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Top 10 Best Inflatable Car Mattresses Reviews In 2024

Inflatable car mattresses are crucial for individuals who love camping, hiking, and going for long road trips as well as beach parties. If you love traveling with your partner or family, these mattresses can also help you save money that you could use to pay lodging bills. They are also great for people who do not get enough sleep when camping. Having them in your car will allow you to take a nap before hitting the road. Besides, these mattresses will offer a comfortable and safe place for your kids to take a nap or relax as you drive. These top best inflatable mattresses for SUVs, Mini Van, or cars will give you an idea of how to select a model that suits your needs. Comparing the following models will help you in making a more informed decision.

Best Inflatable Car Mattresses Reviews

10. FBSPORT BSport Inflatable Car Mattress Air Bed w/ Two Air Pillows

If you are looking for an effective solution for adventure, traveling, festivals, and camping, here is one. This is a high-quality inflatable mattress, which is not only comfortable but also easy to use. It conveniently fits on the back seat of your car allowing you to take a nap in between your travel. It is also a great choice for your children to enjoy a relaxed time as you take a long road trip. For added convenience, this unit comes with protective air cushions as well as two pillows.

Key features

  • Extra protecting air cushion
  • Inflates and deflates fast
  • Comes with two pillows
  • Compact yet very comfortable

9. HAITRAL Travel Camping Inflatable Mattress for Car

Combining tough construction materials and double stitching this inflatable mattress resist tear and wear offering you a reliable service for many years. This mattress is designed to hold a weight of more than 650 pounds. The unit is integrated with anti-seismic innovation coupled with modern pressure proof for enhanced performance. Additionally, this mattress comes with powerful dual heating seams that eliminate air leaks.

Key features

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Inflatable conveniently and fast
  • Great for camping and travel
  • Comfortable and Wide

8. NEX Car Inflatable Mattress Car Bed for Camping

The NEX car bed has been designed to offer you a service you can rely on during your campout and weekend getaways. The mattress comes with a sleek design that fits in the back of the car. This will allow you to sleep either inside the car or in a tent. Besides being made using high-grade materials, this unit comes with an external pump that allows you to inflate the mattress in minutes.

Key features

  • High-grade materials to ensure durability
  • Strong enough to support up to 600LB
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Water-resistant, lightweight and portable

7. Ancheer Multifunctional Inflatable Car Mattress

The Ancheer inflatable car mattress comes with soft but sturdy materials to ensure the best performance. This model is a great choice when you want to sleep in your car or for camping needs. The mattress comes with a soft surface, allowing you to sleep in absolute comfort. What’s more, you are provided with an electric pump that inflates the mattress in less than 2 minutes.

Key features

  • Streamline Design
  • Very Comfortable and Soft
  • Excellent durability and comfort
  • Manufactured with Eco-friendly PVC Material

6. HAITRAL Car Bed Back Seat Air Mattress

This inflatable car mattress from HAITRAL is designed to suit the needs of people who love traveling for long distances with their kids. The mattress is made of high-quality PVC that is odorless, nontoxic, and safe. The surface feels incredibly soft offering the user with ultimate comfort. For easy inflation, this mattress comes with an electric pump, which you connect to your cars lighter. Additionally, the unit is conveniently designed to fit the back seat of most car seats.

Key features

  • Flocking Car Air Bed
  • Comes with Car-powered Quick-Fill electric pump
  • Fits most car models
  • Lightweight and Portable

5. Berocia SUV Thickened Air Mattress

The Berocia Air mattress is crafted from high-quality PVC material, which ensures a long-lasting service. Despite the sturdy construction materials, the surface has a feather-like feel offering the user with excellent comfort and durability. It also comes with a decent size that fits most minivans and SUV’s beside, this unit comes with an electric pump that you simply need to connect to your car’s electric lighter for easy inflation.

Key features

  • Durable car equipment for comfortable travel
  • Fit most SUVs and Minivans
  • Ultra-thin and streamlined design
  • Heavy-duty mattress with double-sided flocking

4. Back to 20s Heavy Duty Inflatable Car Mattress for SUV

Whether you would want to save money on lodging fees when taking a long road trip or would want to enjoy the fresh air of sleeping in a serine and quiet outdoor location, this air mattress got your back. It is crafted using tough yet soft materials to ensure a comfortable place to relax. The mattress comes with an external pump that enables you to inflate it in less than three minutes. Besides, it comes with a compact design that fits on your car’s back seat giving you the convenience you want.

Key features

  • Durable car bed for comfortable travel
  • Features an ultra-thin and streamlined design
  • Double-sided flocking for enhanced performance
  • Made of safe, environment-friendly materials

3. PAVONI Backseat Car Inflatable Mattress for SUV

If you are planning a long road trip and you would want to take your kid along, this is a great choice. It fits perfectly in the back seat allowing them to sleep or relax as you drive. The mattress is not only comfortable but also extra wide so you can also join your kid and take a nap before proceeding with your journey. To ensure superior comfort and reliability, this mattress comes with an electric pump that inflates in minutes.

Key features

  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Fully inflation in a few minutes
  • Created with high-quality PVC materials,
  • Fits many car models

2. BHMOTORUS Inflation Thicker Back Seat Air Bed for SUV

This car inflatable mattress from BHMOTORUS is crafted using eco-friendly, compound, and breathable materials that are non-toxic. These materials remain warm even in cold weather giving you a comfortable place to sleep. Besides, this mattress is extra thick and features a flocking design that improves your comfort. These brilliant features will allow you to enjoy the outdoors and get enough sleep.

Key features

  • Made of high polymer PE PVC
  • Simple Inflated and Deflated
  • Three-fold inflatable structure
  • Weave design keeps air uniformity of the whole bed

1. ZAOTOTO SUV Inflatable Travel Car Mattress for Camping

A heavy-duty backseat car mattress that is made of premium PVC materials offers you a soft and comfortable place to relax for many years. This mattress deflates and inflates in minutes saving you a lot of money. Carrying it is not a problem as you can simply deflate it and store it in your car trunk. Thanks to its soft and comfortable sleeping surface, you can easily create a romantic space to enjoy the outdoors with your sweetheart. It is also a great choice for people traveling with kids or the elderly.

Key features

  • Inflate quickly
  • Made of breathable and eco-friendly PVC material
  • Will fit most SUVs and Minivan
  • Two pillows provided






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