Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer

Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamers in 2024

When it comes to vegetables, the choices most people go for are either frying or boiling them. However, the most recommended option is steaming them. Some people have trouble eating vegetables. Steamed vegetables look far more appetizing. Since it helps lock in the vegetable flavors, they end up tasting better too. Vegetables have remarkable benefits, and they are necessary for living a healthy lifestyle. The issue is that most people find vegetables hard to take in. Vegetable steamers are a great solution for dealing with such individuals.

When steamed, vegetables retain their color and have more appeal. Aside from that, they even end up tasting better than if they were boiled. In steaming the food and the boiling water do not come into contact at all. Steaming helps retain all the nutrients in the vegetables since they do not get overcooked. Our list of the best vegetable steamers is very versatile and will benefit you greatly.

How to choose the best vegetable steamer:

Let us have a look at some of the factors you should consider when making a purchase.

  • Steamer size: Some of us have large households, while others don’t have families yet. The size of the vegetable steamer you buy should be enough for the food intake. A small Steamer will not effectively be useful when there are a lot of people involved. A big steamer may seem too much but may end up being useful when a small family grows. The same applies when such a household gets a lot of visitors.
  • How easy will it be to clean? All kitchen appliances need to be maintained at the highest hygiene levels. That is why you need to get a design that can easily be cleaned. Some tend to trap dirt because of their perforations. Others will have you spending so much time cleaning them. Be keen on this, if you want to avoid the latter.
  • Durability: You want to buy a steamer that will last for a good number of years. The durability of vegetable steamers also comes down to their material. Steamers made of bamboo tend to eventually discolor. You need to buy one which will retain its performance and appearance as well.
  • Kitchen space: How much storage space do you have in your kitchen? This is a very important question. If you are facing space constraints, get a vegetable steamer that can be disassembled. As you will come to see, some of them can be separated into different pieces. This will make it easier to store.
  • Décor: Regardless of the appliance you are buying, you can’t ignore your kitchen’s décor. The vegetable steamer should blend in with your current aesthetics.

Why need a vegetable steamer:

Versatile: You will not only be able to prepare vegetables but other foods as well. This will provide you with other options and variety for your meals.

Convenient: The amount of time you will save is tremendous. You will be able to simultaneously prepare some dishes. This comes in handy when preparing meals for a large number of people.
They help maintain a more balanced diet: Since steaming doesn’t involve any water, the vegetable nutrients don’t leech away. As a result, the vitamins are preserved as well. No other vegetable cooking method is more nutritious than steaming.

10. HOMICHEF, Universal Steamer Cookware with Lid

This HOMI CHEF vegetable steamer is great for a household of 4-6 individuals. It will sufficiently be able to meet their needs. It has been designed to fit different kinds of pots. What is responsible for its stunning results, are its 3 graduated ridges. They are designed to fit 20/ 22/ 24 CM (8″/ 9″/ 9.5″) tapered or straight pots. The placement itself is very stable as well.

This design ensures that your vegetables are surrounded by elevated steam. This is thanks to the concentrated heat at the bottom, thanks to the 3 ridges. No Nickel was used to make it since Nickel is on the ATSDR list of priority toxins. Nickel causes allergies and even more harm to your health. That is why it was made of food-grade stainless steel, JYH21CT (21/0, Japanese standard). If you buy on Amazon, you will get a 1-month Free Trial & 6-year Warranty. Customer service will also be offered for free.

9. Mr. Rudolf, Stainless Steel Sauce Pot and Steamer Set

Mr. Rudolf is a company that brags about their steamer’s heat distribution. The vegetable steamer has an aluminum encapsulated base with Triple-Ply construction. That is why there are no specific hot spots. It heats up quickly and uniformly spreads the heat. This performance is almost unrivaled. This is one of the most superior appliances in the market. The steamer has an 18/10 Mirror finish stainless steel cooking surface. This is why it will not react with food, discolor, or even alter flavors.
When pouring, no drips or spills will occur. The rim was smoothly tapered to avoid that. This 5-quart steamer set offers great value for money. The solid stainless steel handles, make it easy to move about and the steel racks allow heat to circulate properly.

8. Oster, Hali Steamer Set with Lid for Stovetop Use

If you are looking for a vegetable steamer set for stovetop use, this is it. It has a 3-quart capacity, making it smaller than traditional stockpot steamers. Nonetheless, it will come in very handy when dealing with small gatherings.
You will be able to cook rice, as you steam vegetables or even tamales. What people love about this steamer, is how it can also be used as a Dutch oven. For proper cleaning, hand washing is recommended. You will find it to be an ideal fit for your kitchen.

