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Top 10 Best Desk Fan in 2024 Reviews

Introduction: At times, it can be pretty hot at home or even in the office. When this does happen, it becomes very necessary to look for an efficient and quick cooling solution. Among the many solutions that are available, desk fans have become the most popular.

Most people prefer them as they are small and portable. Also, they are compact which makes them very easy to use for even the beginners. They are energy efficient, and this does keep the energy costs very low. When you are choosing this gadget, it is very important to consider size, shape, design, weight and airflow features. Click Here To Check Best Dyson Fan

Here Are The Top Ten Best Desk Fan in 2024

10. Ozeri Brezza II High-Velocity Desk Fan

This is a newly upgraded desk fan that has dual oscillation motors which deliver cooling airflow with an automatic horizontal and the vertical motion. This Brezza II does raise the bar regarding fan performance with unmatched technology. The gadget has an elegant design with three motor speeds and very low noise output in its class. With a very impressive oscillating capability, Brezza II Fan is among the most effective and inexpensive Ways of overcoming summer heat on a very hot day.


  • It comes with very powerful and quiet dual oscillating motors. It has been made to cool the entire room very efficiently with automatic horizontal and vertical motion.
  • The Front controls do provide very easy access to be able to engage vertical and horizontal oscillations or even non-uniform airflow.
  • Aerodynamically has been designed with the lowest dB noise rating. This ensures that It provides air circulation at three different speeds.
  • Push button access to the non-oscillating mode, and it can be adjusted to a maximum of 90 degrees.

9. Aikoper Desk Fan USB (Black)

Aikoper quiet Desk Fan (Black) has twin turbos that drive two blades to be able to rotate in the opposite directions. The ever-increasing inner pressure will then accelerate air circulation and hence produce maximum cooling powers. The Dual blades have been designed effectively to reduce vibrations and noises. It is compatible with computers, chargers, laptops and any other device that has a USB output. The two watts fans can save energy and at the same time reduce noises.


  • Quiet and sturdy: The dual blade’s design gets to work with very minimal noise.
  • Unique Design: This fan has a bionic shell sculpt and a classic black finish that gets to blend with a variety of room decors.
  • Sensitive Touch Control: When you get to acquire this product, you say goodbye to the traditional push buttons. The single touch on metal base can achieve a turn on/off for the best summer cooling.

8. OPOLAR F401 Table Desk Fan USB

OPOLAR F401 USB Table quiet Desk Fan is among the coolest fans which has a large capacity to blow the air. It is a USB powered fan that can work in both offices and homes. The fan has metal blades. It has a housing that is nice shiny black and the blades are silver. USB Cod is about three feet long. You will find the fan to be portable and easy to move around as it is very small.


  • The OPOLAR fan comes with a 4-inch blade and a 6-inch frame that saves your desk space.
  • It is powered by USB cable which is compatible with Computers, portable charges, and laptops.
  • The sturdy metal fan does produce a soft breeze that keeps you cool and more relaxed.
  • It operates quietly with minimal noise.

7. OPOLAR USB Table Desktop Fan (Bronze)

OPOLAR USB Desktop Fan (Bronze) does pack a punch. It is very classy, and you have fewer worries of breaking even a single sweat. It is super quiet ensuring that there is minimal disturbance. It is suitable for small rooms and working spaces. It has a one-speed setting which is just perfect. It does give a faint and smooth humming noise.


  • Four-inch size blade with a very cool space saving design.
  • It has a one speed setting with a toggle switch.
  • The base is made of steel, and it has adjustable grips.
  • This gadget is sturdy and compact, and it is usually constructed with a durable metal.


If you are searching for a small fan that is suitable for your work desk, well look no further. This gadget is all that you require. This fan works superbly! It has three settings that all work with one button. It is light and quick with the compact size making it look even more amazing. It takes very little space in your office or even house. The head is adjustable making it very easy for you to point in the direction that you desire. There is no noise which means you can work with no noise.


  • Anti-slip base: The bottom is made of rubber which makes it stable.
  • It is very easy to operate as all control is within a single button.
  • Multi-directional Adjustment.

• The fan is USB powered.

5. Lasko 4910 Desk Top Wind Tower Fan

Lasko 4910 Desk Top Wind Tower Fan is just the perfect fan that you need in your office to avoid sweating the whole day. It has a unique look that makes your fellow workers admire your desk. Regarding its performance, no gadget can match this. You can also use it in your home too. The Swivel feature is superb for the air circulation. It comes with both the low and high settings meaning the control is in your hands.


  • This Desk fan has three refreshing speeds.
  • It is fully assembled for immediate use.
  • Front Mounted electronic controls.
  • The Pivoting top module ensures proper air movement.

4. Vornado Zippi Personal Desk Fan

Vornado Zippi Personal Fan is a very small fan but with a big attitude. It comes with an innovative soft cloth blade that does quickly propel the air. They are safe to touch even when the fan is in motion. It is very ideal for the travelers as it can fold down so that it can be packed in a very fast manner.


  • Unique Blades: Zippi fan comes with unique soft nylon blades that quickly and very quietly propel air. It is very safe for the user to touch the blades even when they are in motion.
  • Versatile and Portable: Zippi Fan is very much comfortable to move around with much ease.
  • It has two-speed settings and a manual reverse air flow control.
  • Suitable for the large rooms.

3. O2COOL Desktop Air Fan

Are you looking for a fan that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities? O2COOL can be used both in the office as well as in schools. It can also be used while on a camping trip and especially when there is a power outage as a result of a thunderstorm. It does operate on two D cell batteries. It features both the high and low speeds and does boast a fan blade that has been designed to extend the battery life and maximize on the air flow.


  • Mini Battery Operated fan: This is a fan that is operated by battery. This means that you can use it anywhere you want. There is no limitation of having to access power.
  • Durable Construction: To have a long lasting strength and usage, this fan has been crafted using a plastic construction that is durable which ensures that it has a longer life.
  • Two Speed Operation: To ensure that it accommodates all your needs, it has both the high as well as the low speeds. It is very quick to operate.

2. Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan

This is a very innovative air circulator with a chic style. When it is not in use, it can easily be folded down to conceal the grill. It has a sleek finish and a modernized design that make it a personal circulator with a personality. It does come with a two-speed setting to provide you with a perfect breeze.


  • It comes with two-speed settings and a manual swivel.
  • The gadget has pivoted to adjust the airflow direction.
  • High sleek finish and innovative design.

1. Vornado VFAN Classic Vintage Air Circulator Fan

Vornado VFAN fan is a collection of sturdy metal construction with very authentic Vornado VFAN styling. It has two-speed settings and a pivot head for ensuring multidirectional airflow. The fan looks very beautiful, and it is well made. It is all metal which ensures it lasts longer compared to the plastic ones. It is small, meaning you can travel around with it.


  • It is made of classic metal design inspired by the original Vornado fan.
  • The gadget easily ensures that there is air circulation throughout the room.
  • It comes with two-speed settings with a full action pivot head for the multi-directional airflow.
  • Quiet and very safe design.






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