Top 10 Best Triple Bunk Beds in 2022

Are you there thinking how you can save space and at the same time live stylish and comfortable? Choose the Triple bunk beds. They are big enough to be used by both adults and the kids. I highly recommend these beds for home use because they will help you save space in a great way, especially when used in the kid’s bedroom where they require enough space to explore during playtime and while having their studies. The beds are superposed in such a manner that only one bed stays on the floor and occupies space.

These beds come in three matching sets. They are placed in a classical manner and obviously portray good design. Building the beds up together is not a complicated issue, its something you can handle alone. You only require the beds, side panels, and steel rods to ensure the frame is secure.

Kids love bright colors, to make them enjoy their beds, it’s healthy to give them a chance to paint their own beds or allow them to share their favorite colors, then you have them painted accordingly.

There are few steps to follow while building first build the bed frame, and add the side supports and finally the guardrails for the two or three beds. This keeps the bed safe for the children, especially the toddlers. You will be required to build the ladder to use while climbing up and down.

To enable you to choose and select the best bunk beds without much hustle, we have made it simpler for you by listing the top ten triple bunk beds for your selection.

Here Are The Top 10 Triple Bunk Beds For You

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10. Twin Triple Bunk Beds

Twin-Triple-Bunk-Bed-Chocolate TRIPLE BUNK BEDS

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These beds are very safe since they are tested by federal safety standards. It requires 400 ponds to enable it to get fixed in the top bunk. The rails of the bed are connected to the ends of the bed using a metal to metal machine. To ensure firmness, bolt, and t-nut are used to hold and tighten the bed well. The weight capacity for both upper and lower beds is managed. Finishing is great and ensures they complement the natural wood grain. The beds are comfortable and save space.


  • The rail connects to the ends of the bed, by a metal to a metal machine, bolts and the nuts are used to hold the bed securely.
  • The beds are tested by federal safety standards which we require 400 pounds to be placed in the top bunk
    It has a rustic color tan.
  • Doesn’t offer assembly on bunk beds.

9. Coaster – Triple Twin Bunk


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This attractive twin bunk bed is just perfect for the children’s bedroom. The bed has elusive curves. The designs are elegant, warm and relaxed. The safety of your child is well taken care of since these beds are fitted with the built-in guard. Rail. They also have the ladder and they are very comfortable, all these meant for convenience.


  • The bed has rich cherry finish
  • The construction is durable
  • It has the built-in guardrail and the ladder.
  • The twin bed has a traditional style
  • Twin over time and twin sizes.

8. Pemberly row-triple twin


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This bed is among the top 10 win beds. The bed is tested and qualifies to all the safety standards regulations. It bed bears a weight of 250 bl for the upper and lower beds. The finishing is just fine and sophisticated. The bed has a one year warranty and the lead testing. The bed is fitted with a rail that connects to the bed ends, using bolts and secure hold.


  • The twin bed has bunk bed warning
  • Fitted with a rail for safety
  • Tested by federal safety standards,
  • It has a rustic color tan.

7. Coaster collection Triple


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The bed is made from solid pine. The Coaster collection beds met all the rules, the lead testing. Has a one year warranty. These beds should be used by children of 6years of age and older. It is a tested bad
The bed is very stable and solid. It doesn’t shake or wobble when you move it. If you have small rooms and children who require sharing, this is a great buy.


  • Tested by federal safety standards
  • It has a rustic colour tan.
  • It has a rail connected to the bed ends.
  • Bolts and nuts to secure hold.

6. Maxtrix Hardwood-Twin-size straight


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The beds have been certified and passed the appropriate safety regulations. They are made of prime-grade hardwood. It offers the best space saving bed for three. The bottom bunk is wide enough leaving enough space.


  • Its versatile and can be separated into two beds.
  • The bed is extra stable and is crafted of solid hardwood.
  • Has independent wide ladder, very stable with steady steps.

5. Twin- Triple- Bunk- Bed Honey


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The bed is made from the solid pine. It is very safe and comfortable as assessed and certified by the safety standards. It is a well-furnished and retains the natural wood grain.
It saves space and can accommodate 3 kids.


  • The bed rails connect to the bed ends.
  • It has a metal bolt machine and the t-nut to tighten the bed and for a secure hold.
  • The bed is tested by the safety standard and requires 400 ponds.
  • Has a rustic color tan.

4. Coaster Sandler collection construction cappuccino


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The Sandler cappuccino bed has a very good and unique finishing. It blends so well with you casual décor. The bed offers a relaxed and comfortable style which provides extra space for the growing children and saves space for your room. The bed suits every household and later in future, you can split into own beds.


  • The bed is a triple full bunk
  • Very firm and durable
  • The bed has mattress support
  • Meets all the safety standards
  • It has multiple configurations
  • The finishing is awesome
  • Has one-year manufacturer warranty.

3. Cass- county Twin Triple Mahogany


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The bed is made of Mahogany finished or unfinished. You can choose the finish paint in accordance with your preferred color. The bed can comfortably accommodate three in a compact includes 3 stackable twin- sized beds.


  • Have 4 full-length guardrails
  • Have a ladder and the Euro-slots
  • Its available in mahogany
  • Qualifies for all the safety standards rules.

2. Three- sleeper-Bunk bed-contract


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The beds are heavy duty bunk beds, they are the best when you have many kids and the rooms are less. They are strong and durable. The product is the best for home assembly since its a conserving space product.


  • They are heavy duty bunk beds
  • The corner post is 66mm thick.
  • The ladder can either be used on either side right or left.

1. Coaster 400302, Triple Twin Bunk Bed with Multiple Configurations


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The bed is of a premium quality, very comfortable. It is the perfect bed for growing kids. The good finishing which is safe makes it appropriate for the kids. The bed has storage drawers making it be one of the perfect choices you need for your child.


  • Finish: Cappuccino
  • Material: Solid Pine Wood
  • Item Weight 219 pounds
  • Product Dimensions 44 x 78.2 x 76.8 inches
  • Item model number 400302
  • Assembled Height 77 inches
  • Assembled Width 44 inches
  • Assembled Length 78 inches
  • Weight 218 Pounds

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