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The 10 Best Hair Waver Irons in 2024 – Reviews

A hair waver iron is a must-have for every lady; especially for those who like to doll up. Are you here searching for a hair waver iron suitable for your needs? Over here, you will find all the information you need. In this article, we will look into the top 10 best hair waver irons and their desirable features.

List of The 10 Best Hair Waver Irons in 2024 Reviews

10. Bed Head

Bed Head has always been a well-known brand for Hair Waver Irons. This hair waver’s weight is 1 pound and 15.4 inches’ length, 6.4 inches’ height and 3 inches’ width. With this one, you will get a loose S wave as this waver is an S-shaped Plate. The Swivel Cord of this hair waver is also tangle-free. The ceramic and tourmaline technology of this hair waver helps cut down frizz and create beachy, sexy waves as well as massive shiny hair.

Besides that, after you purchase this hair waver and you are not happy or satisfied about it, you can return this hair waver and refund your money back within 30 days. Since Bed head knew that you like your head waver hot, they have created a hair waver that its heat is up to 400’F. Hence, this hair waver also has instant heat recovery and multiple heat settings for all types of hair which would provide satisfying results.

9. Alure

Alure is one of the best choices. The color of this three-barrel hair waver is gold, and the item’s weight is 1.3 pounds. Moreover, you can use this hair waver with all types of hairstyles whether your hair is thin, thick, long or short. This hair waver is the perfect curly iron that will create a professional-looking, beachy look that can last all day long. The heated ceramic of this hair waver will also produce shiny waves and will not cause any frizz at all.

Furthermore, you can also change your hairstyle without any difficulty by using a crimping iron. This hair waver is also made with a high-grade ceramic with Teflon that is resistant to PH. It is very durable and lasts for a long time. Plus, this curling iron is very easy to adjust the temperature as it is fast heated. It only takes 60 seconds to go up from 0 to 410’F.Top of FormBottom of Form.

8. Revlon

Up next, we have Revlon. This hair waver 12.8 inches’ length, 4 inches’ height, 2.5 inches’ width and11.2 ounces. This hair waver is designed with the Tourmaline Ceramic Technology which delivers perfect heat distribution and can protect hair from damages due to over styling. Also, you can easily create different types of hairstyling with this hair wave; such as gorgeous waves, straight lock hair, etc.

In addition, the Swivel Cord of this hair waver is also tangle-free, which can never be twisted together at all. The heat of this hair waver is also able to go up to 430F, and there are 30 heat settings which you can use to control all types of hairstyles that you want. This hair waver is also easy to grip as there is a cool tip.

7. Biboss

One of the best hair wavers on the list is Biboss. This is not a single curling iron but a triple baked ceramic. This hair waver has two colors which are pink and black, and its cable line is 2.5m. This hair waver provides a high heat which is ceramic technology that helps protect the hair and the negative ions that help your hair to become more charming, and shiny. Hence, Ionic and tourmaline technology also make your curl softer and shiner.

Moreover, this 3-barrel hair waver has a non-slip handle which prevents the user from accidentally dropping the unit while using it, and it comes with barrel tips as well. Besides that, its cord is also tangle-free and can rotate 360 degrees. If you purchase this 3-barrel hair waver and you are not satisfied with this product, you can return the product to Biboss, and they will return your money back to you.

6. Revlon Jumbo

If you look to replace your old Hair Waver Irons, check out this pick from Revlon. This curling iron also has a unique middle barrel which creates smooth and deep waves. The heat of this curling hair is up to 420 Fahrenheit. For thin hair, the heat level goes up from 1 to 6, and the heat level for wavy hair to Medium hair is 7 to 14 and the heat level for thick hair is from 15 to 22, etc.

Moreover, the Swivel Cord of this Revlon Jumbo is similar to Head Bed as it is tangle-free. This curling iron also features the ceramic and tourmaline technology which will create luxurious, gorgeous and last longing waves. It also helps reduce hair damages due to heat.

5. Alure Three Barrel Curling Iron

Similar to Revlon Jumbo, Alure is also one of the best, top-rated products in the market when it comes to hair curling tools. This hair waver is 1.5 pounds and made from high-grade ceramic. Moreover, this hair waver heats up extremely fast as the heat goes up to 410 F (210 C) in just 1 minute. This hair waver will create natural, beachy and shiny curls that will last all day long.

Thus, this hair waver is eco-friendly, which means it does not consume a lot of power. You can also carry this hair waver with you when you are traveling in the country or internationally as it has a dual voltage operation (110V-220V). Besides that, they also give out a 30 days’ warranty to every buyer.

4. Bed Head Wave Artist

Bed Head Wave Artist is an excellent option for those who adore hair wavers. This hair waver offers the ceramic and tourmaline technology as it can add a massive shine and reduce frizz. This hair waver also has a multiple heat setting; it can be used for all types of hairstyle from coarse to thin.

Moreover, this hair waver is also designed with an auto shut off to prevent any fire danger from happening. The heat of this curling iron can go up from 0 to 400 degree Fahrenheit. The deep Waver Barrel also creates quick, easy, beachy and sculpted waves. This hair waver is a dual voltage and for easy storage in a smaller space.

3. Deep Wave

If you need/want a top-rated hair waver, you should consider this pick from Deep Wave. This curling iron is 14.1 inches’ length, 3 inches’ width and 4.2 inches’ height and 1 pound. The tourmaline and ceramic technology of this hair wave can make the hair look more glossy and shiny, and it also curls or waves a lot of hair at once in less time. It also helps reduce heat damage.

This hair waver is also easy to use as there is a separate switch (on and off). This curling iron also heats up very quickly and will stay hot, and it will adjust to the temperature immediately if it senses heat loss. There is also a cool tip on this hair waver which helps protect your finger while using it and to secure the grip and make it more comfortable to hold.

2. Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go

The second-best product goes to this Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go. The color of this hair waver is purple. The heat of this curling iron can go up from 0 to 400 degree Fahrenheit. It also has dual voltage and the auto-off feature. The ceramic and tourmaline technology helps the hair to shine more brightly and reduce frizz.

With this hair waver, you can create different waves as you only need to adjust waver barrel plates. The Swivel Cord of this curling iron is tangle-free. This hair waver also has multiple heat settings which can be used to style all types of hairstyle.

1. Vanessa

This is the most sought-after hair waver on the list that comes from Vanessa brand. This hair waver is 12 ounces in weight, 13.2 inches’ length, 4 inches’ height and 2.1 inches’ width. Using this hair iron, you will not have to be concerned about frizz or split ends. You can also straighten your hair with this waver iron.

This hair waver also features the automatic switch off, dual voltage and a closing lock. It also has a dial control which is clockwise that can increase or decrease temperature, from 265 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit, and an LDC digital display. Besides that, this hair waver also gives out a 5p0 days’ warranty which customers can return and claim their money back if they are not happy with the product.


You have just looked at the top 10 best hair waver irons of the year. With these details above, now, you should be able to select a model that can cater to your needs.






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