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Top 7 Best Wheel Vintiques in 2024 Reviews

Introduction: Since the year 1986, Wheel Vintiques has become a leading manufacturer of the specialty wheels for trucks, classic cars, muscle cars and street rods. The company has a vast and wide range of product lines that covers around 80 various styles of steel, cast alloy, billet aluminium wheels, and wires. Wheel Vintiques constantly work on turning your dream car into a reality. In this article, we have come up with Top 7 best wheel vintiques that you might want to consider as an option for your car or truck or any automobile.

Here are the 7 best choices of wheel vintiques in 2024

7. Wheel Vintiques Smoothie :: 62-Series:: 5605334:: Smoothie Wheel

These wheels are Ford & Chevy style. This 62 series O.E. The wheel is available in various sizes starting from 14-17’’. You can easily upgrade your truck or car’s look with these series wheels. You can even customize the wheels as you can choose different caps according to your preference & style.

  • OE Lugs and Hub Cap Applicable
  • Bare Steel Finish
  • Ready for powder coating or paint

6. Wheel Vintiques Smoothie :: 12-Series:: Smoothie 571204 with Wheel Size of 15” x 7”

This series offers various sizes. It also offers bare finish which includes painted primer. These wheels are used in lug nuts, factory hubcaps and even trim rings. However, these are usually sold separately from the main product.

  • Compatible trim ring, hubcap and OEM lug nut
  • Steel construction
  • Usually comes in an elegant grey colour

5. Wheel Vintiques:: 30-Series:: 583405:: Corvette Rallye Wheel

The Corvette Rallye rims are using the standard Chevy bolt pattern (5 x 4-3/4”). Just like the originals, they are also painted silver. These wheels are compatible with conical lugnuts, acorn lugnuts, trim rings and factory GM hubcaps.

  • Compatible trim ring, hubcap and OEM lug nut
  • Steel construction
  • Silver finished

4. Wheel Vintiques:: 30-Series:: 5034052:: Corvette Rallye Wheel

Just like the originals, these wheels are also painted silver. They come in 15” x 10” sizes. The rear spacing of the same is 5-1/2” and it offers a bolt circle of 5 x 4-3/4″.

  • Compatible trim ring, hubcap and OEM lug nut
  • Sturdy construction
  • Silver finished which is precisely factory matched

3. Wheel Vintiques Center Caps ::18-Series:: 7912514:: Wheel Vintiques Artillery Wheel Size: 17’’ x 9’’

This wheel offers the variety of sizes that come with a fine chrome finish. Hence, this series is one of the most popular series in the automobile industry. These series wheels are usually compatible and can work well with lug nuts, trim rings, and factory hubcaps.

  • The center caps are sold separately from the product
  • Comes with a chrome finish

2. Wheel Vintiques Center Caps :: Bare 14-Series:: 5612334:: Gennie Wheel Size: 15” x 6”

These wheels are the latest & modern version of the 1940-48 Ford truck wheels and passenger cars. It comes with a premium quality finish which is absolutely ready for painting or powder coating. The center caps and trim rings do not come with a product but one can buy them separately. The product comes with a size of 15” x 6”. The rear spacing offers the size of 3-3/4” and the bolt size offers 5 x 4-1/2” and 5 x 4-3/4”.

  • Classic & original hot rod look
  • Offers Primer finish
  • High quality steel construction

1. Wheel Vintiques:: 1041:: Center Cap

This product is a qualitative reproduction of the many famous specialty wheels and popular stock. The material used in this product is OE style that gives an accurate fitting and looks to the product. The product offers accurate logos and emblems too.

  • Offers Chevy Bow Tie with fine chrome
  • Comes with 10-1/8″ of the Outside Knobs
  • Compatible with OE Styled Wheels especially steel wheels
  • Offers a diameter of 10-1/8″

Before buying any wheels just have a look at your needs and compare it with the specifications mentioned in the blog. This comparison will serve as a ready-reference for your purchase.
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