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Top 10 Best Modern Mid Century Side Tables for Living Room Reviews

For people who are looking to have a contemporary home design, a mid-century side table can be the perfect product. It comes in a unique design, and you can easily keep it anywhere you want. Mid-century side tables are composed of different types of materials and offer you multiple options. With it, you can have a vintage vibe, and some of it can also come with drawers that allow you to have storage space. Here is the list of the top 10 best mid century side tables to pick from.

Table of the Best Mid Century Side Tables Reviews

10. Décor Therapy Wood Mid Century Side Tables with Drawer

The simplicity is the main attraction point of this mid-century side table. The angled four legs also make this furniture well-balanced and wobble-free. Moreover, the walnut wood-derived tabletop makes this end table exceptionally long-lasting. The tabletop has an inbuilt storage drawer. Therefore, you can use this table to keep your belongings safe.

This side table is also perfect as a bedside table, nightstand, and coffee table for your residence. Furthermore, the black hardware increases the beauty of this end table. The walnut finish and smooth lining enhance the beauty of this practical furniture. The tapered legs prevent your delicate floors from damage and scratches. You can also use a dry cloth to clean the exterior of this furniture.


  • Comes with a large storage drawer.
  • Has a simple and clutter-free design.
  • The tapered legs stop the table from wobbling.

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9. AOJEZOR Modern Round Side Table – Small Metal End Table for Living Room

By imitating the design of mid-century side tables, this end table makes your space look classy. The modern living room furniture also comes with the construction of heavy-duty iron material. Moreover, the tabletop comes in the shape of a round metal tray. Therefore, this tabletop keeps your valuables safe from falling off.

The unique gold and black finish also makes this table perfect for different room decorations. Furthermore, this multifunctional furniture is suitable for your bedroom, hallway, balcony, and other spaces. The powder-coated finish makes this practical metal furniture extremely durable and rust-resistant. You can use this practical furniture for displaying coffee cups, cellphones decorative pieces, magazines, and more.


  • Works as a perfect display table.
  • Comes with a unique brushed gold finish.
  • The powder-coated finish increases the durability.

8. Nathan James Amalia Nightstand Marble Solid Wood Accent Table

The round-shaped tabletop of this mid-century side table involves the construction of solid white marble. With the help of a robust wooden frame and legs, this table also stands for exceptional durability. Moreover, the triple-legged furniture makes your living room space organized and beautiful. The long-lasting marble lamination of the table offers resistance against stains, scuffs, and scratches.

You can also utilize this furniture like a nightstand or an end table. Furthermore, the textured and polished wooden parts make this living room furniture extremely beautiful. The whole installation process takes about 15 minutes. The self-adhesive circular furniture pads also keep the table steady on various surfaces. You can place this practical furniture on your balcony, bedroom, and living room.


  • The marble top is thick and well-balanced.
  • The tabletop is scratch and stain-resistant.
  • Has triple triple-legged design and a round tabletop.

7. Convenience Concepts Wilson Mid Century Round End Table with Bottom Shelf

The golden accent on the feet of the wooden legs enhances the aesthetic beauty of this end table. This stool-like table also comes with a bottom shelf for keeping your belongings. Moreover, this practical furniture is a fine replication of the mid-century side table. The frame comes with the construction of engineered wood. The angled rubberwood legs make this furniture look exquisite.

You can also use this side table for reading, writing, word, or just having a cup of coffee. Furthermore, the espresso finish always enhances the classiness of wooden furniture. The bottom storage space works as a display area for potted plants or decorative pieces. The rubber tips on the feet also prevent this table from wobbling.


  • Has a simple stool-like structure.
  • Consists of a bottom storage space.
  • The rubber tips keep the table stable.

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6. Nathan James Harper Mid-Century Modern Side Table with Drawers

Just like a mid-century side table, this table adds a classic appearance to your modern apartment room. The practical design of this living room furniture includes a pair of storage drawers. Moreover, the furniture has the construction of the MDF board, wood, and practical board. The rectangular-shaped tabletop and angled legs make this furniture look classic.

Each of these storage drawers also holds up to 11 lbs of weight. Furthermore, you can assemble the parts of this wooden table within 30 minutes. This multifunctional practical furniture is serviceable as a nightstand, coffee table, and working table. The storage drawers also have vintage brass color hardware to enhance the beauty of this table.


