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Top 10 Best Shot Glass Display Cases Reviews In 2024

Do you love the idea of showcasing your best wine collection? If yes, then you will probably love to show even shot glasses. Showing your rich collection of shot glasses will turn your interior décor into an attractive and elegant space. To do this, you will need sturdy, well-built, and suitable shot glass display cases. However, that should not be an issue if you’re reading this. We’ve carefully selected for you the best shot glass display cases to buy this year. These are the top-rated display cases with excellent features, good quality, and sturdy construction. Read on and make sure you select a shot glass display case that best matches your home and shot glass needs.

Best Shot Glass Display Cases

10. Large 144 Shot Glass Shooter Display Case Holder Wall Cabinet

This is a solid wood-shot glass display case with a large single door for good exposure. It is an excellent case with excellent shelves measuring 5.25 inches and an interior depth of 2.75 inches.  There is also a 2.5-inch space between the rows. For easy mounting, the display case features weight support anchors and metal brackets on the wall mounting.  A felt interior background gives this case an exciting contrast. Overall, this is a quality display case that ships in one piece with no assembly required.


  • One single door for better exposure
  • Metal brackets on the back wall for easy mounting
  • Weight support anchors
  • Solid wood construction

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9. 41 Shot Glass Display Case Holder Cabinet Wall Rack with Glass Door

This is another excellent shot glass display case with the capacity to hold up to 41 shot glasses.  It is a solid wood frame construction measuring 21.5 x 18.75 x 3.6 inches. The small slots to fit the shot glasses measure 2.25 x 2.1 x 2.25 inches while tall slots measure 4.5 inches high. It is a quality case with a hinged glass door for easy access, protection, and elegant looks. This case does not require any assembly as it comes fully assembled as a single unit.


  • Holds 41 shot glasses
  • Hinged glass door
  • Holds both the tall and regular shot glasses
  • No assembly required

8. 56 Shot Glass Shooter Display Case Holder Cabinet Wall Rack

This is a 56-individual slot shooter glass display with a lovely cherry finish to look stunning in your home. It is an excellent purchase with a hinged door glass that allows for easy opening and closing. The case measures 29.75H x 16.6W x 2.5D inches. It also features both small and tall slots to fit all your shot glasses.  There are metal brackets on the back for easy installation with the unit shipping in one piece for easy assembly.


  • 56 individual slots for shot glasses
  • Hinged glass door
  • Solid wood
  • Metal brackets on the back

7. Large 144 Shot Glass Display Case Holder Cabinet

This is a large pick shot glass with a capacity to hold up to 144 shot glasses. It is an excellent addition to your home. The case is made of solid wood and features a lovely black finish. The doors are hinged and protected up to 98 percent from UV damage. The glass door offers great protection to your shot glasses and keeps dust at bay. It looks nice with a felt interior background. There are shelves for big-shot glasses and small short glasses.


  • Felt interior background
  • Solid beechwood
  • Black finish
  • Wall mountable with metal brackets
  • One-piece and no assembly required

6. Large Mirror Backed and 7 Glass Shelves Shot Glasses Display Case

This is another versatile shot glass display case with an amazing seven adjustable shelves. It is an excellent choice when you need to showcase both small and big shot glasses. The shelves can easily be adjusted to fit the shot glass sizes. It is capable of holding 64 standard-size shot glasses. The door is UV protected with the stunning mirror giving a lovely reflected appearance.  The bottom and top is a beautiful crown molding.


  • Seven adjustable shelves
  • Brown molding at the top and base
  • 98 percent UV-protected
  • Stunning reflected mirror image

5. 108 Shot Glass Shooter Display Case Holder Cabinet Wall

If you love handcrafted furniture pieces, then the 108 Shot glass display case is your perfect pick. It is a lovely case handcrafted from hardwood-grade beech. This cabinet features an elegant finish and will look amazing in your home. It features 108 compartments to hold small and large shot glasses. The small slots are 96 while the larger ones are 12. It also features a beautiful crown molding on the top and base. Overall, this is a quality piece that comes fully assembled for immediate use.


  • Beautiful base and top crown molding
  • Handcrafted from hardwood grade beech
  • Fully assembled
  • 108 slots

4. 54 Shot Glass Shooter Display Case Holder Cabinet Wall Rack

This is another excellent handcrafted solid hardwood beech display case with 54 slots. It is a small and compact shot glass display case for small homes or when you want to showcase a few shot glasses.  There are 48 small slots and six large ones to fit taller glasses.  It is a beautiful case with lovely crown molding at the top and base.  It is protected with lockable latches that come with keys.


  • 54 compartments
  • Fully assembled
  • Lockable latches with keys
  • Handcrafted solid furniture case

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3. Shot Glass Display Case Cabinet Holder Rack

This is a one-piece solid hardwood display case crafted from durable beech wood. It is a quality selection that does not comprise any veneer or particle boards. It features a real glass door for excellent viewing and excellent protection of the glasses.  This case is wall mountable for easy installation. It also features a mirrored background. Overall, it is a quality buy for mini liquor bottles, shot glasses, and other miniature collections.


  • Real glass door
  • Wall mountable
  • Mirrored background
  • Made of solid beech wood

2. Souvenir Hard Rock Shot Glass & Tall Shooter Display Case

This is a pretty simple solid wood frame display case with three large shelves for easy arrangement of the shot glasses. It is a sturdy and quality case featuring a hinged glass door. The door opens and closes easily for easy access, protection, and preventing dust. It can be mounted on the wall or countertop.  It also features a felt interior background and is quite easy to install with no assembly required.


  • No assembly required
  • Solid wood frame
  • Hinged glass door
  • Felt interior background

1. Shot Glass Display Case Wall Curio Cabinet

This is another pretty simple white-shot glass display case handcrafted 100 percent from the solid Beachwood. It is both countertop and wall mountable. The case features six removable glass shelves for easy arranging of both the short and tall shot glasses. It is an excellent piece for a lovely showcase. It features a mirrored background. No assembly is required as the case comes in one piece.


  • One-piece case
  • No assembly is required
  • Mirrored background
  • Solid beechwood


If you need to showcase the best collection of your shot glasses and other liquor bottles, then go right ahead and choose a shot glass display case from our list. These are the best shot glass display cases on the market right now with excellent features. You can be sure of the best cases at a good price.






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