Top 10 Best Waterproof MP3 Players in 2022 Reviews

Feeling like having some musical motivation when you drown deep in the water? Well, what comes as a great news is that now you can buy the best of the waterproof mp3 players that can cater to your needs of music while you’re on the go. Music while swimming acts like a supplement for motivation, it has also resulted in boosting the performance of the individuals.

Buyer Guide of waterproof mp3 player

Buyers must consider the waterproof rating before buying the product, you may also consider the amount of storage you’re getting with the device. The buds that will go in the ears need to be of utmost quality as they will determine the quality while you lash into the water.

In this article, we present you with the top 10 out of the box waterproof mp3 players that will be suitable for your underwater endeavours:

10. AGPtEK S11 Waterproof MP3 player:

AGPtEK S11 8GB IPX8 Waterproof Sports MP3 Player

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Looking forward to a device to catering your waterproof music needs? Well, with AGPtEK IPX8 waterproof mp3 player, you can enjoy your favourite music while you go for Jogging, Running, Surfing, Swimming and much more. The product comes in a black colour and offers a solid build to the users.

The product falls in the IPX8 Waterproof segment, equipped with three deemed pairs of swimming ear plugs for ease of access. The company ensures a 100% stable music experience while you swim or jog. The product will never fall out, also the product comes with an 8 GB of divine storage for your songs.

9. Sony NWZWS613BLK MP3 player:

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With a unique design and innovative features, the product from the production house of the Sony can be your best pick. The product features a waterproof support to the users, with a comfortable and alluring fit, it can be the one you desire. The product features a 4 GB of memory.

You can listen to internet radio, you can also stream your favourite tracks wirelessly. The product also supports various fitness apps with its vicinity. With a ring type remote control, users can obtain the absolute comfort of controlling the device at tips. Users can also take the hands-free call without any trouble.

8. Aerb MD197 Waterproof MP3 player:

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With a masculine design and deemed build, Aerb waterproof earphones can fulfil your adventurous desire while you dive deep in the water. The product features the high quality of sound to the user, you can also feel the deemed bass with the product. It is 100% water resistant up to three meters of the water depth.

The product has a great battery life, with a 200 mAH of battery, users can obtain around 18 hours of battery life easily. The product also supports a wide range of music file formats such as WMA, MP3 and much more.

7. AGPtEK S12 Waterproof MP3 player:

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With IPX8 waterproof support, have the pleasure of dedicated music experience under water with this product. The product is ideal for swimming, running and various other water sports as well. The alluring mp3 player comes in a blue colour which is pretty attractive.

With over 8 GB of storage, store over 2000 songs easily. The product ensures the viability of the user with a comfortable design. What comes as a great fact is that the product only weighs 23.2 grams. With the durable design and dimensions, the product can be your best pick.

6. Reacher Mini Waterproof MP3 player:

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Now take care of your FM needs while you swim in the water, users can leverage the wide array of features that come bundled with this revolutionary product. The user can play music seamlessly up to 10 meters from the Bluetooth enabled device. It comes handy and offers a smooth appeal to the users. The frequency range for the FM stands at FM 88 Mhz to 108 Mhz.

The product provides up to 8 hours of up time to the users. You can charge it fully in just 3 hours. What comes as a great fact is that it supports micro SD card slot and an esteemed built-in mic for absolute support. You can also use the product for AUX purposes.

5. GEARONIC TM Waterproof MP3 player:

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Are you an underwater sports enthusiast? If yes, then the Gearonic waterproof mp3 player can serve you with best of the underwater music experience on-demand. The product has been sealed with silicon ensuring a high-grade waterproof touch. The device is lightweight as well as attractive.

The product comes with a 4 GB of dedicated storage, it is fit for your water related endeavours. The product also comes with dedicated sets of ear buds, aux cables, adjustable strap and more.


4. Pyle Waterproof MP3 player:

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Looking forward to a product that can store up to 1000 songs and can provide you with seamless underwater musical experience, all at the same time? Pyle waterproof mp3 device is breaking the barriers with exquisite service and features.

Simple touch buttons for ease of access have been given, also the memory stands at 4GB. The product features a flexible appeal to the users, the durability is commendable. The product is specifically designed for exercise, swimming and more.

3. Diver TM Waterproof MP3 player:

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Looking forward to gifting your friend a nice waterproof mp3 player? Diver comes in an exquisite pink colour; the product ensures the viability for your needs through a dedicated 4 GB of storage. You can also plug and play through the device whenever you desire.

The product comes with a year of warranty; the rechargeable batteries can perform well. The product is also available in the blue colour. The waterproof shield is commendable.

2. Diver DB-10 Waterproof MP3 player:

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The Diver DB-10 device can be your best pick when it comes to ensuring the best of the out of the box underwater music experience. The batteries are deemed and can provide an uptime of up to 10 hours in a row.

The product features an easy plug and plays experience to the user. You can choose from an array of colours available with the product. The product also comes with a warranty of 12 months. The memory allocation for the song storage stands at 4 Gb only.

1. SwimBuds SYRYN Waterproof MP3 player:

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Listen to your favourite tracks without any interruption, the product ensures the 100% waterproof appeal to the users. The hassle-free experience has been guaranteed by the company.

The product supports an array of music file formats such as MP3, WMA and more for the absolute access of the user. The device also comes with an out of the box shuffle feature. The product comes in a red colour that can surely attract the limelight. The product weighs just 0.63 ounces. The dimensions are handy and provide a decent enough grip of the device. The one-meter extension cable is also available with the device. You can store up to 2000 great tracks in the device, also the product meets the IPX-8 waterproofing level as well.


When you look for a perfect waterproof mp3 player, you must ensure that you pick the best of all. Consider the features offered carefully and then make an informed choice. The quality of the product must be of the extreme level.

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