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Top 10 Best Weight Distribution Hitches In 2024 Reviews

Also referred to as a trailer equalizer, a weight-distribution hitch effectively distributes downward force (tongue weight) from heavy trailers across a larger and more even plane. Distributing the tongue weight across the trailer’s axles and the vehicle’s axles is very important because if you do not do so, there is likely to be too much weight on your vehicle’s rear. And this is a bad thing for your SUV or truck. Failing to effectively distribute tongue weight can also lead to control issues and even break the trailer hitch receiver. So, after buying a trailer, the next thing you should buy is the best weight distribution hitch. And we have several in this piece. Take a look.

List Of Best Top 10 Weight Distribution Hitches In 2024 Reviews

10. Reese 1,200 lb Style Weight Distribution Kit (66074)

Reese is not exaggerating when they say that this weight distribution hitch is the ultimate in the market. It is well-designed yet reasonably priced to make sure you are totally satisfied with it. The consists of a premium weight distribution system and dual sway control. It has all these in one package that is extremely easy to install. This means you will be able to put it to work a few moments after receiving it from the seller. The weight distribution hitch is for trailers whose tongue weights range from 600 – 1200 pounds and have a gross trailer weight of 12000 pounds. It is important to note that this weight distribution hitch will not work with trailers whose frames are wider than 2-1/2”. You should also note that the kit requires a hitch ball with a shank measuring 1-1/4 inches in diameter.


  • Wonderful for the price
  • The instructions are easy to understand
  • Fairly easy to install


  • The packaging leaves a lot to be desired – some manufacturers have received the item without some accessories


9. Blue Ox SWAYPRO Weight Distributing Hitch (BXW1000)

We like the fact that this weight distribution hitch does not make noise when operating. Needless to say, it will not disrupt your peace in any way. The unit is also well designed and we believe it is more than capable of getting the job done. It boasts steel construction for superior durability. Besides, steel construction has a spring system that will give you a softer and smoother ride. The weight-distributing hitch is for trailers with a tongue weight of 1000 pounds. It prevents sways plus it comes with a pre-adjusted hitch head that eliminates the need for fine-tuning. Although the price of this unit is a little on the high side, this is nothing because it works exactly as described. It is built to last and, from what we have in the description, it is easy to use as well.


  • Does not make any noise
  • The simplicity of the installation is a cakewalk
  • The thick powder coat finish is a nice touch


  • Although you do not need to adjust the bar angles, this comes at a cost – reduced ground clearance

8. EAZ LIFT Camco 1200 Weight Distribution Hitch with Progressive Sway Control

You get a lot (and we mean a lot) when you buy this weight distribution hitch. These include a wrench, two pins with latch, a thumbscrew, a bolt package-ball mount, a bolt package hook-up, two hook-up hangers, two hook-up straps, two spring bars, a spring clip, a hitch pin, an adjustable 2” square shank Hi-low, and a ball mount. All these accessories and hardware make the weight distribution hitch extremely easy to set up and install. Besides, this unit is rated for 1200- to 1400-pound tongue weight and 12000- to 14000-pound gross trailer weight. The unit also has lots of great features, including an adaptive sway control. Plus it boasts a sleek look and a streamlined design that further improves its performance.


  • The included wrench makes bars easy to install
  • Installation and setup are fairly easy
  • The weight distribution hitch is quite
  • The unit is of decent quality


  • Unless you want the hitch to come loose, you must tighten the bolts down to 260ftlbs

7. CURT MV Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch (17052)

This is hands down one of the cheapest weight distribution hitch systems. Even better, the low price point does not seem to have any effect on the overall performance of this unit. It still provides improved control and ensures a much smoother ride than ever before. Well, it achieves that by nicely distributing the tongue weight of the trailer across the combination of trailer and vehicle. It also levels the load to make sure every ride is one to remember. What’s more, this unit comes equipped with an integrated lubrication system that ensures quiet and smooth towing. The hitch head features 2 easy-access grease zerk fittings, which offer continuous lubrication. Moreover, this weight distribution hitch boasts a decent rating. This includes 800- to 1000-pound tongue weight and 8,000- to 10,000-pound gross trailer weight.


  • The system balances out the load
  • It is shipped on time
  • Appears to be well-constructed
  • The price is very competitive


  • The rating is not the highest, but this is expected for the price point

6. CURT MV Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch with Sway Control (17063)

This is another affordable weight distribution hitch that you can consider if you urgently need a weight distribution hitch yet you are on a pretty tight budget. Despite its fairly low price point, the CURT 17063 model boasts unquestionable strength. It has 31-3/16” long forged steel spring bars plus it is constructed with a fabricated head. Well, because of the heavy-duty construction, the CURT 17063 has decent ratings that make it a valuable tool every time you want to tow a trailer. These ratings are 1,000- to 1400-pound tongue weight and 10,000- to 14,000-pound gross trailer weight. Furthermore, this WDH comes with a 2” super adjustable shank, which fits nearly any industry-standard 2” trailer hitch receiver. A pre-torqued 2-5/16” trailer ball is also included to further make this stabilizer hitch convenient to use.


