Top 10 Best Trestle Table in 2022

If you are thinking of buying unique dining furniture for your dining hall, living room or you like to spend time in the backyard munching on your favourite evening snacks with your loved ones, a trestle table is what you must be looking for.

It adds a considerable degree of coziness, warmth and a harmonious feel to any space in your home. While there are several designs and variety available in the market, most customers often find it baffling to choose which solution is the right fit for their home. In this list, we have determined a list of top 10 trestle tables for all family sizes including small, medium and large.

Here is the list of top 10 trestle tables for your kitchen, backyard and living room

10. Weathered Gray Carolina Table


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The Carolina table comes in two colours including Weathered Gray and Antique Black. With a sturdy construction, it has a masterfully-crafted antique finish, enough to mesmerize your guests. Measuring 30 by 48, it adds considerable elegance and charm to your dining area or kitchen. The Gray variant makes an excellent combination with dark-painted walls in the backdrop, while on the other hand, the other variant (Antique Black) adds a classy look to your kitchen, putting a smile on your face when you dine at it.

9. Carolina Ayden 30X48


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The key and tenon construction and the X shape of this Italian piece of furniture can be a perfect match either for your dining area or living room. With an unmatched approach to the craft, the manufacturer blends U.S. management and Asian manufacturing to bring out a perfect piece of furniture. It is available in two sizes vis-à-vis small (measuring 30W x 30H x 48L) and large (measuring 36W x 30H x 60L). Engineered with veneers in its craft, it weighs just 250 lbs.

8. International Concepts Trestle


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Keeping in mind the liking for a simple yet elegant trestle table of customers, the maker has come out with a state-of-the-art design yet simplistic design that adds a greater degree of equity to space where it is kept. Crafted with a solid and sturdy wood, it weighs 45 pounds. However, if you are on a hunt for a trestle table to place it in your backyard or in the dining area, this one can help to retain the appeal and charm of your home.

7. Raw Coated Metal Table


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With a superior combination of wood and metal, its industrial finish touch makes it stand apart from the crowd. It’s purely handmade and manufactured in the U.S. it encompasses raw clear-coated sheet placed on metallic legs, that can easily be assembled. This time makes it the best fir for people having heights measuring from 5.1 feet to 5.8 feet. This kind of table, however, can be seen mostly in coastal side restaurants or bars owing to their size and height.

6. Stone Parson 78” 96 W


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Created and engineered with an Oak finish, the simple yet classic lines of the table match for homes of any style or décor. Also, the table comes with an additional leaf in order to expand its size to the number of members in your family. Measuring 40 D x 78W x 30H, the table can easily be expanded up to 96 W based on the member account. It’s built with a flexible design to accommodate more folks.

5. Stanley Helen Trestle Table

Stanley-340-21-36-Preserve-Helena-Trestle Trestle Table

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If you are a nuclear family with four members or less, this one could best fit the needs as measures 79 x79 x30 inches. Though smaller in size, its hand-painted striping adds unmatched simplicity and grace to the dining or living area. It is crated from veneers and meranti solids. The top of the table makes a continuous appeal to eyes for its Aged husk top, the area of which is enough to accommodate 6 chairs in its surrounding.

4. Hooker Dining Wood


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Utilizing a plethora of finish touches including up to 16, Hooker furniture has a different formula to craft and design compared to its counterparts. This Holder dining wood is encrusted with unsurpassed depth, quality, and richness that is enough to make your day special. Standing at a size measuring 84 inches W x 30 inches H x 42 inches D, it has two pairs of crossed legs that add a superior level for grace and charm to the décor of the space.

3. Sit n’ Stash Solid Wood Trestle Table for Kids


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Bid adieu to clutter now. The trestle tables are not only limited to their use in dining or living area anymore. If your kids love to have food while studying, mark this one in your checklist of furniture shopping. Featuring 2 shelves at the bottom, the table can be a perfect friend to your child. The table has the capacity to accommodate children up to 4 while it measures 32 inches W x 32 inches L and 23.75 inches H in size and 12.3 lbs in weight.

2. Rustic Trestle


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At number 2 in our review of the best trestle tables is the Rustic table with a seating capacity of 6, however, it can accommodate up to 8 including kids. It has a unique combination that blends two chairs and two bench matches and two chairs opposite to each other. Crafted with lumber, its rustic nature is enough to keep your entire family engaged while allowing to have fun. Besides, it measures 38 inches W x 84 inches L x 30 inches H.

1. Luxurious A-Grade Oval trestle Table


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Having sifted through hundreds of tables, we have placed this oval-shaped, large size table at the top of the list. Blessed with 8 stacking armchairs, it comes with unmatched design and looks. Although the table measures 71 inches in length, it can further be extended up to a whopping 94 inches in length. If you are looking for a trestle table makes an unsurpassable style statement while accommodating your family members, there is no looking further beyond it.

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