7. Joyce Chen, 26-0054, 3-Tier Chinese Steamer

Joyce Chen made it so that the 6-quart base pan could also serve the purpose of a stock pot. This 3-tier vegetable steamer will help you cook twice as fast. The set consists of a stock pot, a colander, and a family size steamer. They were built to last, so you won’t incur any unnecessary replacement costs. To make the heating process quick and even, the pot has an encapsulated aluminum-clad bottom.

They have soft grip handles that are coated. As a result, your hands will be protected from heat. Lifting and transporting them will also be easy for you. All the pieces are made from stainless steel, except for the tempered glass lid.

6. Cook N Home, Double Boiler and Steamer Set

Cook N Home offers another versatile vegetable steamer option to choose from. Your purchase will get you a steamer insert, double boiler insert, 4-quart stockpot, and a glass lid. You will be able to view the cooking, thanks to the steam vent on the glass lid. All the inserts can fit into 16, 18, 20 cm, or 1-4 quart pots/pans.

The set was built to be induction-compatible. All the pieces work well with electricity, gas, and halogen, just to mention a few. They have riveted handles, for a proper hold. Most users find the handles to be very comfortable. They are also long-lasting.

5. Norpro, 1-quart Stainless Steel Mini Steamer Cooker

To ensure that your food is perfectly cooked, Norpro uses a TRI-PLY ENCAPSULATED base. This is highly efficient, especially for heat conductivity. The purchase will get you a 3-piece set. The set includes; a steamer, base pot, and vented, tempered glass lid. If you have a small household, this would be an ideal purchase. The steamer works great with small portions of seafood, meat dishes, and vegetables.

The best thing about having a set is the fact that you can diversify your cooking. You will still be able to heat soups, sauces, milk, boil water, and even cook pasta, without the steamer. This set is of very high caliber and made from superior materials.

4. Excelsteel, 12 Quart 18/10 Stainless Steel 4 Piece Multi-Cookware Set

With this set, you will get a vegetable steamer, Cooker Pot, Pasta Basket, and a Vented Tempered Glass Lid. This is exactly what every kitchen needs. I would recommend them to people looking for professional-level kitchenware. The stockpot itself is 8 quarts in size and can even be used for cooking pasta. All users will agree that this cookware is very versatile.

It is induction stovetop-ready and will outlast all your other cookware. This is because of their construction. The best thing about the set is that it is reasonably priced. You will be buying it at a bargain. If you are working on a budget, you should consider getting this set.

3. Cook N Home, 4-Piece 8 Quart Pasta Cooker Steamer Multi-pots

This Cook N Home vegetable steamer insert holds quite a lot. The entire set is made of polished stainless steel. However, the bottom part is layered with an aluminum disc. That is how they ensure that there is equal heat distribution. The total purchase includes; a steamer insert, pasta insert/pot, an 8-quart stockpot, and a tempered glass lid. There aren’t many vegetable steamers and pots that are as sturdy as these.

From proteins to vegetables, the steamer can be used for several applications. Some people have even described this set, as being filled with universal multi-use items. Every household should have one of these.

2. Farberware, Classic Stainless Steel 3-Quart Covered Stack ‘n’ Steam Saucepot and Steamer

Farberware has been able to stay ahead of the competition, from time to time. Their cookware is even backed by a lifetime warranty. Not all companies offer a warranty against defects. This vegetable steamer set was made by combining current technology and traditional styling. The Farberware Classic series is truly timeless. Even the lid itself is stylish, it is bell-shaped and will complement your décor as well. If you want to make your kitchen stand out, this is a great fit for you
Not only are they appealing but they are also double performance. The vegetable steamer is 2 quarts in size. It has been designed to perfectly fit inside a 3-quart saucepot.

1. Chef’s Star, 3 Piece Stainless Steel Stack and Steam Pot Set

Chef’s Star’s vegetable steamer is made using heavy-duty 18/10 stainless steel. This is one of the highest quality steel available. Much like other cookware companies, Chef’s Star has taken measures to ensure that food will be well-cooked. They constructed the pot’s base with an aluminum core and capped by stainless steel.
The capacity of its steamer is 2 quarts and you will also get a secure fitting lead. The pot can be used in the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. You will also get a lifetime warranty when you buy the set.

Wrapping it up!

At the beginning of the review, we mentioned ATSDR approval. ATSDR stands for, The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. As a federal public health agency, there are several toxins that they have listed. Being aware of what toxins to look out for, will help us avoid appliances that are not safe. All in all, you can have some peace of mind. The top 10 best vegetable steamers are all worth investing in.






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