Waterproof Outdoor Storage Motorcycle Cover

10 Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Motorcycle Covers Reviews In 2024

Motorcycles are quite expensive, and every investment needs to be protected for durability. When you buy a motorcycle, you should buy a cover so that you can protect it from rain and other weather conditions when required. The waterproof motorcycle covers are the best, especially the ones that provide all-season protection. Water can destroy the seat of the motorcycle and can lower the lifespan of several parts. Check out the following list of the top 10 best waterproof motorcycle covers to pick from.

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Covers Reviews

10. Velmia Indoor & Outdoor Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

This waterproof motorcycle cover comes with high-density and wear-resistant fabric construction. Therefore, this bike cover also offers ultimate protection to most of the popular motorcycles. Moreover, the scratchproof inner fabric does not cause any damage to the expensive paint of your bike. This cover is suitable for covering your bikes both in indoor and outdoor spaces.

This protective gear also keeps your bike free of moisture and other potential damages. Furthermore, the inner liner prevents the chances of scratching on the surface of your bike. The tear-resistant and heatproof cover keeps your bikes protected from snow, dust, dirt, wind, rain, and bird droppings. The adjustable securing straps and elasticized hems keep the cover safe from drifting away.


  • All-weather construction for user comfort.
  • Advanced resistant features for a long-lasting experience.
  • Easy setup design and compatibility.

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9. XYZCTEM All Season Waterproof Outdoor Motorcycle Covers for Tour Bikes, Choppers & Cruisers

This weatherproof motorcycle cover makes better compatibility with most of the bikes up to the 108-inch length. The soft inner layer also promotes no harm to the body of your motorcycle. Moreover, the double-stitched seams extend the lifespan of this cover.  Even the taped seams do not let water enter inside. The nylon-oxford fabric construction withstands the harshness of environmental elements.

The lightweight cover also keeps your vehicles protected from dust, rain, and other elements. Furthermore, you can use this double extra-large size upholstery for protecting your choppers, tour bikes, and cruisers. You can keep your vehicle safe from debris and weather elements. The breathable fabric of this cover reduces moisture condensation.


  • Highly versatile design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Weather-proof construction for safety and comfort.
  • Advanced quality material for strength and durability.

8. XYZCTEM All Season Large Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover

This waterproof motorcycle cover comes in a compact storage bag. Therefore, you can also store and carry this cover along with you almost everywhere. Moreover, this upholstery offers an ideal fitting for bikes up to 108 inches long. The heavy-duty 210D Oxford fabric construction is extremely wear-resistant and tear-resistant. The waterproof coating keeps your bike dry and well-conditioned for days.

The non-abrasive cover also prevents your bike from getting damaged or scratched. Furthermore, from Honda, Suzuki, and Harley Davidson to Kawasaki, this bike cover fits most of the popular brands. The aluminum lock-holes and windproof buckles keep the cover in the proper place. Therefore, this motorcycle upholstery will never drift away.


  • Multi-application design for consumer comfort.
  • Easy weight design for hassle-free setup and maneuverability.
  • Highly resistant configuration for enhanced protection.

7. Favoto Universal Weather Premium Waterproof Motorcycle Vehicle Cover

This waterproof motorcycle cover is compatible with popular motorcycle brands. The cover also comes in a compact storage bag. Therefore, you can keep this cover safe when not in use. Moreover, the universal fit design offers a perfect fit for vehicles up to 96.5 inches. This all-season upholstery comes with three reflective strips on the front and sides. Therefore, this cover keeps your bike visible during the dark.

The cover also comes with the construction of high-quality polyester fabric. Therefore, the silver coating on the inner side keeps your vehicle protected from the harshness of continuous sunlight. Even, the silver coating of this cover additionally protects the delicate painting of your motorcycle.


  • Advanced durable safety locks for enhanced stability.
  • Effortlessly transferable design for user comfort.
  • Advanced weather-shield design for enhanced satisfaction.

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6. AngLink 210D Oxford Durable Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

The universal size of this waterproof motorcycle cover makes it a perfect fit for motorcycles up to 104 inches. Derived from heavy-duty 210D Oxford fabric, this cover also stands for durability and rigidity. Moreover, this upholstery offers resistance against harsh environmental elements, wearing, and tearing. Apart from that, you can protect your bike from dust, pinecones, tar, bird droppings, pollens, and more.

The adjustable elastic band also keeps the cover in the proper place even during heavy wind flow. Furthermore, the anti-theft cloth lock holes keep the upholstery safe and lock against your motorcycle locks. This cover withstands water pressure up to 2000Pa. The UV-resistant, scratchproof, age-resistant cover offers protection to your bike against UV rays, tree saps, and dust.


