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Top 10 Best Spare Tire Covers for Jeep, CRV & RAV4 Reviews In 2024

Tire covers protect your tire from external exposure and damage. A great cover should be waterproof, durable, and comfortable to put on the tire. In most cases, universal-fit types are the best as they stretch to accommodate various tire sizes.  Additional features you need to consider include; wear-proof and UV rays resistant. With the correct tire cover, you will protect your tire from corrosion, water, wear, and direct sunlight. This improves the durability of the tire. Below is an in-depth review of the 10 Best Spare Tire Covers for you to buy. Go through and get the unit that suits your requirements.

Best Spare Tire Covers Reviews

10. Classic Accessories OverDrive Universal Fit Spare Tire Covers

The top-selling tire cover is the Classic Accessories 75347. It’s designed to meet your protection needs, and since it comes from high-quality elastic materials, this unit becomes a universal fit for tires with a diameter of 26.75″ – 29.75”. Apart from being a water-resistant model, this unit is UV and mildew-resistant resistant hence reliable. It’s easy to clean as the material easily wipes out the dust and dirt using a soft cloth.


  • Durable model
  • Water-resistant
  • Fits tires with a diameter of 26.75″ – 29.75.”
  • Elastic for belt fitting

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9. Classic Accessories Custom Fit Spare Tire Cover

Made from high-quality materials, this unit guarantees you a durable lifetime.  It fits tires with a wheel diameter of 28″ – 29″. With the elastic back hem, you will get the best fit for your tire hence guaranteeing the much-needed protection from sunlight and other external harmful things. Since it’s a waterproof model, you will clean it easily by wiping the dirt out.


  • Comes from high-quality materials for durability
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits tires with a diameter of 28″ – 29.”
  • Has an elastic hem

8. Leader Accessories Universal Jeep Spare Tire Cover

The Leader Accessories fit tires with a diameter of 26″-28″.  It’s a perfect deal for anyone who wants to offer an ideal cover for a spare wheel. The materials used in its design are excellent in quality hence the best deal for the money. Additionally, this cover has an elastic hen to enable it to fit perfectly on your tire. Since it’s a waterproof unit, it will offer the right protection to the tire, and at the same time, you will find it easy to clean.


  • Easy to install
  • Lovely design for perfect fitting
  • Elastic to fit your spare wheel
  • Waterproof model for excellent protection

7. Tsofu Leather Spare Tire Cover for Jeep, Trailer, RV, SUV and Many Vehicle

The Tsofu Spare Tire Cover is a cover worth your money. It’s made from high-quality PVC leather to offer all-around protection to your tire. The cover is a non-scratch model, easy to clean, and breathable for secure use. Since it features clips and hems, you will find it the best deal on the market for perfect fitting. You will find it easy to fit on the tire hence stress-free. Finally, this model comes with an impressive warranty to keep you secure when using the product.


  • Made from quality leather for durability
  • Has hem and clips for perfect fitting
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers versatile functions on different tire models

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6. Camco Vinyl RV Spare Tire Cover

The Camco 45356 is another white and beautiful tire cover for your car. It’s a suitable deal for your money as it crafts from the highest quality materials. When fitting the cover on the spare wheel, it’s a stress-free event as the cover has elastic hems to fit perfectly. Additionally, the model comes for tires with a 27″ diameter. You will love this long-lasting and durable cover for your tire safety.


  • Durable construction
  • White looks attractive
  • Fits perfectly on the 26-inch diameter tire
  • Has a heavy nylon threading

5. Moonet America Flag Spare Tire Cover for Car, Truck & SUV

Moonet is another sure way to protect your tire from direct sun rays, water, and dust. It features a thick and elastic interior hem to get you excellent results. You will like the way this unit covers your entire tire giving your car a new look. Again, the model is easy to clean courtesy of the canvas material used in its making. This durable unit installs easily and you don’t need tools to make it work.


  • Durable canvas material used in its making
  • Offers a lovely look on your car
  • Has an elastic interior hem for a better fit
  • Easy to install and no additional tools are needed

4. Fremont Die NFL Arizona Cardinals Unisex Tire Coverarizona Cardinals Tire Cover

A black and large cover designed from high-quality materials is the best fit for your daily tire protection. This unit has a durable lifespan courtesy of the vinyl construction.  It has an elastic hem to fit 27″ – 29″ sizes. You will love the way it appears with a large logo and different colors for a beautiful look. This unit is also useful when it comes to protecting your tire from UV rays and scratches.


  • Durable construction
  • Subtle logos and colors to make it look attractive
  • Has an elastic hem to fit your tire
  • Fits tires with a diameter of 27 -29 inches

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3. Altopcar Overdrive Universal Spare Tire Cover for Jeep, Trailer, RV

The Altopcar Overdrive is a universal fit for different spare tires and hence the best deal for your spare tire protection. It fits perfectly on tires with a diameter of 24”-26”. You will, therefore, experience the best covering due to the elastic clips and hem that make the fitting easy and perfect. Furthermore, this waterproof model is also UV resistant and hence the best for your money as it offers versatile usage. Finally, the model comes from quality materials therefore durable


  • Fits tires with a diameter of 24-26 inches
  • Has elastic hem for perfect fitting
  • Waterproof model
  • Comes from high-quality materials for durability

2. ADCO 1757 Polar White Vinyl Tire Cover

The ADCO 1757 is a high-quality tire cover that guarantees you secure protection. The model has been designed as a waterproof and anti-scratch unit for easy use. You will also love the way this unit fits a spare tire of 27 inches perfectly. Installing the elastic hem is easy. This polar-white unit is beautiful and comes with a three-year warranty for secure use. You can, therefore, buy with confidence.


  • Ideal for tires with a 27-inch diameter
  • Comes from high-quality materials for durability
  • Has elastic hem for easy installation
  • The polar white makes it attractive

1. XtremeAmazing XA CRV CRV Spare Wheel Tire Soft Cover Protector

If you are considering getting a top tire cover for your spare tire, then try the Xtreme Amazing tire cover. It’s a model that fits tires with a diameter of 27 inches. The soft cover is a durable type with an elastic interior to suit your tire perfectly. It comes with a logo to match your desired tire. Additionally, this unit comes from high-quality materials hence durable. You will like the way it gets your tire the best protection for UV rays as well as dirt.


  • Ideal for tires with a diameter of 27 inches
  • Comes from quality materials hence durable
  • Soft type for easy fitting
  • Easy to clean


The best way to protect your tire from external interference is to have a high-quality cover. The market has a lot of these covers for you. We managed to get you the top-selling models with excellent features to enhance your spare tire. Get one from the review and be sure to experience the best out of your purchase.






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