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Top 10 Best Gas Pressure Washers In 2024 Reviews

A pressure washer has a variety of applications starting from cleaning dirty driveways to oil spills in the garage. There are different types of pressure washers available, but the gas pressure washers stand out for their performance and convenience. You can wash any dirty surface with a gas-pressure washer that is mostly powered by a gasoline engine. There are different sizes of gas pressure washers available, starting from compact ones to commercial and industrial washers. Check out the top 10 best gas pressure washers below.

Here Are Best Gas Pressure Washers In 2024 Reviews

1. SIMPSON Gas Pressure Washer

This gas pressure washer comes with a sturdy steel frame, so you can use this unit year after year. The ergonomic spray gun design of this unit also allows you to use the machine with less hassle. Moreover, the fuel tank of the engine leaves minimal fuel residue and does not emit any fuel odor. With a hose length of 25 feet, the flexible hose helps you to clean the surfaces with more accuracy.

The hose is also resistant to kink, abrasion, and marrying, so you do not need to replace it for years. Furthermore, the super-efficient axial cam pump of the machine is entirely maintenance-free but does not compromise the performance. This machine consists of a detergent tank for easier and faster cleaning.


  • Ergonomic design for better control.
  • Easy storage due to a folding structure.
  • Powerful performance and functional design.


  • It is slightly hard to move around.


2. Simpson MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer

With the help of extra-large, rubber wheels with the smooth-gliding facility, the machine glides on any terrain. This equipment with a gas-fueled pump is also able to produce 3200 PSI at a flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Moreover, the pneumatic tires of the wheels are 10-inch, and they never go flat. So, the steel framing of the equipment makes it extremely long-lasting and reliable. You can use this machine to clean fences, driveways, concrete, pavement, and other places.

The machine also consists of an axial cam pump, so you can keep the pump maintenance-free. Furthermore, the unit has several easy-to-attach nozzles, so you can handle small, medium, and heavy-duty washing tasks with ease. The spray gun washing system lets you control the water flow of the pressure washer without any difficulty.


  • Steel frame for enhanced durability.
  • Safe for use and has five nozzles.
  • Easy portability due to pneumatic tires.


  • The customer support team is hard to reach.


3. SIMPSON Premium Residential Gas Pressure Washer

This gas-pressure washer works great with cold water, so you do not have to wait to warm the water. At the flow rate of 2.4 GPM, the machine is also able to produce up to 3300 PSI water pressure. Moreover, the equipment has 10-inch oversized rubber wheels, so you can easily glide on any surface. With the help of an axial cam pump, the unit maintains a steady and smoother water flow for perfect pressure washing.

This machine also comes with a user-friendly mechanism, so everyone can easily use it. Furthermore, the welded steel frame offers enough stability to the whole construction, so it can last for years. The powder-coated finish makes the construction far more reliable and resistant to corrosion. The machine consists of a 25-foot long, flexible, abrasion-resistant, and non-marring hose for hassle-free maneuverability.


  • Maintenance-free design and durable housing.
  • Easy maneuverability due to large tires.
  • Resistant to abrasion and reliable performance.


  • It is a relatively new product on the market.

4. SIMPSON Cleaning Gas Pressure Washer

The gas pressure washer machine has two oversized wheels, so you can glide smoothly on any surface. These wheels are not only robust but also come with never-flat material construction. Furthermore, the machine consists of a simple but highly efficient residential engine to provide smooth and consistent water flow. The fuel-efficient unit does not cause any sticky residue in the engine and causes no fuel odor.

The machine also has a high-quality axial cam pump, so you do not have to regularly maintain it to keep the water flow steady. Furthermore, the equipment comes along with five different easy-connect nozzles, so you can handle several different-level tasks. The robust steel framing of this unit makes it convenient to use but easy to maneuver.


  • Premium construction and resistance to abrasion.
  • Quick connect nozzle tips for user advantage.
  • Non-marring hose and maintenance-free construction.


  • The average rating is low.

5. Champion Gas Pressure Washer

This gas-pressure washer offers a maximum flow rate of 2.4 GPM to generate a water pressure of 3200 PSI. The equipment also comes with an axial cam pump, so it can produce consistent and smoother water flow. Moreover, with the help of a 224cc powerful single-cylinder engine, this washer unit produces proper pressure of water to clean any grimy surface.

The machine also comes along with a 4-feet detergent hose, so you can have easy maneuverability. Furthermore, the equipment has a pair of ½-gallon detergent tanks, so you can handle any toughest cleaning task. The five different nozzles make the cleaning job convenient for everyone. This machine comes along with a 25-foot-long flexible and high-pressure hose.


  • Powerful performance and five nozzles.
  • Reduces fatigue with a comfortable grip.
  • Consistent cleaning due to a steady nozzle.


  • The build quality could have been sturdier.

6. Generac OneWash Pressure Washer

This heavy-duty pressure washer comes along with two robust but easy-gliding wheels. The washer also consists of an impactful horizontal axial cam pump, so you can generate up to 3100 PSI of water pressure. Moreover, the machine comes along with an onboard detergent tank. The tank comes with a maximum holding capacity of ½-gallon. The equipment is suitable for any heavy-duty cleaning job.

The washer pressure machine also comes with an easy-to-use spray gun, so you can use it without any hassle. Furthermore, you can stress-freely clean any surface, cars, wood, concrete, and other surfaces. With the help of the power dial button, you can adjust the pressure up to four levels to achieve several different tough tasks.