  • Highly compatible design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Dynamic resistant design for enhanced performance.
  • Adaptable design for a comfortable experience.

5. WDLHQC Oxford Durable & Tear Proof Motorcycle Cover

Made from durable 210D nylon-oxford fabric, this waterproof motorcycle cover extends the life of your vehicle. This cover also causes no damage to the delicate paint of your bike. Moreover, the fabric keeps the body of your motorcycle safe from scratches. The front cloth lock-hole design lets you add U/D locks, chains, and cables for additional safety.

The ultra-level waterproof fabric construction also withstands 2000A water pressure. Furthermore, the inner surface of this cover offers extra protection against water. This double extra-large size offers a universal fit for most of the bikes up to 105 inches. To prevent the cover from drifting away, it comes with elasticized hems and adjustable buckles and straps.


  • Finest-grade material for enhanced durability.
  • Advanced safety lock design for improved satisfaction.
  • Enhanced compatible design for user comfort.

4. Badass Moto Ultimate Supreme Waterproof Outdoor Storage Motorcycle Covers

This large-sized waterproof motorcycle cover keeps your vehicles protected from harsh environmental elements. The commercial-grade cover also offers the ultimate protection for your bikes from water. Moreover, the cover comes with rip-stop fabric construction to offer exceptional durability. The taped seams prevent water from touching the body of your bike. The additional waterproof coating repels water, rain, snow, wind, and the sun.

The plush windshield liner also promotes no harm to your vehicle windshield. Furthermore, the custom-fit design allows you to wrap this cover around your bike without any difficulty. The heat shielding extends the lifespan of this accessory. This cover includes an adjustable buckle strap to offer snug fitting. Therefore, you can keep your vehicle safe from pollens, pine tar, bird droppings, and more.


  • Weather-shield design for enhanced comfort.
  • High-grade material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Easy installable and easy weight for storage.

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3. Nuzari Premium Outdoor Heat Resistant Motorcycle Cover

This extra-large waterproof motorcycle cover offers a perfect fit for most of the 104-inch long bikes. The breathable air vents also let moisture escape through them. Moreover, this cover comes with the construction of heavy-duty, wear, and tear-resistant waterproof polyester fabric. You can conveniently use this cover for your cruisers and sport-bikes. The reflective strips on the front of this cover offer safety to your vehicle during the dark.

This cover is also just the right thing for most of the Harley Davidson bikes. Furthermore, this all-season bike upholstery comes with a plush cotton windscreen protector. Therefore, this cover keeps your windshield protected from scratches. The heavy-duty elastic bottom keeps this cover stable even during heavy wind conditions.


  • Foldable design for easy storage and mobility.
  • Advanced weather-proof design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Sturdy material for long-lasting sturdiness.

2. AUGO 300D Oxford fabric Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Crafted with 300D high-density Oxford fabric, this waterproof motorcycle cover offers exceptional durability. The windproof buckles also keep the cover in the proper place even after heavy-wind conditions. Moreover, the water-repelling, wear, and tear-resistant seams make this cover perfect for keeping your motorcycles. The reflective strips on the front of this upholstery keep your motorcycle visible during the dark.

You can also use this cover for most of the standard-sized and off-road bikes up to 108 inches. Furthermore, the dual-thread stitching enhances the durability and rigidity of this upholstery. The material-covered lock hole prevents rusting. This cover has a PU coating to protect vehicles from tree saps, rain, dust, and harsh environmental elements.


  • Advanced compatible design for improved satisfaction.
  • All-weather construction for enhanced performance.
  • Highly resistant construction for longevity.

1. Gutupet Outdoor Large Motorcycle Cover Honda, Yamaha & Suzuki – Scooter Cover

Keep your motorcycle protected from several potential damages by using this vehicle cover. This waterproof motorcycle cover also comes with the construction of premium-quality 210D Oxford fabric. Moreover, the wear-resistant PU coating ensures the durability of this upholstery. You can keep your vehicle safe from bird droppings, rain, UV rays, dust, snow, and wind.

The 104-inch cover for bikes also fits most of the popular bike brands. Furthermore, a drawstring, reusable bag keeps this cover in a well-maintained condition when not in use. The reflective warning strips at the front of this cover keep your vehicle visible in low light or dark conditions. This upholstery has 2 windproof buckles, an elasticized hem, and an anti-theft lock-hole for safety.


  • Unique sturdy safety locks designed for enhanced protection.
  • Superior-grade material for enhanced durability.
  • Temperature-friendly design for enhanced satisfaction.


There is no doubt that a waterproof motorcycle cover is a necessity, and hence, our team has handpicked the best ones. They differ in terms of size as well as material. Therefore, you should go through the entire list and understand what the products have to offer. Compare them before shortlisting and purchasing the perfect one.






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