  • Comes with floor protectors.
  • The drawers glide smoothly and silently.
  • The legs have the construction of pinewood.

5. Nathan James Finish Wood Mid-Century Round Accent Side/End Table Walnut Finish with Storage Nightstand

This mid-century side table has a clean and polished finish. The angled four-legged design also makes this wooden table quite artistic. Moreover, the living room furniture comes with the construction of a solid MDF board. The complete assembly only takes about 20 minutes. With an ageless design, this furniture evokes the spirit of mid-century decorations.

The tabletop also comes with the construction of premium-quality floating faux white marble. Furthermore, this walnut veneer finish of the wooden parts increases the beauty of this entire furniture. This accent table works as a coffee table for your living space. The hidden side storage can hold up to 11 lbs of weight. You can use this table as a nightstand for your bedroom.


  • Comes with a space-saving design.
  • Promotes no damage to the floors.
  • Has an open-n-closed storage space.

4. Amazon Brand Rivet Mid-Century Nesting Metal Side Table – Brass and Walnut

This set comes with a pair of mid-century side tables. The brass and walnut finish also makes this furniture set look beautiful. Moreover, the assembly of this practical furniture takes about 15 minutes. This furniture set brings you the accent of timeless mid-century tables. The space-saving four-legged tables consume less floor space.

The metal frame and legs also have a metal frame with a classic brass finish. Furthermore, the brass nesting furniture makes your guest room look welcoming and warm. The eco-friendly fiberboard comes with a walnut veneer finish to replicate the natural texture of a wooden piece. The stackable design of these tables saves a lot of space in your living room.


  • The tables have a stackable design.
  • The metal frame has a smooth and sharp finish.
  • The veneer finish on the fiberboard looks flawless.

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3. Walker Edison Furniture Company Industrial Modern Metal Frame Wood Rectangle Side Accent Set

This end table is a combination of simplicity and functionality. The multi-tier shelf design also makes this living room furniture functional for your small living space. Moreover, the table comes with the construction of a heavy-duty and rustproof metal frame. The tabletop and shelf involve the construction of solid wood. With a tasteful walnut finish, this practical furniture is the definition of classiness.

The rectangular table also has a spacious tabletop for holding a few of your necessary objects. Furthermore, the combination of large and small openings lets you store a few knickknacks without any hassle. You can complement your living space by adding this side table as a classic coffee. The mid-century side table holds up to 50 lbs of weight.


  • Has a sophisticated walnut wooden finish.
  • Incorporate a few pairs of spacious openings.
  • Comes in a clean, polished rectangular-shaped frame.

2. Purzest Wood Triangle Mid-Century Modern Accent Table for Nightstand Living Room Bedroom

Crafted with sustainable solid wood, the triangle-shaped table makes your space look sober. This mini table also brings back the design of timeless mid-century side tables. Moreover, this living room furniture is a perfect nightstand beside your bed. The practical furniture makes a good addition to your home, balcony, and bedroom.

The clean geometric design also adds another dimension to your living space. Furthermore, the triple-angled legs look quite distinctive and enhance the exquisiteness of this table. The clean-finished makes this table perfect for having coffee, tea, writing, reading, and dining table. This living room furniture makes assembly less time-consuming.


  • The finish is entirely scratch and friction-resistant.
  • Comes with a three-legged, well-balanced structure.
  • Makes assembly and cleaning less troublesome.

1. Nathan James Mid-Century Round End Table with Storage

With a simple structure, this end table gives a sophisticated touch to your living space. This versatile furniture also replicates the accent of classic mid-century side tables. Moreover, the round-shaped tabletop with angled legs enhances the aesthetic beauty of this living room furniture. The walnut veneer finish on engineered wood makes this table look quite sober. This table consists of a floating artificial marble top.

To increase the functionality, this classic utility furniture also comes with a hidden side drawer. Furthermore, the drawer has a hidden finger grip, and it holds up to 11 lbs of weight. The high-end bedroom furniture works best as a nightstand. Overall, the tabletop can accommodate up to 79 lbs of weight.


  • Includes a compact yet roomy hidden drawer.
  • The angled feet have scratch-resistant rubber tips.
  • Blends with different modern or classic room décors.


A side table is a necessity for every home and there are so many different types of side tables available with amazing designs. However, the mid-century side tables stand out due to their mixture of retro and modern designs and architecture. As a buyer, you should check all the products as they differ in terms of designs and specifications and opt for the perfect one for your room.






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