  • Easy cleaning with a large tank.
  • Powerful cleaning with an axial cam pump.
  • Power dial for easy adjustments.


  • The hose is quite fragile.

7. Pujua Gas Pressure Washer

This gas pressure washer works like professional-grade equipment, so you can handle easy to tough cleaning jobs. The unit also comes with a 7.0HP engine, so it can produce water pressure up to 3600 PSI. Moreover, the machine consists of a high-pressure gun, so you control the pressure of the washer as per your need. This equipment comes with five easy-connect nozzles to make your washing job versatile and hassle-free.

At the flow rate of 2.8-GPM, the unit also produces the pressure to support smoother and long-term washing. Furthermore, with the help of a 7.5-meter flexible hose, you can easily clean a larger spot without moving the whole washer. The equipment is suitable for cleaning fences, cars, boats, trucks, driveways, walkways, porches, and terraces.


  • High power and smooth output.
  • Easy movement with a flexible hose.
  • Complete set and large wheels.


  • There is no con at all.

8. Sun Joe Pressure Washer

The gas pressure washer with a flow rate of 1.76 GPM can generate the water pressure up to 2030 PSI. This equipment also has an 1800-watt motor to create a smoother and consistent water flow to clean various surfaces. Moreover, the pump of the tool comes along with automatic shut-off technology to save a lot of fuel during operation. So, you can even extend the life expectancy of the motor.

The hose of this washer is also suitable for the water inlet temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, with the help of five easy-connecting hoses, the pressure washer is suitable for any small to heavy-weight tasks. The equipment is ideal for cleaning buildings, RVs, trucks, boats, patios, lawns, and other places.


  • Versatile performance and wide application.
  • Maximum pressure for better performance.
  • Saves energy with an automatic shut-off feature.


  • The pressure hose is very close to the ground.

9. SIMPSON PowerShot Gas Pressure Washer

This high-pressure gas washer comes with a heavy-duty steel frame, so it offers enough stability to the construction. The gas-operated unit also comes along with an impactful engine, so it does not leave any fuel residue. Moreover, the machine does not emit any stinky fuel odor. The unit can produce up to 3300 PSI with a flow rate of 2.5-GPM. The industrial-grade engine of the machine is suitable for washing driveways, siding, concrete, pavement, and fences.

The machine also consists of a power-boosting triplex plunger pump, so it can generate powerful and constant water flow. Furthermore, you can use this machine to remove mildew and graffiti. The unit comes along with a threaded fitting 25-feet abrasion-resistant and non-marring flexible hose for hassle-free cleaning.


  • Functional design and pneumatic wheels.
  • Non-marring hose for better use.
  • Consistent performance and pump protection.


  • You have to spend time on manuals to understand.

10. PowerBoss Gas Pressure Washer

With a powerful engine, the motor of the gas pressure washer produces up to 3100 PSI at a maximum 2.4-GPM flow rate. The unit also comes with a PVC-coated 25-feet long pressure hose, so you can hassle-freely move with the machine. Moreover, the 187cc engine of the equipment delivers enough power to serve any medium-duty domestic purpose. The machine consists of a detergent tank with a loading capacity of 1 gallon.

The axial cam pump of this equipment also comes with quick-start technology, so the maintenance-free pump is easy to use. Furthermore, the four different sizes connect tips easily connect with the spray wand to support hassle-free cleaning. The high-pressure gas washer comes with two oversized gliding and aerated wheels for easy maneuverability.


  • Easy start technology for a smooth start.
  • Complete set and durable engine.
  • PVC coating and flexible hose.


  • It is quite loud and can be annoying to some.

Buying Guide For Gas Pressure Washer

Here is a list of the important factors to keep in mind while you go through gas pressure washers.


Gas pressure washers come with different power. If you are using it for commercial purposes, then you need to go for the one that has higher PSI (pounds per square inch). They can pull out almost 2800 PSI and include a high GPM (gallons per minute) of 4. For light uses, you can select the one that comes with a performance of up to 1900 PSI at 2 GPM. Most of it comes with medium-duty performance and operates at up to 2800 PSI at 3 GPM.


Most of it comes in a durable construction. You need to select the one that comes in a lightweight design and lets you use it for a long time. Check if it can deliver more pressure so that you can clear large areas like decks and driveways. It has to be perfect for personal use and must resist corrosion and rust. You must also see that it includes premium components and allows you to clean it hassle-free.


If your gas pressure washer includes all the useful accessories, then you don’t have to spend money to get anything extra. You can see if it includes all the extension wands so that you can reach all the difficult areas with ease. Some can also come with brushes that offer scrubbing facilities. With surface cleaners, you can easily clean the sidewalks. See if it includes all the spray nozzles and alters the pressure.

Easy to Use:

Select the one that lets you use it conveniently. The one that allows you to control the pressure will be a perfect choice. You can also see if it comes in a portable design and allows you to take it anywhere you want. If it has a heavyweight structure, then there can be an inconvenience in cleaning your driveways. Adjustability is another important feature that you must not neglect.



There is no doubt that you should choose a gas pressure washer over an electric one because the power delivered is more. Besides, there is no limitation on the wire length as it is cordless, and you can carry it anywhere without any restriction. We have listed the best pressure washers available online and affordable price tags. All you have to do is understand their features and functionalities using the buying guide and purchase the best one that can fulfill your requirements.






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