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Top 10 Best Golf Ball Retrievers | Golf Ball Pickers Reviews In 2024

Golf playing is very enjoyable when one uses the right golf ball retrievers; however, it becomes very frustrating when one is done with the game and he or she gets into back pains due to the regular bending and standing motions when looking and picking the ball from the holes. If one does not look for a ball retriever, it is very easy for one to quit the game due to these pains. It is therefore very important to consider various factors when acquiring these retrievers like the size and the design. When these factors are put into consideration, one will be able to always enjoy the game without any pain or frustration.

Best Golf Ball Retrievers Reviews

10. Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

No retriever will give comfort to a golf player than the Callaway golf ball retriever. This is because of the many features that will include a modern handle that is designed with a grip that is a texture to relieve the stress on one’s hand and does not instill any pressure on the fingers or wrists. Having been constructed from aluminum alloy it will never bend and the handle will extend to a whole 15 inches and retrieve the ball easily. The retriever comes with a zip head cover and easily fits in its storage bag making it very easy to transport.

Top Features

  • Comes with a modern handle
  • Fits well inside its storage bag
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Stretches to around 15 inches

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9. IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever

Need to enjoy golf playing worry no more the IGOTCHA golf retriever will help you achieve this. It comes with a very lightweight that makes it very easy to transport. It easily fits in the storage bag. The spring feature at the end of the retriever comes out when pressed down and exacts some pressure on its end making it cover the ball and hold it firmly as one moves the retriever. It is executively designed and can capture the balls that are up to ten feet away when its telescopic handle is extended. The retriever is ideal for even balls that are stuck in water, mud, or even sand.

Top Features

  • Ideal for even balls stuck in the mud
  • Weighs lightly to facilitate transportation
  • Comes with a spring mechanism

8. JP Lann 2-Style Golf Ball Retrievers

This is one of the most convenient golf retrievers that uses a very small amount of pressure to capture the ball that may land into the wrong holes. It comes in different sizes and designs, having been designed of anodized aluminum makes it very flexible without breaking. The retriever is eighteen feet long and works with a pressure head feature at its end and this helps one to push it against the ball to get hold of it. It comes with a sharp color that ensures that one traces it even on big long golf courses.

Top Features

  • Comes with a pressure feature
  • Measures 18 feet long
  • Comes in different sizes and designs

7. Search N Rescue Hinge Cup Retriever

It is very hectic when a golf ball gets into water that is on the golf course surface. Since most golf players do not wear the water rubber the search and rescue retriever works best for this. It extends to about 24 feet and comes with the capability of fishing even two golf balls. The retriever is designed with a telescopic feature that can be adjusted to fish the ball in shallow and deep waters. It easily folds back to the storage bag and it’s very light to transport. This will go a long way in making sure that the golf players stay dry and clean during the entire playing time.

Top feature

  • Can hold up to two balls
  • Adjustable to deep and shallow waters
  • Extends to 24 feet

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6. DYWISHKEY Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

When purchasing a golf ball retriever consider the DYWISHKEY telescopic retriever. It comes in two telescopic retrievers making it ideal to use and something worth your money. Having been designed with a stainless steel shaft makes it very durable and it does not bend even when projected. It is light and easy to transport. Having a telescopic feature makes it reach a distance of almost 80 inches. It comes with an automatic lock at the scoop that holds the ball tightly to prevent it from falling. It can retrieve the ball from mud, water, and even beyond the boundary fence.

Top Features

  • Comes in two telescopic retrievers
  • Has an automatic locking scoop
  • Designed with a stainless steel shaft


Most golfers will always prefer the search and rescue by JTD enterprise retriever. This saves time and reduces the many strains on one’s back. It is designed with a telescopic handle feature made of stainless steel metal although it’s very light weighing and easily folds back to the storage bag. It is also fitted with durable stainless steel rings that usually lock the ball firmly for its recovery. The dual zip headcover also adds to its many advantages.

Top Features

  • Designed with strong stainless steel
  • Has an adjustable flexible shaft
  • Has a durable lock bar

4. Proactive Sports Hinged Cup retriever

Having a perfect golf retriever is not easy; the proactive retriever is one of the perfect retrievers. This is because it not only assists one in retrieving the ball but also reduces back pain. It is designed in a way that it can retrieve the ball from deep rough or from the water. The hinged cup feature makes sure that it easily traps the ball and firmly holds it. It is very effective as its handle can open up to 18 feet and has a very soft rubber handle that is always relaxing to the hand. This retriever folds easily and is very simple to transport and store

Top Features

  • Retrieves golf ball from deep rough and water
  • Has a hinged cup design
  • Has a soft rubber handle

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3. Golf Ball Pick Up Retriever Grabber

In case you suffering back pains due to the regular bending and up motions when trying to retrieve the golf balls worry no more the 8 pcs golf ball retriever is a perfect solution to these problems. it comes with a small claw feature that strongly holds the ball and retrieves it very fast. It comes with eight sets of ball retriever that perfectly fits in one’s bag easily. It is strongly constructed as it does not bend or twist.

Top Features

  • Comes with a set ball retriever
  • Works with putters
  • Best for golfers with arthritis

2. Signstek Brand New Retractable Steel Saver

This telescopic-designed retriever offers very accurate golf ball retrieving services. Having been designed with a strong stainless steel shaft makes it strong as it does not bend or fold when retrieving the ball whether in water or hardy places. Its automatic locking scoop feature makes it strongly hold the ball without dropping. Its handle is soft textured to give the maximum comfort to one’s hands.

Top Features

  • Fitted with a comfortable handle
  • Made of a strong stainless steel shaft
  • Easy to use

1. JBM Golf Ball Retriever Device

Looking for a high-quality golf ball retriever, this is the most recommended retriever. Having been constructed with a rust-free aluminum alloy makes it very strong and does not bend even when retrieving balls that are under pools of water or in the sand. It is designed with a strong handle that never loses contact with the hand. It’s lightweight making it simple to transport and for golfers to walk around with. Read more about ladder golf.

Top Features

  • Designed with a stylish golf cup
  • Made of rust-free aluminum
  • Has a strong hand grip






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