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Top 10 Best Shower Benches Reviews In 2024

As we get older, some of the basic and simple tasks that we often overlook become difficult and at times dangerous to do. Deaths and injuries that arise when older or disabled persons take a shower are common. Some of the other people who often face this problem include pregnant women, individuals recovering from hip or knee cap replacement, and those suffering from diseases that cause mobility issues. Because of the combination of bathroom tiles and soapy water, the bathrooms will become overly slippery. With the best shower benches, these individuals can have more control of their motor skills, allowing them to shower safely.

To help you make an informed decision, we have done detailed research and brought you a comprehensive list of the best shower benches. With any of the products below, you can ensure maximum safety in the bathroom for people with physical instability or limited mobility because of age, diseases, or disability.

Top 10 Best Shower Benches Reviews

10. Bamboo Shower Bench with Storage Shelf

Designed to help you bathe safely in your shower, bathtub, or sauna, this bamboo bench is a great addition to your home. It features a modern and stylish design that will go well with your home décor. Besides the aesthetically appealing design, this bench has a water-resistant and antibacterial coat that makes it not only waterproof but also hygienic. Besides, you will also love the compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to carry from one room to the other.

Key features

  • Supportive bench for all your shower needs
  • Sturdy and elegant design
  • Portable and compact
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use

9. Drive Medical Bath Bench without Back

Do you have an injured, disabled, or elderly person in your home? If this is the case, this model will work great for you. This bench comes with a stain-resistant and beautiful gray theme that will blend well with your bathroom décor. We love the simple assembly that doesn’t require any tools. Other impressive features that come with this bench include height-adjustable legs, a lightweight aluminum frame, as well as a spacious seat.

Key features

  • Lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame
  • Have Height adjustable legs
  • A simple assembly that doesn’t need any tools
  • Impressive weight capacity

8. House Ur Home Bamboo Shower Seat Bench

Bathing can be made more pleasurable and relaxing by using this bamboo shower seat bench. This shower seat is designed to accommodate all sizes and shapes comfortably. It’s built for those people who require additional safety skills that usually assist with mobility and balance when entering or going out of the bathroom. Additionally, it comes with lightweight features stable large legs, and non-slip feet to ensure that the user is safe at all times

Key features

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from eco-friendly bamboo
  • Has adjustable height
  • Non-skid legs for added stability

7. Vaunn Free Assembly Spa Bathtub

This shower bench combines high-end construction and ergonomic design to bring seniors and individuals with mobility issues a risk-free showering experience. It is made from an aluminum frame that has angled legs to ensure maximum stability. The model also comes with non-skid rubber leg tips to further boost its stability. Another great feature we love about this model is the tool-less assembles that make it super easy to assemble.

Key features

  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Drainage holes in the seat reduce slipping
  • High-quality construction materials

6. Dr. Maya’s Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair

This shower chair is a decent choice for seniors, disabled,  individuals recovering from surgery women who may have issues bending or retaining their balance. With this chair, these individuals do not have to fear falling when using the shower or bathtub. It is designed to offer the user with maximum safety, efficiency, as well as comfort. Some of the features that make this model stand out include the drain holes, sturdy base, as well as side handles for additional support.

Key features

  • Ergonomically positioned drain holes
  • Lightweight and Space Saver Design
  • Fully adjustable height
  • Made of quality materials

5. RedmonGenine Corner Shower Bench

Constructed using high quantity wood from Aqua teak the RedmonGenine shower benches offer you a valuable addition to your bathroom that you will love. The sturdy design ensures a guaranteed quality service for a long. This bench is lightweight making it portable. It also boasts a spacious sitting area as well as rubberized feet that ensure maximum stability. We also love the naturally water-resistant design that makes it usable both indoors as well as outdoors.

Key features

  • Hundred Percent genuine teak woods
  • Durable and Secure design
  • Naturally durable and water-resistant
  • Superior design

4. Medical Tool-Free Assembly Bathtub Shower Chair

If you are looking for a   bathtub or shower chair that is safe, easy to use hygienic, and rust-resistant, you will not go wrong with this model. It boasts of an aluminum frame, which is not only durable but also lightweight. These materials offer a longer-lasting service than the wooden-crafted models. Besides the sturdy materials, the unit also comes with a contoured and antibacterial seat that ensures   good hygiene and support

Key features

  • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction
  • Extra-large seating area
  • Convenient to use in showers and bathtubs
  • Patented height adjustments

3. Essential Medical Supply Shower Bench

With the essential medical supply shower benches, you no longer have to worry about falling in the shower. This bench boasts a large textured seat and durable aluminum frame to ensure durability and top-notch performance. The padded arms will also allow the user to get out of the chair conveniently. Similarly, this model comes with incredible weight support of up to 300 lbs as well as tool-free assembly.

Key features

  • Height adjustable
  • Aluminum, anodized frame
  • Feature padded removable arms for both comfort and safety
  • Comes with a large, textured seat

2. Drive Medical Bathroom Safety Shower Bench Chair

This is another high-end shower bench chair that guarantees the user a pleasant and safe bathing experience. With this chair, you no longer have to worry about your loved one falling in the shower or bathtub. The model comes with an ergonomic design that ensures maximum comfort, safety, ease of use as well as efficiency. Besides, the model has sturdy and skid-resistant legs that offer you the convenience you need whether you are pregnant, disabled, or have any mobility issues.

Key features

  • Legs are height-adjustable
  • The Angled legs have suction-style tips that provide additional stability
  • Simple tool-free assembly
  • Sturdy and lightweight Aluminum frame

1. BalanceFrom Adjustable Height Bath Shower Tub Bench

BalanceFrom shower chair is crafted from top-of-the-line materials that have an impressive weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. The anodized aluminum frame is durable, corrosion-proof, and lightweight. The bench comes with inbuilt handles that make it easy to lift. Other crucial features that come with this model are the non-skid rubber tips, a large seating area that distributes the user weight evenly as well and a simple assembly that requires no tools.

Key features

  • Lightweight and stable
  • Versatile design makes it easy to use both indoors and outdoors
  • Adjustable height
  • A natural and elegant finish






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