Electric Hot Towel Warmer Cabinets

Top 10 Best Electric Hot Towel Warmer Cabinets

When running a SPA or massage business it is important to consider having towel warmer cabinets. They go a very long way in improving the client’s health and maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. By sterilizing the towels, these warmers make sure that they are germ-free and give them an elegant good smell. This will go a long way in making sure that clients will always visit your business. It is therefore very important to consider the following factors to get the best cabinet, size, installation, mounting, and heating medium. However, below is a guide to the best cabinets in the market.

Table of the Best Towel Warmer Cabinets Reviews

10. Elite Mini Hot Towel Cabinet

The elite mini hot towel cabinet is very appropriate for those people who have limited space due to its small size feature. It is designed to hold at least 12 towels. Having an internal thermostat makes it easy to regulate the heating as it only heats to certain degrees. The cabinet is insulated and has heating components that ensure that the heating is even and consistent. It is very easy to operate as it comes with an independent internal heating feature so one does not necessarily have to worry about the failure of the heating bulb. The towel-loading process is simple: all that is needed is for one to load them, close the door, and put the machine on.

Top Features:

  • Very space-saving
  • Holds up to 12 towels
  • It is a pre-programmable cabinet
  • Comes with an independent heating feature

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9. Salon Sundry Professional Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet – Facial Spa and Salon Equipment

For those who own massage parlors and SPAs, it is very important to consider sterilizing the towels; this is done so best by the use of the salon sundry hot towel warmer cabinet. This is because the warming cabinet comes with a heating component feature that makes sure that the towels are heated consistently to about 176 degrees. Its door closes strongly with a powerful magnetic grip. The unit comes fully assembled and ready to use with three grounded plugs that prevent health hazards. It comes with an internal heating feature so one doesn’t need to depend on the heating bulb.

Top Features:

  • Very durable kind of warmer
  • Fitted with overheating protection
  • Fitted with a magnetic latch door

8. Elite Portable Hot Towel CABI-Warmer

Wondering about the hot Cabi-warmer to purchase, worry no more, the elite hot towel cabinet is the best cabinet that will always give the best results. The cabinet is designed in such a way that it can accommodate up to 24 towels. Having an internal temperature control feature makes it very reliable as it does not overheat and evenly warms the towels. It is insulated inside hence there is no waste of heat hence even warming. The unit comes with an independent heating feature inside so it does not necessarily depend on the heating bulb. It is fitted with a water collection pan and has an added lower interior rack.

Top Features:

  • Accommodates 24 towels
  • Fitted with a water drip pan
  • Comes with an internal power control feature

7. Bellavie Hot Facial Spa Towel Sterilizer Salon Cabinet Warmer Heater

Bellavie 16l2 towel sterilizer is one of the most recommended cabinets that feature classic designs and excellent features. It is a two-in-one cabinet as it houses both a sterilizer and a hot towel warmer this makes sure that the towels are kept germ-free and with a fresh smell. It is very suitable for both commercial and home use as it can accommodate a very large number of towels. The cabinet warms towels evenly to a maximum of 158 degrees and has a drip tray for the collection of moisture and any drips under its easy-to-lock door.

Top Features:

  • Convenient for both commercial degrees and home use
  • Evenly warms towels to 158
  • Features a removable drip tray
  • It’s a two-in-one cabinet

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6. ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer – UV Sterilization

Having trouble sterilizing your towels, worry no more the AW 16l UV sterilizer is a solution to this. Designed in a big way, it easily accommodates about 30 to 40 pieces of towels. It has an inbuilt ultraviolet sterilizer that effectively kills all germs. A microcomputer temperature control also makes it ideal to use, as there is no time for overheating. The cabinet is also fitted with an aluminum inner chamber for effective heating. It has strong shelves for towel arrangements and a removable drip tray.

Top Features:

  • Microcomputer temperature control
  • Warms up to 40 towels
  • Has an inbuilt U.V sterilizer
  • Comes with an inner aluminum chamber

5. Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet  – Towel CABI 

To get the best towel sterilization use the Spa luxe hot towel cabinet. This is because it can hold about 24 towels and is fitted with two convenient storage trays. The cabinet is designed in a professional way to be used both at home and commercially.  The cabinet is fitted with a double door, which makes sure that the towels are safe and evenly warmed. It has a temperature regulator to around 160 degrees making sure that the towels are fully sterilized. Under its door is a drip tray that collects the moisture making it a very professional cabinet.

Top Features:

  • Features a double-door
  • Hold up to 24 towels
  • Regulates temperature to around 160 degrees
  • Fitted with a drip tray

4. Bellavie Electric Towel Warmer & Ultraviolet Sterilizer Cabinet

It is always a good idea for one to equip his or her home with the Bellavia 2-in-1 Electric Towel Warmer. This is because of the many health benefits it is associated with. The warmer is designed in a way that kills all the germs that may be in someone’s towel and makes them warm to meet the different comfort of the clients. It is fitted with two storage cabinets that allow for added towel storage. It evenly warms the towels and is fitted with a drip tray below its door to collect the moisture.

Top Features:

  • Measures 18″(W) x 16″(L) x 20-1/2″(H)
  • Have two storage cabinets
  • Fitted with a drip tray

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3. High Capacity Double-Decker Hot Towel Cabinet

For those with many towels, this is the best option. The high-capacity double-decker hot towel cabinet has the capability of holding 48 or more towels. This makes it ideal for commercial purposes though it can still be used at home. Having been fitted with an ultraviolet bulb makes it sterilize the towels faster and thoroughly. It has an interior aluminum chamber that allows easy towel arrangements, as it is easily accessible. The built-in heating feature makes sure that the towels are as warm as needed.

Top Features:

  • Very large cabinet
  • Features an ultraviolet bulb
  • Has an internal aluminum chamber
  • Comes with a year’s warranty

2. AW 2in1 23L UV Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

The AW two-in-one cabinet is among the largest warming cabinets that are mostly commercially recommended but can still be used at home. It comes fitted with two functions that allow one to choose whether to use the temperature sterilizing or the ultraviolet sterilizing method. It can hold up to 80 towels and has a microcomputer temperature control system. It boasts an aluminum internal coating that gives fine heating results. To enhance safety it is protected with a fuse that ensures it does not burn even in case of a power surge.

Top Features:

  • Boasts an aluminum internal lining
  • Fuse protected
  • Holds up to 80 towels
  • Has a microcomputer temperature control

1. Pursonic Deluxe Towel Warmer with UV Sterilizer

This warmer holds around 24 towels and has a regulated temperature of about 175 f. It is a large warmer that boasts an internal ultraviolet sterilizer that works effectively when it comes to germ sterilization. It evenly warms the towels making it very effective.

Top Features:

  • Holds 24 towels
  • Has inbuilt UV sterilization
  • Evenly warms all towels






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