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Top 10 Best Pen Cameras Reviews in 2024

If you have worries, concerns, or doubts about what is going on in your business premises, your work cubical, your bedroom, or any other place including your car, you can make use of the pen cameras. The best pen cameras are great examples of electronic miniaturization as they retain all the capabilities of a standard camera. These cameras are scaled-down and integrated into pens.  Besides having audio and video recording capabilities, you can also use them to take pictures. When purchasing pen cameras always consider the following factors size, weight, battery life, elegance, and simplicity when using. By considering the above factors, it is easy for you to find a model that works best for you.

Top 10 Best Pen Cameras Reviews

10. Spy Pen with Surveillance Hidden Camera

If you are having insecurity issues, worry no more as the Spy pen with Surveillance hidden camera will solve your issues. This camera is designed to capture images in Full HD 1080p ensuring the best clarity. The camera also has a very inventive smart motion detection feature to ensure that it captures all the action. Additionally, this model comes with a 32 GB storage capacity to store the footage. To facilitate a long recording time it has an inbuilt 260-Mah rechargeable battery and comes with a one-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Incredibly high-resolution levels
  • Records very clear videos and photos
  • Very easy to camouflage
  • Large storage memory

9. GSmade Spy Pen Hidden camera

The GSmade Spy Pen Hidden camera is an effective pen camera that allows you to record secretly. It comes with a sturdy construction that endures bangs and regular knocks without being damaged. When it comes to performance this camera captures high-resolution images and relays them in Full HD 2k ensuring the best clarity. The pen can be installed at many different places without being noticed making it very reliable to use. Coming with a 32 GB, memory makes it have a very good storage capacity and allows for one-hour video recording.

Key Features:

  • Boasts a very durable construction
  • Comes with an internal 32GB memory
  • Can be kept in different areas without being seen

8. FabQuality 1080p HD Hidden Camera

If you need a small compact spy camera the Fab quality 1080p, HD Hidden camera is a nice buy. It records images using the 1080p high definition mode thanks to the powerful 8MP camera. It is very simple to use as all one needs is to only click the on and off buttons once to start recording the video. The strong rechargeable inbuilt lithium battery keeps it powered for a long. It also comes with two recording modes motion detection and nonstop video recording.

Key Features:

  • High-resolution professional pen camera
  • Offers very clear images
  • Have two operation modes
  • Comes with a complete accessory kit

7. CHUHE FHD 1080P Hidden Pen Camera

With the CHUHE FHD 1080P camera taking a photo or recording videos unnoticed is very simple. This is because the camera is very compact. It comes with 1920 by 1080 high-definition video and offers up to 50 minutes recording time. Thanks to the convertible pen design, you can use it in a conference to record all the proceedings. Additionally, this camera boasts of a strong inbuilt rechargeable and large 32 GB USSD memory

Key Features:

  • Convertible pen camera
  • Easy to operate
  • High-quality battery
  • Impressive Storage capacity

6. Hidden Spy Camera- Star Light Night Vision Pen

The hidden spy camera boasts a compact and innovative design making it easy to use. It comes with a starlight night function and has two recording modes loop recording and motion detection. The camera’s lens is very strong and records very sharp videos in a very low illumination. The 32 GB memory makes it ideal for large storage of videos and photos. Additionally, it has a very strong rechargeable lithium battery to keep its power on. It is easy to access the file footage and comes with a complete accessory kit.

Key Features:

  • Has a night vision function
  • Decent storage capacity
  • Gives very sharp photos and videos
  • Long-lasting battery

5. Spy Pen Surveillance Hidden Camera

Spy Pen Camera is a multifunctional and simple recording camera that also doubles as a working ballpoint pen. It enables you to capture FHD videos and photos easily by pressing a button. This model is also equipped with Smart motion detection as well as an innovative loop-recording feature that enables you to save memory space. Besides, this model comes with a high-quality battery that ensures an extended runtime.

Key Features:

  • Motion detection & loop recording
  • High-quality 1080P footage
  • 260mAh capacity battery
  • Plug-and-play performance

4. LTMADE Spy Camera 1296P 32G Hidden Camera Pen

Have you wondered why many people prefer the LTMADE spy camera? This is due to its high-quality videos and photos. The pen camera boasts a 20-megapixel camera and offers a 2K video resolution. It is a very secretive camera that can be placed in different places without being detected. It is very convenient for use during conferences or other investigative avenues. The 32 GB storage makes it hold a lot of data and it is easy to review it. All that is needed is to connect it to a PC.

Key Features:

  • Has a very 20-megapixel camera
  • Very user-friendly
  • Boasts a long battery life

3. Kaboll 16GB Surveillance DVR Portable Pen

That is why the Kaboll 16 GB portable pen camera is designed to offer the surveillance that you need to ensure that your investment is safe. It comes with both loop video recording and motion detection features that save the recording space saving. The convertible design also makes it ideal as you can use it as a regular pen and as a camera. Very easy to retrieve the footage and comes with a year warranty.

Key Features

  • Uses both loop recording and motion detection feature
  • High-quality 2K camera
  • One button operation
  • Gives very clear photos

2. Bysameyee Spy Camera Pen

With the Bysameyee spy camera, your security is guaranteed. The pen records videos using the 1080 HD resolution. It captures quality images and is easy to connect with a PC or an Android phone to review the data. A very easy-to-use kind of camera as one only required to press the on and off buttons once and the recording starts. Additionally, it has a large storage capacity and is highly compatible from a camera pen to a normal writing pen.

Key Features:

  • Very compatible camera pen
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Connects easily to a PC or an Android phone

1. Pen Camera – 1080P Covert Camera

This multipurpose recording pen will give quality videos and pictures. It records videos using the high full-definition mode and boasts a very long-lasting inbuilt rechargeable battery. It is a very portable camera and can be placed in different areas secretively. The 32GB storage capacity makes it ideal as it can store many data easily. The data retrieving process is very simple and comes with a complete accessory kit.

Key Features:

  • Multipurpose recording pen
  • Very large storage ability
  • Professional design
  • High-quality pictures and feed






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