  • Comes with all the necessary hardware for installation
  • The finish is very durable
  • Easy to use after installation
  • Balls come mounted and pre-tensioned
  • No swaying and rides are very smooth


  • Instructions could be more detailed


5. Husky Center Line TS with Spring Bars (32218)

The low price point might make you skeptical about buying this weight distribution hitch. However, this will quickly fade away once you install it and begin riding your vehicle with the trailer. It is a well-thought-out unit that consists of sway control and weight distribution. This means when you have it, the need for extra hardware will be non-existent. It delivers outstanding performance, which is pleasantly surprising, given the very affordable price point. What’s more, the Husky 32218 has decent ratings, including 800- to 1,200-pound tongue weight and 12,000-pound gross trailer weight. Its components are made of hardened and forged steel; hence, questions, of whether the Husky 32218 can last for years, should not be asked. The durability of this weight distribution hitch is further improved by a high-performance hitch ball that comes properly torqued and pre-installed.


  • Customer support is super responsive
  • Reduces swaying and distributes weight wonderfully
  • Construction is rock solid
  • Easy to install with no drilling needed


  • Serious tools are needed to properly set up this stabilizer hitch

4. Equal-i-zer 90-00-1000 4-point Weight Distribution Kit

Saying that your trailer will not sway when you have this weight distribution hitch is almost an understatement. It offers the highest level of resistance to make sure everything goes smoothly on the road. Moreover, this weight distribution kit effectively distributes weight by transferring the weight of the trailer tongue to all axles as well as helping to keep the front of the tow vehicle firmly on the road. Since this stabilizer hitch offers both effective weight distribution and sway control, expect it to keep you safer on the road.

The hitch is designed with versatility in mind and works with nearly all bumper-pull trailers. These include boat, cargo, RV, horse, and utility trailers, such as trailers with surge brakes. Protecting your family and investment while on the road is paramount. And the best way to do that is by owning a high-performance weight distribution hitch, such as the Equal-i-zer Hitch.


  • Gives complete control when driving
  • Installation is pretty straightforward
  • Appears to eliminate worries and stressful moments while on the road


  • Makes a little noise when you turn

3. EAZ LIFT 600 lbs Elite Kit (48056)

The maximum gross weight rating of this elite kit is 10,000 pounds, while the maximum tongue weight capacity is 600 pounds. Given the low price point of the elite kit, these ratings are simply awesome. The kit is complete, considering that it includes sway control and weight distribution. Having said that, expect the EAZ LIFT 48056 not just to distribute weight effectively but also to eliminate sway and let you drive safely on the road. It is important to note that the sway control ball and hitch ball are torqued and pre-installed to specification on the adjustable ball mount. Another important thing to note is that the U-bolts and chain package are already installed on the spring bars. Additionally, EAZ LIFT 48056 comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty to protect against defects in workmanship and material.


  • The easy turn-on/off part of the anti-sway is a plus
  • Customer service is incredibly helpful
  • The packaging is good and delivery is done quickly
  • Very well made and looks solid


  • The anti-sway bar is a bit noisy

2. Andersen Hitches No-Sway Weight Distribution Hitch

Although its price is not exaggerated, the Andersen Hitches Weight Distribution Hitch sets the bar. It has a simple design that makes it extremely easy to install. Still, on installation, you do not need pry bars to set up this WDH. For this reason, expect to finish installing it in no time. This WDH is also surprisingly quiet; hence, do not expect it to be bothersome while you are on the road. It makes towing your trailer less stressful by giving you complete control and at the same time staying very quiet. What’s even better, this WDH weighs less than 60 pounds. This is incredible because it is solidly built to stand anything road trips throw at it. Another genuine reason why you should not take your eyes off this stabilizer hitch is that it adjusts on its own.


  • Easy to use and works very well
  • Eliminates sway and bounce
  • The hitch is surprisingly quiet
  • Makes the towing experience much nicer and less stressful


  • The description is somewhat misleading – the unit is not a one-size-fits-all

1. Husky 600LB Weight Distribution Hitch (31995)

It is now obvious that Husky is a good manufacturer of WD hitch systems. And with that said, expect the Husky 31995 to get the job done. It has a classic design, which, in turn, has lots of great features. One of these is a head design that significantly reduces the installation time as well as allows you to easily access the hitch ball shank. Another feature is a sway control ball, which can easily be added to the platform. The Husky 31995 Stabilizer Hitch also boasts thoughtful craftsmanship that allows it to accept spring bars with many different capacities. This means the same hitchhead can work with various trailer sizes. Furthermore, this weight distribution hitch is built to stand the rigors of regular use. Plus it is capable of resisting rust and corrosion.


  • The WDH is of decent quality
  • Does a good job of keeping the trailer level with the vehicle
  • Keeps the trailer stable and eliminates sway
  • Very quiet, even when turning
  • The price is very affordable


  • Instructions are somewhat vague



Weight distribution hitches come in many different types, which are Round Bar Hitches, Andersen Hitches, and Trunnion Bar Hitches. That being said, whichever you decide to pick, make sure it is a good one and will meet the needs of your trailer and vehicle. In the above reviews, we have talked about different types to make sure there is something for everyone.






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