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Top 10 Best Wine Coolers and Wine Fridges in 2019 Review

Are you a wine lover and need wine coolers to preserve your various favorite wines at home? Then, let me introduce the top 10 best wine coolers to keep your wines chilled all along. These wine coolers or wine fridges allow you to store not only the unopened bottles but also the half bottles which you cannot finish in a single sitting. You can store it for later. So, if this sounds right to you, check these wine coolers as follows and find the best fit for yourself.

The Top 10 Best Wine Coolers & Wine Fridges in 2019

10. iGloo 12-bottle Wine Coolers

iGloo wine coolers top our list because of their affordable rate and ideal refrigerator size. Due to this fact, it is also very much loved among the users. It can store 12 bottles of wine. You can keep 4 bottles vertically and 8 bottles horizontally. You can set the temperature as per your needs and wishes. It ranges from 46ºF-64ºF. The blue interior light indicates its functionality. When it comes to elegant style, no other wine coolers can beat this one in my opinion if you love to have just a small size one. The curved glass door with a stylish design also looks simply amazing. I love it.

9. Ivation 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Coolers

As the name suggests, Ivation wine coolers offer dual functionality. You don’t need to buy two separate wine coolers for white and red wines. This wine cooler is larger in size and costlier in price as compared to the earlier one. You can store 18 bottles comfortably. You can also customize the temperature from 54ºF to 64ºF. There are six slots and each of them has a space of 3 bottles. The glass door is tempered smoked, so it prevents the interior temperature from coming into contact with the outside environment.

8. Kalamera 15’ Wine Coolers 30 Bottle

Kalamera wine coolers cost nearly five times more than the earlier wine coolers. Though it is expensive, it offers a lot more other features. Having a large storage capacity of 30 bottles, this wine cooler is an ideal fit for a wine buff. You can store a wide collection of wines. Unlike other wine coolers, it has a standing unit which ensures the long durability of the wine cooler. The double-layered tempered glass door has a stainless steel frame which ensures the safety of the door.

7. Danby 36 Bottle Free Standing Wine Coolers

You can store 36 wine bottles in Danby wine coolers. Surprisingly, it is extremely low-priced.  I wonder why it costs so affordable when it offers such a high functionality. It looks stylish, makes no noise while functioning, and maintains a constant temperature. What else do you need? Maybe, the facility to customize the temperature? Don’t worry. It offers this too. You can customize the temperature from 43ºF to 57ºF.  Though the wine cooler is big, it is well-built and has a nice finish.

6. NewAir AW – 280 E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

NewAir Wine Cooler is probably the most stylish wine cooler on the list. It has an extremely transparent glass door and the rack’s design is also very classy. The racks are adjustable, so you can pull them out/ in according to your needs. It is equipped with a thermoelectric cooling system which allows you to control the temperature from 54ºF to 66ºF. It also has a digital display mounted on the top of the door. It helps you to control the entire wine cooler with ease.

5. NutriChef 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

NutriChef 18 Bottle Thermoelectric wine cooler is an ideal fit for people who are looking for a low-priced and small in size wine cooler. The shelves are built in a way that it looks a bit messy from the outside but this wine cooler is particularly known for its ultra-quiet cooling system. Unlike other wine coolers, it remains so quiet while functioning that you can’t even feel the presence of it in the room. All other functionalities are the same as the other wine coolers.

4. KoldFront TWR 187ESS 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Koldfront wine cooler is slightly different in design as compared to other wine coolers. The LCD monitoring display is mounted in the middle of the door. Interestingly, the temperature range is different in both zones.  In the top zone, you can customize the temperature from 54ºF-66ºF, and in a lower zone, the temperature range is 46ºF to 66ºF. To make the monitor screen function smoothly, you would need to swing the glass door at 180º.

3. Magic Chef MCWC 12B 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

Magic Chef MCWC wine cooler is the best solution if you’re on a tight budget. This is one of the smallest and cheapest wine coolers on our list. Though it is low-priced, it offers amazingly great service. Given the fact, it is a loved choice among the users. The temperature range is between 54ºF to 66ºF. As it doesn’t have a huge storage capacity, the wine cooler is an ideal fit for a small family. You can keep an eye on the running temperature of the LED display.

2. Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

If the Magic Chef CWC 12 B wine cooler doesn’t seem you stylish, get this one. It is also an inexpensive wine cooler but it looks classy. Unlike the Magic Chef wine cooler, it is large in height and small in width, so renders an ideal refrigerator look. The storage capacity and the functionality are the same but the price is even less than that. Yes, the Avanti 12 Bottle wine cooler is the cheapest on our list. Due to its elegant looks and affordable rate, it has managed to win the hearts of users.

1. Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler

Another simple, economical, and low-storage wine cooler. It is a few bucks costlier than Avanti 12 bottle wine cooler and the design is also a bit different. It is insulated with polyurethane heavy foam which helps the interior temperature to remain consistent. The best thing about this wine cooler is that it is equipped with an energy-efficient thermoelectric cooling system. So, you can’t only control the temperature but also customize the vibration and sound of the cooler.

These are some of the best wine coolers in the market in 2019. The storage capacity and prices are different but they all are good value for money.






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