 15.8 x 11.2 x 0.4 inches
  • Counts: 1 red piece
  • Amazon customer rating: 4/5

Key features:

  • Made of nano-silica gel material
  • Food-safe, non-toxic, approved by FDA and SGS
  • Heat resistance of -40℉ to 446℉
  • Compatible with oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher
  • Easy to clean and store

With all of the required features, this silicone mat from Jollylife comes with something extraordinary. The back of the baking mat can be used to mold the chocolate and other items. And as noticed by various customers it slightly expands whilst in use that can be the downside of this mat. But pros of this baking mat are heavy enough to neglect the single only con.

8. Velesco Silicone Baking Mat

Product description:

  • Brand: Velesco
  • Size: 16.5 x 11.6 x 0.1 inches
  • Counts: 2
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.8/5

Key features:

  • Available in different sizes and shapes
  • 100% non-stick and easy to wipe
  • Multi-purpose baking mat
  • Oven, dishwasher, microwave, and freezer friendly
  • Made in Germany, approved by FDA
  • Heat resistance from -40°F to up to 480°F
  • Non-toxic, food safe, & fully recyclable
  • Eliminates the potential uses of cooking oil and fat

The key features and customer rating of the Velesco silicone baking mat speaks itself. This baking mat is quite thick and may be used the cutting surface as well. Moreover, it will stop you from eating that cholesterol and saturated fats produced by the cooking oil or spray you use to make your baking mat non-stick.

7. Silpat AE420295-07 Premium Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

Product description:

  • Brand: Slipat
  • Size: four different sizes
  • Counts: 1
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.7/5

Key features:

Referred the product number 2 on this list

Made in France, revealing the secret behind top-class French baking. This is the same one mentioned on the list as the 2nd item but this is slightly different from that one in terms of sizes and uses. The price can be varied too. All the features are same as Slipat silicone mat mentioned on this list above.

6. Silchef Silicone 3 Piece Non-Stick Baking Mats

Product description:

  • Brand: Silchef
  • Size: 16.3 x 13.5 x 1.6 inches
  • Counts: 3
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.8/5

Key features:

  • Colorful designs and various sizes
  • FAD approved
  • BPA free
  • Great durability and heat resistance up to 480 degrees F

It has been rated & appreciated by customer very well but we have put it 6th on our list because of its price. Not too costly but a bit higher compared to all five. Though you will get 100% money back if you won’t be satisfied with this top-tier silicone baking mat.

5. ChicoChef Silicone Baking Mat

Product description:

  • Brand: ChicoChef
  • Size: 10.9 x 1.5 x 1.3 inches
  • Counts: 2
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.7/5

Key features:

  • Large baking sheets with red & blue colors
  • FDA approved material
  • Fiberglass Weave Design for equal heat distribution
  • Highly durable: up to 4000 uses
  • Of course non-stick, flexible and multi-purpose one

Chef’s own favorite, The ChicoChef silicone baking mat is one of its kind. Preferred by professionals and loved by each and every home chef. Though it cannot be used as cutting surface but higher heat resistance, durability, easy to clean and quality material are the top feature of this mat.

4. KITZINI Silicone Baking Mat Sheets

Product description:

  • Brand: KITZINI
  • Size: 16.5 x 0.8 x 11.6 inches
  • Counts: 2
  • Amazon rating: 4.8/5

Key features:

  • Recommended by professionals
  • BPA free
  • Easy to clean with just wipe of soapy warm water
  • Heat resistance from minus 40F (freezing) up to 400F
  • 100% money back guarantee

Instead of buying cheap and ordinary baking mat that stays last for few months and make your kitchen mess it will be an auspicious step to go for Kitzini silicone baking mat. It comes with the set of two round-cornered baking mats with which can be used for the multi-purpose cooking activity. If you are the one who likes to bring professionalism everything you bake or cook this is the right mate for you.

3. Amazon Basics Silicone Baking Mat

Product description:

  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Size: 11.6 x 16.5 x 0 inches
  • Counts: 2
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.7/5

Key features:

  • Food grade silicone mat
  • Easy to clean
  • Higher heat resistance
  • Economical
  • Oven safe

One of the most economical yet non-stick durable silicone baking mat from Amazon Basics comes with 2 sets of mats which are oven friendly and can resist the heat up to 480 degrees F. One of the most appreciated silicone baking mats with the lowest price.

3. Silpat Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat

Product description:

  • Brand: Slipat
  • Size:
  • US Half Size: 11-5/8″ x 16-1/2″
  • Toaster oven size: 7-7/8″ x 10-7/8″
  • Petite jelly roll size: 8-1/4″ x 11-3/4″
  • Medium size: 9-1/2″ x 14-3/8″
  • Counts: 1

Key features:

  • Multi-purpose baking mat
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Composed of FDA, NSF, and Kosher approved materials
  • Life of up to 2,000-3,000 uses
  • Heat resistance up to 500°F

The reasons to put it second on the list are simple yet very diverse. Slipat baking mat is what you need for all your baking needs whether you are baking cookies, shaping dough or making caramel, the slipat baking mat is the perfect mate for you. Moreover, it comes in different sizes particular for the different purpose and is oven, microwave, and freezer friendly.

1. Artisan Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat Set

Product description:

  • Brand: Artisan
  • Size: 11 x 0.1 x 16.6 inches
  • Count: 2
  • Amazon customer rating: 4.9/5

Key features:

  • Flexible, non-sticky, multi-purpose silicon baking mat
  • High durability
  • Over, microwave, oven toaster, and freezer friendly
  • Heat resistance up to 480 degrees F
  • Cooking oil, spray or parchment paper is no longer required
  • FDA and LFGB approved materials and are BPA free

There are the number of reasons to put Artisan silicone baking mat on the top of the list. Whether it’s kneading, rolling and shaping pastries or dough and roasting veggies or meat, artisan baking mat does all.  It comes with the all the features that an ordinary baker or cook requires. The only downside of this baking mat is that it cannot be used as cutting surface. Today, it is one of the most economical, flexible and multi-purpose baking mat available in the market.


There are hundreds of other silicon baking mat but above is the list of top ten silicone baking mat created after careful research. Hope this list will be helpful to find your next baking mat. Make sure you let us know which one is your favorite.

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